Tuesday, December 27, 2011



To think of something in a romantic why, usually in a way that is ideal, but not realistic. For example, a person might imagine a fairy tale every after, usually romanticized by books and movies, but usually life gives you hits and misses along the way.

Another good example is how I viewed public transportation that I take to KL every working day. I romanticized it as just sitting down while watching the scenery go by or just sleeping my way to work. In reality, with careful planning I can actually achieved such thing, taking a nap while going to work or standing comfortably without being shoved or holding into some slimy at the pole..WTF!!!! (it happened to day, I wished I had some sanitizers with me).

I buy lunch in the morning at the Kakak who sells nasi lemak and such, in front of the KTM gate. I think of her as a single women, with such hardship just trying to make a living, or perhaps a middle upper class housewife who led a comfortable life but suddenly life has decided to give her lemons  and gave her family a tragedy. So she tries to make ends meet buy having a small business till her husband is back on track. Who knows..

Its just a little story I keep in my head whenever I go to work..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

28 Year's Old

I don't feel my age, but does anyone actually do?

I don't feel 28, even when I go back to my grandmothers house and meet with my younger aunts and uncles whom gotten married, I still treat them as someone older even though they are much younger than I am.

Does it help that most of my colleagues... wait.. ALL of my colleagues at Petrosains are much-much younger than I am. What a contrast to all the much-much older friends I currently have now.

I am being pulled in two radically different directions. One that is just starting their adult life and the other who are living the path they have chosen

Do I feel 28? What exactly a 28 years old should feel like? (Married, children, car, travelling etc). Maybe my 28 is further down the road?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dlm lrt?

Blog dlm ktm leh ker. Adkh sprti blog dlm bhs mlyu atau dlm bhs sms. smua pun blh. tpi rsnyer byk.jer citer leh msuk blog. al maklum lh. keje bidg yg brdpn org rmai pasti byk citer mnrik.

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Friday, December 2, 2011


Duromine, its an appetite suppressant that is approved to be used in various countries including Malaysia, if I am not mistaken a months supply of it could cost you RM200.

Why am I talking about Duromine? Do I want to loose weight? Yes, that would be nice since the slim fitting slacks that is actually in my size, felt a bit to fitting for me. It would be nice to actually be comfortable in them.

Actually now, what I really want from the drug is the appetite suppressant so that I would be starving like crazy at 6.00pm nor will I start to fall asleep at 5.00pm.

I can't drive home anymore since I volunteer at Petrosains. I will automatically fall asleep on the way home, even if I am the one driving.

Perhaps its time to add an hour or two to my current bed time. (I guess 6 hours is not enough)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Dramatic Exit

hmm this is an old post, i dont even remember writing this shit. I forgot to publish it. LOL.. so read it if you like my rants

I wonder what does everybody else do when they want to go out of the house in a car. I mean its supposed to be just getting car keys and saying goodbye to someone important or authoritative right?

When I have the need to go out, there are certain steps that I need to follow for a successful exit from the house in a getaway car.

First, I need to check the vehicles. I need to know which car is available for me to use. My car, the old Mercedes is parked inside with up to 3 cars blocking it. So I need to ask around whether the owners of the 3 respective vehicles, whether I could use their cars instead of having to drive all 3 cars out just to get my car. If the owners are not available I need to call or sms them. After that, I need to find whether the keys are indeed in the key drawers before I am able to drive their cars. Secondly I have to check whether the particular vehicle has sufficient fuel, road tax and air pressure. Then I have to check whether their are clothes on the gate during the day or check whether the trash door is blocking the gate or not. Also not forgetting, if I am driving the left hand Mercedes, whether there is sufficient cash in the TnG card and whether the Smartag is working or if there is extra Smartag in the car. Also I need to check the backseat or boot whether there are stuff any other household members have left in the vehicle. After I have checked everything, then I am able to go out.

However other problems can occur such as a sudden call back from home ranging from buying them something or to rearrange the cars so that they could go in. Also if I am driving the Mercedes there is a chance when something might go wrong, so I need to be prepared for that.

If there is any problem, I usually deal it myself, since no one in the house knows what to do, or what happened to it. If I do demand for them to do something, all I get is blank stares or start a pointless argument with something such as "Is it really that important to go out"

Actually, the easiest way to go out is actually by riding my motorcycle. Worst comes to worst is that I might get a flat tire or someone locked the rear gate, both problems is easily dealt by myself.

A dramatic exit? Of course, these are the stuff reality TV are made off..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Listen... to the song in my heart..

Yeah, the title is the first lyric in a song called Listen, by Beyonce. I think her version is scratchy but I love the American X Factor contestant that sang it.

Anyhow, we all love to talk. I love to talk, its like the thing I do best. I like to share information and tell my experiences to people. Its the best thing in the world to have someone who appreciates what you tell them.

Listening is a good thing to do. Heck, if there were no listeners, how would talkers exist? Might as well go live in cave or talk to a wall and hear your echo coming back to you.

My volunteer work at Petrosains, has honed my talking skills to the max. I know what to say, how to say it and when to say it. They even thought me a talking skill that everyone should do, which is asking questions. No point for us rambling on and on if they don't understand what we are talking about. So we asked them a series of question to test out their knowledge, their mood, their background or if they really want to listen to you in the first place.

So I love it, I think it makes me a better person in general, however one drawback to it, is that I do get more emotional with people when they don't follow the same rules too. The rules that I mean, are the rules of listening. To be a great talker, you need to be have a great listening skills. These are the simple rules of listening

  1. Listen. DUH!!! but actually its something that people don't do that often or even well enough. When someone wants to talk to you about something or share something to you, you need to LISTEN. That means to LISTEN, not talk back, not talk over, don't even talk at all. Its called listening, so LISTEN.
  2. ASK, yes ask questions, but ask the right question. Do not in ANY circumstances, asked them why did they do it in the first place for example "why did you forget?, why didn't you tell them? why didn't you check in the first place, why why why why". Basically WHY is the WRONG question. Instead ask HOW. "How did you forget? How did they not know? How did you know that it was not there in the first place, how how how" WHY questions is intimidating, because it requires the person to give valid reasons of the path they chose and makes them feel threatened. HOW questions invites them to share on the ways that they made to choose the decisions.
Its pretty simple, yet these simple rules are the one people don't follow and it drives me crazy and blistering mad!!!

I would probably argue with them, and they would say its my fault because of my character flaws and that I don't listen to them and then I argue, that they don't listen to me, then we argue some more,, then I pick up bat/rod/knife/shotgun/cannon/laser beams and then.........

Well, I rather not be on the pages on Harian Metro. So instead a cold war begins.

My experiences facilitating at Petrosains has thought me, that when dealing with tough customers, just ignore them and let them be on their merry ways. The key point here is to let them leave my Science Show table aka Hotspot, happy regardless whether they got it right or they got it wrong.

So that is what I do to those self righteous people, ignorant, stubborn, moody, or plain bastards that come in my path. Just let them be right and agree to them They will be happy in the end and you might make a new friend or keep maitaining the old one. I know, because I belong in that nasty group, after all, it takes one to know one.

Just because I let you be right, does not mean you are right or that I agree with you. I just rather do something else, like yawn or scratch my nose.

Anyhow, that is what happens, and will probably continue to happen. WHY? opps I mean HOW?? because that is human nature to do so, and because not everyone trains in Petrosains.

*This could be a great piece for my job interviews....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Over the threshold

Whenever I get stressed I will become this really mean and irritating person. Actually just mention the word thesis already I want to smack you in the face.

But I got over it already. Did I managed to control? Nope the stress level went overy.threshold and as a result I become mellow and now have trouble sleeping. I sleep too much or sleep very little. Only for a few more days...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Say Nothing

A few times, well that's total bullshit, well countless of times I have been misunderstood. Oooh such #firstworldproblems, but yeah it does happen. The thing I hate about it, is that it pisses me off even more because usually when it does happen it happens when I am venting out steam.

Its the cardinal rule to just agree with whatever anyone is saying when they are venting out steam towards you. Just nod, smile compassionately, make eye contact and say "How did you feel about it?". Seriously its so simple, but them you know, most of us, including myself are self righteous sometimes and we want to correct them.

Sometimes, just say nothing. In fact, that is what I will be doing from now on, especially when it comes to my thesis. Say nothing at all about it, because it just pisses me off and puts me a in a bad mood.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Similairity of a Change

I become just like my dad. The easiest trait, drinking coffee before sleep. It actually helps me stay up and asleep during stressful time. Work related stress? Actually work or volunteering as most people would say, is not stressful at all. There are problems sometimes, but most of it is solved within minutes. Most of the stress comes from home and my thesis. Yes, my thesis. I have done my VIVA, but thesis correction, is so stressful especially when I feel what one of the panel commented and corrected on was wrong. I am not the only one since the other examiner in the panel did not find anything wrong with it.

I promised myself that I would never be the same person as I was before fasting, but I do revert back to myself only during stressful times that relates to something in the past. I am working on it, after all, that dark past is also who I am now. I just have to find a way to managed it better.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Just filling empty spaces?

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One of those days

Yeah its just one of those days in the week where you feel just like crap and feel like you should just stay in a cave forever. Well my room is kinda like a cave now with the curtains down.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

From nothing to something to wtf?

Wow, I seen this water bottle practically everywhere now. Okay, that is exaggerating, but I can't help feeling that I belong in a club or something. Whenever I see someone with the same water bottle as me, I could not help but wanting to toast a drink with them.

Also, from actively blogging to ignoring it again. Hey, but at least it was a shorter ignorance time. I had a cold and lost my voice the first week of my SCAP work, and now on my last week of SCAP, another wave of cold and cough is coming. Since it almost took me 2 weeks to recover, I only gotten 1 week of health before getting sick again.. wtf... I would go to the clinic but they will end up giving me medication I already know I should take. If this cold flu thing, goes more than 2 weeks, then I will see the doctor.

Darn, I guess the sales assistant was right, I have to keep taking care of my health. I work in an environment where I am constantly exposed to germs from visitors each day and I have to talk for a long of periods of time in a cold and dry environment. It does not help that it rains practically everyday and I ride the public transportation. Gulp.. suddenly I realised what an infections environment I am now :(

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to take screenshots on Galaxy Ace with Android Gingerbread 2.3.4

Maybe some of you wonder how I managed to take this screen shot of my phone.  Those who used Android Froyo, may know that it only takes pressing the back button and the menu button at the same time to take a screen shot but with Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 its a bit different. After various button mashing and manipulation I figured out how to take a screen shot using the new Firmware.

To take a screenshot or screen capture of your Galaxy Ace, press the menu button and then quickly press the power button. If done correctly, the familiar click will be heard and small text will appear saying the screen has been captured and stored in file

It works even if the phone is locked as you can see how I took a locked screen of my Android. I hope this helps all the Galaxy Ace users who have successfully upgraded to the Android Gingerbread 2.3.4

Galaxy Ace with Android Gingerbread 2.3.4

I was like many of the android users out there who was itching to get the new Android Gingerbread OS. Most of the updates are for the high end phones but for mid range phones such as my Galaxy Ace, the update comes later. Well better late than never.

I updated it using the Samsung Kies software. Whenever you connect your phone to Kies, it will inform you whether there was an update to the the firmware. Since there was an update I decided to do it. After around 30 minutes or so, my update was done (depends on your Internet connection). I haven't explored my Gingerbread, but I already feel that it feels a bit faster.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the go

One of the reason I like taking public transport is that I could get lost in music with out having too much to concetrate. Which why when my earphone failed I panicked and bought an inferior replacement the slot. That was a waste of money but it shows how much having music for the ride home is important to me.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big bad wolf book fair

This is what I gotten at the Big Bad Wolf book fair that is happening at MAEPS, Serdang. The books are insanely cheap with prices starting around RM 6. There is so many choices on some old but still loveable books that caters to everyone regardless of age, sex or race. Just look at the choices of my books and magazines which varies from each other. I feel I need to go there again LoL.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cold War

Its time to launch a major cold war in this house. I am told that I am overly emotional when reacting to something. Don't blame me, I grew up watching someone goes through it whenever something stressfull comes up.

This is the last straw. I am not just angry at how she blocked my.car but how she does not seem apologic at all. Even my mother does not sympathized with me. Its just a few things they have done that hqs slowly chiseled away at my patience. Enough is enough.

I used to have trouble with the males of this house, now the elder females is giving me a hard time. Enough is enough, they both are no longer worthy of my rants, thoughts or feelings. Four down, 2 more to go. Might as well go Rougue now, but that time will soon to come and I will just dissapear. I mean it before, I mean it now and I will do it in th future.
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

sleeping with the lights on

Sometimes I would accidentally sleep with the lights on due to the fact that I was so tired. However last night I had to turn on the light so that I would be able to fall asleep. Could be because I was sick or could be because I was so angry at some people. I wanted support not directions. If I went and argued about it would turn into an order on what to do in life. Perhaps I should handle it the way I handle tough or rude visitors. Smile, nod in agreement and tell them to move to another exhibit. At least with visitors for each bad visitors there will be 100 more good ones.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

i wish?

I wish I am able to afford a box of these wonderfull lenses. They allow so much oxygen in so that it prevents your eyes from drying out by the end of the day. In addition its so protein resistance, you can wear it continuously up to 30 days.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My secret weapon?

A secret weapon made to treat acne, blackheads, wrinkles and dark spots. Countless research has shown its effectiveness but it works slowly and has many side effects, do you dare to give it a try?
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So tired and yet so happy

So damn tired, and I have so many things to do. My insanely clean room is getting messy again and it sucks :(. I have a cold developing and it sucks even more. I am taking a cold medicine now and I think I am losing it a bit. Zzzz... Btw this the recipe for my Pavlova...

Monday, October 3, 2011


I am going to one heck of transformation stage in life now. Its as dramatic as how the picture above depicts what happens to black hair when it is bleached or how the yellow blonde shade is achieved (it takes about 2 strong bleaching processes). I bought the bleaching kit, and the highlighting cap. I turned on my Petrosains charm and got the tool to be used with the highlighting cap for free. I will upload more nonsense to this blog so all my blog hopper and surfer will have something to hop or surf on.

Friday, September 16, 2011


I don't think that it is logical that I could have so much time and so little time at the same time. I feel both controlled and in control with life.

"That's life meh" said a friend of mine. He got that right and life has just started for me.
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Monday, September 12, 2011



You could say that? Its kinda like work, but the without much of the work benefits such as holiday, medical, bonus, EPF and such. Its kinda like what I did when I was doing my Masters, except I make much less, like almost 40% less, and I stand more.

However, the work I did during my masters, was very lonely. Yes, it did teach me a lot about working on my own and working with equipments, but its such a lonely experienced. My current work involves me working with people everyday. Each day is a new day with new people.

Its tiring, right now, my right thigh feels numb and tingles if I stand too much. Other than that, I like the interactions I get everyday.

Smiling towards strangers has never been easier, reminds me of a childhood days I had in the past where I was so carefree with life

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am never ready. Whenever I think I am ready I am never ready. When I think I am not ready I am actually well prepared. Sounds confusing, but somehow this irregular logic plays out quite wel in my lfe. Its also creates problems because if I don't feel ready I will never take that first step.

So what happens, I get a shoved from the back or I actually get pushed to do it. So does that mean I need pushy people in life?
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Monday, August 22, 2011


How can you people wear fitted clothes let alone skin tight ones. I always wondered about it since I feel uncomfortable wearing one. I love baggy loosey things, it feels so comfortable and free. I do have clothes that fitted but I don't like how they cling to my skin. Hence they are rarely worn except if I am going out withsome one that needs to be impressed.

Weight not an issue. Lots of big, bold, bulky people wear fitted clothes and lots of thin, slim, lean people wear baggy loose ones.

Am I against fitted clothes, judging by how rich my tailor is from the amount of clothes I bring to him, I actually embraced it in a good way.

The only time I felt truly comfortable in wearing a fitted jeans was a pair of Guess jeans at Klcc. It was really fitted but suprisingly comfortable, I was flabbergasted by it. Did I bought it? I would but although it was comfrotable if left very little imagination to anyone when I wear it...
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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yes, sleep another fave topic of mine. Ever since I started volunteering at Petrosains sleeping has became a task I must do, instead of a pleasure that can be fulfilled. To little sleep will lead me feeling incredibly tired by the end of the day while too much sleep will make me feel like I just wasted some valuable time. During this fastung month if I go back to sleep after sahur, I will have the craziest dreams so vivid that I actually believed what my drean character told me. Besides I know I am taking my job seriously at Petrosains when I need to give out proof and be 100% sure in answering in my own dreams.
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Friday, August 12, 2011



It might be just a simple misspelled word of a regular greeting, is actually an inside joke among my new friends at my new part time job at Petrosains. After more than 3 months of waiting for Viva, I  decided that I just can't stay at home anymore. Its not like I spend all my days studying anyways. Anyhow it was a great experience and for me it was an outer body event. After 4 years of mostly doing things on my own, being thrown into a large group of people I never met and then working at a place where new people constantly come, is different like day and night.

It was a great way for me to practice all of the lessons I learned during my masters, whether it is inside the lab or out side of the lab. I am glad that both lessons paid off during my training. Am I totally a different person? Not really, I still have that lonely ranger thing going on, along with my nerdiness, constant babble, or sometime shy without a reason but its like a switch that I can turn on and off now.

Its really a wonderful experience to have and something I would remember for a long time

Friday, August 5, 2011

You can, opps sorry you can't, coz I forgot LOL


Can a person change plan so fast and expect me to follow it? Like a friend said to me "If we make a promise and it involves other people, we better stick to that promise". Well I did ask them if I was free to do my own thing this Saturday, and they said yes, so I made plans and an hour later they said no, because we have something to do this Saturday and just go do it another day.

So simple, their answer is. Just spend quality time at home.

Wow, living at home ruins your communication skills. Sure you can know how to manage a home, but it only works if you plan to become a housewife. Last time I checked I don't have a vagina, and no one is sending an engagement ring to me yet, so I definitely not training to be a housewife.

I am very pissed off but at the same time, I had 5 days of training at my new working place on proper communication and I am not going down without a fight. No way in hell, that I will let her win. Sorry, but its not even a big deal, and you already have me full time for nearly 4 months, its time to let go.

Monday, August 1, 2011


It's not even the beginning of the fasting day and already he has blown his top. Well actually I beat him to it hours before.

I think there is a sign I have been in the house for such a long time, they think I am incapable of travelling by myself to KLCC to my volunteer gig at Petrosains.


True Story.....


The only thing my little brother told me that I found usefull is, if you say you don't want to do it, then don't do it and don't bitch about it when you did do it. This happens regularly to me, I don't want to do it but I still do it, and then end up complaining about it.

That's just so tiring to do. I have to learn to say no in a polite way, but I can't let go of my sarcasm.

No means no.
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Friday, July 29, 2011


Suprising tonite has to one of the rarer days tha I feel sleepy and tired. Something big is about to happen this weekend and I have a mixture of fear and excitement with a side of nervousness sprinkled with some worry.

Thinking too much does no one good especially if it impairs your ability to do anything. I rather act than think for thinking will jus slow me down.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sing me to sleep

Do you remember how you would fall asleep? Sounds like a rather dumb question but it is a valid one. I guess we really just drift of to sleep whether we are tired or not.

I have a love hate relationship with sleep. Sometimes I feel I have too much sometimes its just not enough.

It's such a treat to be able to just go to sleep when we are tired and wakeup feeling fresh.

Sing me to sleep....
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of video games and time

I love video games and many of the boys and some girls enjoy it too. Okay, perhaps at this stage in life is some men and some minute proportion of women enjoy video games. I remember on the first video games I played, which is a real video game console, not some knock off TV game console with 80s style game played in the 90s

This is the Nintendo system, I remembered playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on this system. It was a blast to play. We did not have this system, instead it was at some ones house, I don't even remember who. Sometimes the games will not load so you have to take the game cartridge out and blow it and pray that it would work. The first Super Mario Bros was on this system too, the same Super Mario that appeared in those knock off game console we had here in Malaysia

Awww yeah, this was the game console that had arcade games in it. Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct was one of them. Still I sucked at both games, there is so much or so little button mashing I could do to actually beat some one. Other games includes later version of Super Mario Bros called Super Mario World, with raccoon tails and Yoshi. There is also Donkey Kong country which is a blast to play and is a very nice 3d game instead of those 2d games. Not to be confused with 3d movies, back then 3d games are still 2d but has a bit of depth and shape to it. I remember my mother's friend let me borrowed her daughter Super NES and I played it all summer long. I remember playing this game called Earthbound, which was an awesome RPG game that I loved to death. It also helps that there was also a hand book that comes with the game complete with a scratch sniff section which was so awesome!!!

This was our first EVER game console that we bought. Actually it was a compilation of my siblings money to get this ps1 slim. While everybody got sick of the thick one, I just managed to bought this one and I loved it, especially all the Final Fantasy games. LOVE it!!!!. I still have it and it still works. I even still have all the games.. I think.. unless some one threw it away :(

This is our latest PS2. Yep, we still have a PS2, even though PS3 is out PS2 games and consoles  are still selling well. I love this game console, in fact my absence online and in blog is partly blame in this console. I still have plenty of games in the past that I played over and over again since it was fun or even some games that I never finished because I got bored. (Grand Turismo had such long races that put's me to sleep).

My next console? Probably will be one of my next big purchases. However next gen consoles, requires next gen television but we will see.. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do not feed the trolls

My mind got so muddy in the recent "clean" event that happened recently. There are many views on the situation, but most of the views on it does not reflect how I feel about it.

Most of the articles I read online are mostly editorial reviews or personal reviews on the situation, not news reports. Might as well read Facebook comments or check out local forumn threads. It makes me depressed to be  reading such things, as I felt that it was like a personal attack to me.

However I do forget the cardinal rule of the Internet "Do not feed the trolls". Trolls are basically people who writes something on the Internet with the intention of creating many caps lock on response from people. One can also say that its a way to provoke someone so that you will get a response, usually very emotional from them.

Some how these things hit me to the core lately, and I can't seem to let go of it. A more sane and logical side of me says to me that I should not get so worked up on what 0.18% of the population who claim to represent our country or that 10% of the total users of a very famous social network in Asia "liked".

"Do not feed the trolls" is something my mother would say if she actually knew what that meant, but she did say something similar. Anyone can upload anything on the internet and say something about it (like your's truly) or upload something on Youtube and describe what it was or go even further by editing the videos, add in some music, some text and make it into a master piece.

Anyone can say anything based on their assumptions and beliefs and post it online. It reminds me of a cartoon strip I read in a local newspaper. We usually think the Internet is a stadium, while we stand on a soapbox and preach to the listening masses, while in reality everyone in the stadium is standing on a soapbox wanting everyone to listen to what they say.

I usually just don't give damn about these things, but recently its something that has been bothering me for so long, and in the cyberspace I kind feel alone, but then most of the people I know who are vocal about these things have a different opinion from what I have. Perhaps its time to get new friends?

Do not feed the trolls, they want this kind of response, this kind of attention. When they do, the succeeded. Did they get to me? They did for a while in the past, after all, every teenagers and young adults are just rebellious in nature and easily persuaded to do something. Heck, I think I might just be one and start trolling too. I think I can handle it, its just not worth losing my mind over it

Do not feed the trolls.....

Do not feed the trolls, no matter how cute or united they seem to be

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bersih 2.0

Yeah, some title, either one of the most spoken topic or one the topic people most likely want to ignore. Regardless of your views on the situation, it makes an excellent spark for a debate.

Anyhow since the city centre and the roads around was closed, most people stayed at home. Although my parents tried to go to a wedding in Setiawangsa, but I guess so is the other people on the gridlocked road. So after two hours, they decided to hit back home and cook up a some lamb chop.

My sister said it was the only Saturday that she stayed at home and she like it.

Two days before the Bersih 2.0 event, my dad and sister's company let their employee home as early as 4 pm, it was said to be directions from the police???? Any how better to get out of the crawl earlier than get trapped in it.

What happens on Bersih 2.0 will be permanently on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Youtube.

I love to read the news but really, there is just so much that you can trust from the reports before you feel nauseous of the "stories".

If this is an annual event, I guess in the future everyone's planner will be planned around this date.

What's my view?
I actually hate the opposition only because of the crap they say about the oil and gas company. Lots of hot air being said to gain attention to themselves.

Friday, July 8, 2011

y u so expensive Paula's Choice?

This is Paula's Choice Skin Revealing Body Lotion with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid. My sister bought this my accident actually because I wanted the Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion to treat acne on my arms. Anyhow I still used it, I tried putting it on my arm and I did not like it very much. I decided to use it on my feet and it works much better. Its very moisturizing without being incredibly greasy. Its chocked full of antioxidants and anti inflammatory ingredients, but the main star is its 10% glycolic acid. You can actually smell the acidic sour smell of the glycolic acid in this lotion, which gently exfoliate the the skin. In theory this would work great on tough rough skin. I really like this, it even soothes my feet during the days when it would be dry and itchy.

However I used it sparingly, only because it used to cost RM80, now however the priced has jumped to RM105 which makes it one expensive foot lotion. Other than this lotion is imported from the US, its contains more interesting ingredients than say a Vaseline lotion which cost like RM20. Arghh.. so expensive for such a good product, I would actually rather have rough feet than cough up RM105, but I would buy in heartbeat if my budget allows it

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Temulawak - One of the original BB cream

I was curious with my sister's new obsession of BB cream. BB cream stands for blemish balm or beautifying balm. It was said that it could replace your sunblock, moisturizer, concealer and makeup!. It sounds too good to be true so I decided to check upon in on the Internet.

When I looked at the ingredient and the name BB cream, it reminded me of a cream that girls and boys use when I was doing my diploma 10 years ago. Girls would wear it during the day as makeup while guys usually wear it at night before bed. They swear it makes them whiter and makes their skin better.

I check the ingredient of these new BB cream and wanted to compared them with the ones in the past. Temulawak was one of the popular beauty cream of the past and it still sold today in Mydin and various traditional cosmetic counters everywhere. I bought one from RM3, this one contains Goat Milk. I opened it and smelled it. It still looks and smells like it did 10 years ago. I still remember my friends layering it on before bedtime or my female friends looking strangely fair or my friends who used "Babyface" and had their skin on their face peeling off.

I looked up the ingredients online and found its mostly an emollient and a very good physical sunblock. The main emollient is petrolatum, which is basically petroleum jelly or Vaseline. On its own its quite greasy but its one of the best emollient out there and it does help with skin healing. There is other emollients added in such as bees wax, carnuba wax and milk protein which does the same thing. The physical sunblock that is used in most BB creams are titanium dioxide, its not only a physical sunblock that reflects both UVA and UVB rays, its also acts as thickener for the product. This is true because its the texture of this cream in the jar is like cold butter.

So basically just based on the ingredients, those who uses this everyday in the daytime will have youthful skin  that is protected by the sun, while those used it at night will have smoother and flawless skin that has healed it self.

Why many people stopped using it? The texture and smell has something to do with it, it does not feel as luxurious and smooth like creams of today. Today's cream smells either better or are fragrance free. Another reason it that this is a balm, which is thicker and more richer that a cream. Which is thicker than lotion and even more thicker that gels.  

In the end, according to its ingredients, this RM 3 balm, works as well or even better that creams that cost 2,3,4, or 10 times as much. You might want to check out this old but never forgotten cream and see if it works better than the cream you are using now.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mega Bitch ?

Bitch, is another word for a female dog.

It is also a vulgar term used to describe a women is troublesome, bossy, fussy or just a general pain in the arse. However when we use it to describe a man, the meaning has changed a bit. It generally means a slave that does everything for another person.

So when a woman is mega bitch, you know how hellish it feels when you are under her management. Or if she is a acquantence, you know she brings a lot of trouble to you and cause you to be miserable.

However when a man is a bitch, he does anything a person does, like a slave.

That is when we used it as a noun, when used as a verb such as "Quit bitching around" "I need bitch about something" It means you are going to complain a lot about something.

Tonight? I feel like all the meaning of bitch of the above. Must stay in room, must have some comfort food, I don't care, I went to the gym, so it will equal to the stuff I eat..

Friday, July 1, 2011

Great Skin

How to have great skin?

I actually have no idea :/

Over the years, well actually in a few months, it develops from being


Full of Acne
 To clear again

I absolutely have no idea what happened. The most acceptable answer for me was hormonal change, but what into what? As if my body decided to go to puberty again. Many said the facial and the CO2 laser I did cause my face to break out. However the facial did get rid of the many pimples that were not erupted in my face and the CO2 laser did reduce my blackheads.

Perhaps its the cleanser I bought from my esthetician, or perhaps the Vitamin C that I started taking or perhaps the pimple medication finally decided to work. I still don't know.

What works for me, may not neccesarily works for you and vice versa.

I did decide to educate my self on the products I used and use peer to peer reviews to find out products beneficial using these two websites

This websites provides review on products available on the market, although majority of the Asian focus products in Malaysia was not reviewed. The best thing about this site is the dictionary so you can find out what dimethicone means.

This websites allows you to find out what kind type do you have. Its no longer just normal, oily, dry or sensitive but up to 16 different types of skin type combination. Mine is oily, sensitive, pigmented and tight. The quiz is now free (they used your data for research) and you have access to forums where people discuss which product works for your particular skin type group.

Its easy to give out advice based on your skin, but its kind hard when you don't have the same skin, but the website skintypesolutions does come close when grouping people in the same categories.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just spent an hour in a pharmacy. That is just insanely too long to be in a pharmacy but then I was never mentally or emotionally stable to begin with.

I was busy looking at vitamin C for my mom, her future hair color shade since I can see her gray roots, my sisters' sunblock for her hands, an a friends face serum.

It takes a long time to search and compare each products. Vitamin C comes in so many forms. There is the different grams of vitamin C ranging from 25gm to 1000gm, different forms (liquid, soluble tablet, capsule, tablets), and different ways its absorb in the body (time released, ester, acid free).

You can get dizzy searching for a sunblock. There is different forms as lotions, creams, sprays and sticks. They're chemical sunblock and physical sun block. The smell ranges from lotion like perfume to particular smell that only a sunblock produces.

Looking for a serum for a friend is even more disasterous, since he wants to reduce his scars but don't want anything creamy,greasy, oily, or even feels smooth because he claims that it will cause him to breakout.

So yes, trying to find all these things does take up an hour plus.
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Its strange that during my down time of updating my blog, I suddenly see more ads in them. I mean I had my down times before and I could see Nuffnang taken the ads off and I had to ask them why they did that (apparently my ad placement before was not optimized). Now however with updates being as far apart as 3 weeks, I still see my ads. Heck I am a silent reader of my own blog LOL.

Speaking of the ads in my blog, sometimes the ads are interesting I end up clicking it myself because it was something interesting that I wanted to know more of.

These ads generates money in blogs. There are generally two ways how the ads generate money. One is by the unique viewers that the blog receives each day, which means if you view my blog for the first time today you will be counted as a unique view and if you view it again on the same day it does not count.

The other way is if you actually find the ads interesting and you click on it. That will generate extra money because you are actually hooked on the ad and wanted to find out more.

Another bonus way is if you clicked on the ad and register something in it, that even gives even more bonus to me because you read my blog, you click on an interesting advertisements and you want something or you register something from the advertisement.

Its sounds like easy money, but in reality you need to have ten thousands view a day to get a hundreds of ringgit a month, or if you have just a 2 digit number each day, you will just get a few sen each day. Hey its not so bad, its not really work per say, if you are not doing it seriously or if no one find your blogs interesting at all.

However some people abused the system and will start to tell other bloggers to click on their ads and that they would click on their ads too so that all of them will generate more income from the blog. This is frown upon by the companies that is represented by Nuffnang because it takes way the reason ads were placed in the first place.

I am not 100% where my readers are from, but definitely not from the Nuffnang blogger crowd where bloggers meet and continue to support (or click) each others. I am much a loner, I mean I used to have friends that blog a lot casually, but the got busy with their lives and stopped. So I guess from my 3 digits friend list in my Facebook, where my blog shows up in their newsfeed because I link my Facebook and blog together, are where most of my readers are. Which is good and bad, since I tend to let it all out in my blog. (my uncle said he reads my blogs and he gave a witty smile, opps well uncle, you know me :D)

Anyhow, many thanks to all my silent readers who actually reads my insanely emotional ramblings. After all how much celebrity gossip, politics and tragedy news can you handle. I know I can't, which is why, sometimes just want you do during the day is more interesting to read. Which why reality shows are such a hit.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Should not

Suddenly hungered for my mother's Bali style chicken. She gotten that recipe from my grandmother. Its such good chicken that I decided to have it for supper. Crap... for sure this will wreck havoc on my system. Perhaps its because I was in a better not feeling gaseous mood today compared to yesterday. Perhaps I finally changed faucet, the burnt out lightbulbs on next to impossible to reach places, bought some rabbit feed and bedding in addition to finally dye gray hairs. I even managed to organized my dvd collection and get to able to watch a documentry by Chris Rock titled "Good Hair".

Maybe that piece of chicken I had was a celeberatory supper meal for a rather good day. So I guess perhaps I should.
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I was irritable just now. Really irritable. Even for my standards I was irritable. I think it was more due to a mild food poisoning. I kept having gas all night and felt generally uncomfortable. When you have too much gas you will end up farting, burping, belching, and increase bowel movement. I felt nauseaus and at the same time so irritable. Its as if everything in the world just does matter anymore. I feel stressed over the small irrelevant things. All I can do is just stay out of human contacts until this feelin and gas subsides.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Medicine You Should Always Have

Panadol (Paracetemol)
A basic pain killer and one of the most effective medicine for fever. It comes in a tablet form, caplet form (Actifast) or soluble form (Soluble..duuh...). I know everyone read an email or a blog about how Panadol destroys the liver, well people, if you abuse it, you will. This is because these people take more than the recommended dose and they took it for a long period of time. I call these people ignorant for not reading the label, see a pharmacist or see a doctor. So feel free to take them as long you don't exceed 4000mg a day (8 tablets) or consume them everyday for more than a week. If you do, you are an idiot.

*Medicine goes through the liver before its distributed throughout the body, which is why they usually recommend most medicine to be taken after a meal.

Antihistamine tablets

If you are like me who are prone to watery nose or watery eyes, you are definitely allergic to something because clear mucus is a sign of allergies and it could developed into a cold or a flu. You can buy antihistamines from the pharmacies. There are soo many different kinds of anti histamines you can choose from, some is naturally sedative (will knock you out) or some can keep you up at night. I have chlorpheniramine (Piriton) which is mildy sedative but usually knocks me out and loratadine (Claritin) during the day because it does not make me drowsy. I found Cetrizine in the fridge, my moms medicine and its an anti histamine too but in theory its not sedative but for me, it knocks me out so fast that I can't take it. If you really need to sleep, tryfinding Diphenydramine (Benadryl) which is usually found in some cough and flu syrup. This is highly sedative and is great if you have trouble sleeping during a cold/flu.

I always have these all the time in my possession because its such a common ailment to have. However I have some other extra things I keep to self medicated

Antifungus cream - For that itch that seemed never to end at places where there is lots of sweat and friction.

Methyl Salicylate - Usually those with camphor/menthol or peppermint oil. Great during nausea and headaches or muscle pains.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


1 week of ignorance?

That's the last post that I last written. I just gotten lazy. People are amazed of what I do each day at home during this long hiatus break from my studies. Mind you I am just waiting till they call me for Viva. Anyhow most people become incredibly bored, I would too if not for my unlimitted internet access. If I don't have internet access I would probably be bored as well also. Besides, other than Starbucks, its quite hard to find a CC that is not filled with noisy assholes that smokes so much ciggaretes, they contribute to the global warming.

Anyhow, other than non stop internet, there random chores such as taking the rabbits to the vet, bake a cake, dye my mom's hair, send the car to the mechanic, wash the car, pick up a prize, play scrabble, do laundry, etc etc. Once work has started, these random chorse will be left behind and god knows my rooms is horrible mess anyway.

Its not going to last long anyways, so might as well enjoy it

Monday, June 6, 2011


Suddenly itch. Yes, out if the sudden everything itches badly. I suspect its just another case if insect bites. I always forget to spray my room with an insecticide before I sleep. Its strange how I feel I need to something late at night instead of in the day time.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have gone from not being able to sleep to feel sleepy the whole day and have the need to take naps is getting to the point that it is critical. I don't think any day is a normal stable day anymore. There is a slight change everyday that feels just as strange. I am so nervous about the soon to be coming Viva, and I have not started on anything yet. It makes me grumpy and I might just lash out to anyone. So might as well take a nap and save the misery of other people from me.
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Bad and lazy

Bad? yeah I can be bad however its mostly due to moodyness. Most people can handle it but some don't want anything to do with me. It's quite fine for me since I find them quite annoying too. However that is what friends are for. Everybody has their flaws which makes them human. Well most of the time, their absence makes no impact in my life but for those few that turned away from me, only time can heal us back together.
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Monday, May 30, 2011

New start

Finally a new phone. As much as I love my BB its time to another brand a chance. This brand is more suited to my budget and lack of a data plan. Besides it gives me a chance to experienced the android market.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011


:Lately I have always been feeling hungry. Most of the time I feel the need to have something savory instead of sweet. Food with that umami taste, kinda like when I take a lick out of an Ajinomoto Peppersalt.

I wish I could learn how to make savory stuff instead of the usual sweet stuff I do with baking. I pretty much have an idea of what each ingredients in a cookie dough would do and taste like, but when it comes with savory flavours I am at a lost.

The only confirmed savoury flavours that I know I could work with is onions, and garlics because I would know how these two ingredients would smell and taste when added to food.

The only reason I know is because when I am feeling extra special, I would add onions and garlic into my fried eggs. Those boring eggs suddenly becomes more flavourful and I become a bit happier with it.

I tried to make "Kampong" style fried rice, using onions, garlic and anchovies, but it does not seem to work out. I just don't have the basic ratio of each ingredients.

Anything that we cook in the kitchen, requires a certain ration of each ingredients. My chef friend told me that a cookie dough will require 3/4 of dry ingredients and 1/4 of wet ingredients in order for it to be a good cookie dough, while another friend told me a cake batter is about 50:50.

With these ratios in mind, you can virtually create any type of cookie and cake according to the ratios that we know.

Now however, savory things are something I have in mind but my principles in cooking these savory things will still be the same which is, it has to be simple, easy and taste damn good.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I was having lunch with a bunch of friends the other day when one of them said "Bud, I first started knowing you when you were doing your masters". I replied "I think everyone knew me when I was doing my masters"

I was not kidding.

Literally all the friends (and enemies) that I have currently, I found during my masters. My masters took about 4 long, terrible years and its still not over.

Its not that I don't have friends before I was doing my masters, but most of my friends I made during studying and living in hostels and in a rented apartment. Once we had a semester break or we finished studying, I would never see them again or the friendship will just taper off.

Friends during my masters are radically different.

First of all, most of them don't even go to class with me. Second, I found them through social networking sites. Thirdly, I found them through a friend and finally they are much older that I am.

This also creates a problem in my family because I guess they assume I have no friends at all. My mother even exclaimed "Why do you have so many friends?" I never knew there was cap limit in having friends. Her paranoia makes it hard to even get out of the house. When I do tell her, she keep asking questions like, Where did you meet them? How long did you know them? Are they married? Where are their from? Mind you this are questions that are being asked to me in my mid 20s not when I was a teenager.

Anyhow she can't really stop me and I do have to slither through her every damn restrictions. Its a challenge that most people with over bearing parents must face. We just gotta keep slithering through it and power through it,

Even if it means emoing in a blog or Facebook status....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Indoor Yard Sale

 Our house has been transformed into a boutique

 Most of these stuff are my older sisters

 These are actually cloths my cousin sells and my sister is selling it for her

 A collection of shoes from my mother and sister, but most of them is my sisters. Lots of brand names that she rarely worn.

Lots of nice clothes, that have rarely been worn, worn once or never worn at all. Reasons include she got bored of it, she can't mix or match and the best reason of all "the dress makes you look like a "cicak" ROTFLMAO!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Parking Lot

Parking in my house is a source of stress for me. This is due to my father's insanity that all cars should be parked inside by sunset. Regardless of what, all cars must be inside, as long as there is still a roof over the porch, the cars must still be in. The figure above is the layout of our parking configuration so that we could fit all 6 cars inside the gate. As you can see, our cars comes in variety of sizes. Mother and Father are the biggest and longest cars, followed by the Mine. The Sister and older Sister are of similar size while the Brother is the smallest of the lot.

In order to fit in all the cars the Mine  and  Brother's car can only be park at that spot only. Mother and Father can changes spots, so does the Sister and Older Sister cars.

Stress is caused when I come home late and Sister, Older Sister and Brother cars are already inside, so I have to take out 3 cars before putting Mine in and then park back the remaining 3 cars. Stress is also caused when Older Sister comes home late, since she can't park. If she does park, somehow you can open the door or walk around the car. She completely seals the car in. However, Sister and Brother are able to put their cars in and more, so that is not a problem for me. If however any car is blocking the Older Sister car, Mother, Sister, Brother or myself has to get the blocking car out so that Older Sister could get out.

Yes, parking sucks at my house and imagine trying to park while just woken up from sleep or after a rough night. Stress..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I hate having the cold. Its a terrible disease that has no cure, because there is so many bacterias and viruses that causes it.

For me a typical cold will start with a sniffle, and a runny nose. Then the runny nose turns into a blocked nose and the mucus will turn green. After that I developed a sore throat and then you start coughing. I then starts to develop a fever and then end up miserable.

I then ran will run out of tissues and have the need to always consume any hot liquid, even hot water is fine during this period because the steam and the warmth helps my nose to be clear. Also since I will blow my nose a lot, my nostril becomes dry and it will starts getting irritated unless I apply some Vaseline to it.

I hate it, and now I am starting to get it.

As I wrote before, there is no cure for the common cold. All that they give you is an anti histamine, panadol, cough syrup, sore throat candy and vitamin C. Sometimes they will prescribe you antibiotics.

Anti histamine is used for allergies, believe it or not, all that runny nose action is actually the body's way to remove the bacteria or virus that decides to make your nose its home. The body's own reaction of over producing antibody leads to runny noses which provides even a better environment for the bacteria/virus. Anti histamines will help the nose to dry up a bit so that the bacteria/virus won't have a nice place to live.

Panadol or paracetamol is a medication so common to most Malaysians. People assume its a cold medicine, but its only a pain killer and one of the best medicine to treat fever. Read the label, it relives PAIN and FEVER due to cold and not the cold itself. Anyhow, since people believe it, the placebo effect should cure them too. Your body will develop a fever because the bacteria/virus cannot live above the normal human body temperature, but too much fever will cause you to have headaches and be delirious, so we need to calm it down.

Cough syrup, as the name implied is made to sooth the throat, loosen the phlegm and reduce the cough. Some cough syrup has antihistamine in them, so you get the extra anti histamine along with the anti histamine tablets that the doctors already prescribe to you. Beware, usually the anti histamines in cough syrups are the drowsy ones.

Sore throat candy, as the name suggested is given to soothe your throat that has been inflamed by bacteria from your nose that drips down to the throat.

Vitamin C is given to fight infection. Its an antioxidants, since the body needs a boost of it to help fight the cold.

If you have green mucus, when you blow your nose, it means you have an infection and doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics so that you will get better faster. At least that is what happens to me

Its sounds like normal disease but outside of Malaysia, a common cold can kill a person if its not treated. People will usually succumb to pneumonia and die!!. Which is why they take it very seriously and treat it well.

If I am not mistaken, a flu differs from a cold, by producing body and joint aches all over.

Anyhow, I am starting to have a cold, since my nose is blocked. Its just a matter of time before it develops to a full blown cold. So I always have anti histamines in hand at all times. You can get it at your local drugstore/chemist for like RM8. The ones I used is Loratadine, to most people including me, it is not drowsy and  you just need a tablet each morning. Sometimes when I am allergic to something (my noses run, my eyes waters) I just pop one in and I will feel better.

However during a full blown cold or if the Loratadine does not work, I take this really cheap ass anti histamines called Chlorpheniramine Maleate which cause only RM1.50 for a tab of it.This is a 1st generation anti histamine which means, its very drowsy. So I took it before bedtime. When I was doing my diploma, the campus clinic always gives this as the cold medicine. You had to take it 3 times a day and its so drowsy, that you just faint after taking it.

I ran out of my Chlorpheniramine and now down to 1 tablet of Loratadine. These two medication are available at most pharmacy. The pharmacist could prescribe you a different anti histamine but does the same thing.

Anyhow, so far I have been slowing the progress of the cold for almost a week now without antibiotics. Although I prefer to have them since my cold will be heal within a week, but I am afraid of being dependent on it (which I think I am) and that I will develop resistant to the antibiotics. Off I go to the pharmacist tomorrow!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Days

There just some days where I just hate putting my contact lenses in. That incredible mood of laziness combined by the fact I have to take them off before bed makes me rethink about putting them on. Sometimes, if I was lazy enough, I would just sleep in them. Sure its dangerous, but some contact lenses allow you to sleep in them. Softlens 38 allows a person to sleep with their lenses for 1 week but it depends on how well your eyes could cope. Acuvue 2 or Oasys could be left in the eyes for up to 2 weeks, while some lenses such as PureVision can be left in the eyes for up to 30 days.

Funny though, no one in Malaysia that I know recommends it, even though the product inserts (which is available online only) says we could. My coloured lenses from Geo Lenses are those yearly lenses then I could wear to sleep. They are very comfortable, despite what other people says about it. I will getting new ones soon after my claim has been processed.

It also helps that my current glasses are so badly scratched and dirty, that I hated to to wear them now, so its forced upon me to wear my contact lenses.

It's not all bad, after all most people say, I look good without my glasses...

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have a deep connected feeling with cars. Its just something that I was attuned too, even when I was little. No amount of Shi Ra, My Little Pony, Jam and the Hologram, and all the other girl based cartoons that I watched. It was not really my choice, my sister hogged the TV and she still does it now.

One thing however that always gathers my interest is cars. I loved those small car models by Hot Wheels. Apparently they are made in Malaysia. I loved cars, I have this strange habit, when I was young, of watching cars go over a speed bump. I don't know why, but I could just sit there staring for half an hour and not get bored.

One thing about cars, is that I am not interested in the sport side of it (F1, Rally, Nascar etc) but more to the normal ones that we drive on the road. Those are the kinds that are made available to us and it is more interesting for me.

Which makes me an even more nerd by liking small cars. Instead of 7 Series, S Class, Skyline, Ferrari and Porsche, I am more interested in 1 Series, A Class, 500, and Alto. I just prefer small nippy cars that is easy to drive.

It probably fits my nature of prefer to live near the city then in rural areas. No one likes traffic jams but we a good sound system, a robust air conditioning system and an automatic gear box, its not so bad at all.

Right now, I am on the argument with my parents on the next car that we should have. They will probably flip if I wanted an i10 or Alto, so right now its a fight between 3 Protons, Gen2 CPS, Persona HL and Neo CPS. My mother wants a sedan, my dad wants a sport car, while the public thinks Gen2 CPS is the same as the old Gen2 that keeps having problems and breaking down. Me? I want freedom. The fight still goes on, I decided to not care at all for now, or pretend to like Persona or Neo. I will get my pick in the future.


I do laundry at night, in fact. I just finished doing it. I do my own laundry now because I am furious how some of my clothes get ruined in the laundry (buttons missing, my mother bleached anything that is white, etc). I am lazy to do it in the morning, since I am either sleeping or had something else to do.

It does not really come out fresh like if you dry it in the sun because it was damp overnight, but with enough fabric softener and detergent, its not so bad.

I remember having to wash clothes by hand when I was doing my diploma. I was the only boy wearing gloves while washing clothes. So nerdy, but it did keep my hands soft. Also I was one of the rare ones using fabric softener. Fabric softener makes it feel like home.

When I did my degree and lived in an apartment with 7 other people, we bought a semi auto washing machine and hung the clothes to dry at our balcony.

Again with both study sessions, I only do laundry at night. Yes there is a timer on the washing machine that will delay the wash for 9 hours, but the slot for the fabric softener is stupid and it does not work. It does not dispense automatically at the last rinse cycle, so you have to do it manually in order to get the maximum effect of the softener.

When I was in the USA, I always follow my mom to do the laundry at the self operated Laundromat. We did this till we were bought our own washing machine. In late spring, summer and early autumn we could dry our clothes outdoors, but in early spring, late fall and winter, we would have to drive to the local Laundromat and use the dryer.

I don't really remember but sometimes my mother would drive the car to the Laundromat and sometimes I would drag the laundry basket (which was a huge trash bin that we stole from the local park) with wheels at the bottom and dry the clothes. for 75 cent per load.

We would just wait there for 45 minutes until the laundry was done and then return home. Thank goodness we don't change so much clothes in the winter because we don't sweat that much. Ah. laundry, so many memories...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Baking is not hard, I don't get it why people think its such as fussy thing to do. Sure there are baking techniques that are complicated and required many steps to do, but there is also recipes for baking cakes and cookies that are so simple, its almost fool proof.

All the delicious cakes and cookies that I made for my family and friends are so insanely simple, but are a crowd pleaser. These are recipes that you just measure using cups and throw in a bowl and mix them together before throwing it in a greased baking tin and bake for 20 minutes.

Why would you buy a cookie when its so easy to make it at home, and you can add more chocolate chip or nuts to your pleasure, why buy a sponge cake when its so easy to make. Why buy a frosting when making it yourself allows for plenty of leftover for finger licking goodness.

Perhaps since I am more tuned into baking, I feel baking is something effortless. I can't really make any main course meals. Even fried rice seems hard for me because I can't get the taste that you get from fried rice at roadside stalls.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Female Drivers

There are two kinds of drivers on the road. Female Drivers and Drivers.

Female Drivers are unsure where to go, they hesitate when trying to overtake or trying to cross an intersection. They are slow on the fast lane and like to be in between lanes. They are horrible at parking because they take forever to park and usually its not even aligned well. Most of the times they remain quiet and unseen on the road, but you can spot them from a mile from the mistakes they make

Drivers are secure people on the road. They know where to go and are confident at what ever they are doing. They drive fast and know which lane is the best way to go. They park very easily in any situation, even  parallel parking using a large car without rear sensors. Most of the times they remain like any other cars on the road, but give them a deadline and you can see them zooming frantically beside you while flashing their lights.

Female Drivers are generally females who does not spend much time on the road, who are always chauffeured everywhere, but during emergency or during times when people don't want to deal with them, they will drive. If a man drives like a Female Driver, then I need him to give back his Man Card to me, because he does not deserve to be a man.

Drivers are usually males, its in their blood to drive, just like riding horses, camels, elephants or a Banshee. They can be frantically fast or just cruise slowly in the left lane with a girl on their side. A woman could be a Driver if she spends all of her time driving or she drives into and out of KL daily. She will probably give you the finger you are slow in front of her and she will flash you if you are blocking her way, just like a real man.

So what type of driver are you?

p.s I love it when a woman yells out a Female Driver. "Patut lah, perempuan yg bawak" "Damn Female Driver" "Alahai Kak, cepat lah siket bawak kereta" "Bodoh lah perempuan ni"


I noticed that I recently been reaching 3 figures readers on my blog, Usually I only get 2 figures readers in my blog each day, but now its topping to 3 figures more often. Gosh, I'm embrassed of the shit they read in my reflection posts, which is in abundance now. Thanks to Natalie Tran, video blogs, I like to write what ever things that pops in my head.

I make it short and into a lot of paragraphs, so people can skip the parts that they are bored to read or just skim through it. I'm just fucking lazy to post any pictures, although if my Blackberry was still here, I would take picture of anything interesting, attach it to my email and email it using my Blackberry to Blogger so that it would become a blog entry. That has to wait for a while, till I get a job and Blackberry.

Other than that, my experience with CO2 Laser Resurfacing technique at Mediviron UOA did bring some readers into this emo ish blog. Although I was not one the candidates that maintain excellent results, due to my acne problems which basically cancelled all of the collagen inducing benefits of a CO2 Laser Resurfacing, I would still do it again, and other stuff that the clinic offers, such as Duromine.

Another interesting thing that I noticed about my blog by viewing my readers using Nuffnangs counter that I don't have readers from other Nuffnang readers. If I do, its very little. So most of my readers are actually my Facebook friends, which I linked this account too. Most of them are silent readers, which is okay with me. Comments are just bonuses, but I am glad somebody is actually accidentally reading all this shit I write. :D

I gotta love Nuffnangs for giving a chance to win all of those movie tickets. Its awesome to watch movies that are shown earlier than the rest of the world. Pure AWESOMENESS...

Its fun having the chance to share what I feel to the world. Its my own reality show that people could read into. I am not that ready to do a video blog yet, but who knows, I just might do it too, just for the hell of it..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Job Fair

Job fair sucks. Especially for me, who wants to be in an education sector, specifically medical parasitology. I think the possibility of me teaching that subject is quite low, unless I have a Phd in it. Then, Universities will start calling me, or at least I would be eligible in calling them.

I never been to a job fair, but a friend nudge me to go there and hand them my CV with confidence. I kinda choked at that particular nudge, so I decided to google about Job fairs. Its basically a huge job interviews with many companies. So you need to go there with a business casual wear, CV and a basic understanding of their company. I had my CV, had business casual wear stuff in my closet, but when I checked the companies that were participating. None of them were interesting.

So I decided to do the old fashion way, of mailing my CV to the particular colleges that has medical students or health science students. Since I am a fresh graduate, they probably put me in the labs to oversee the students during a lab practical, which is something I do now anyways or take care of their tutor classes where we discuss questions and assignments. I am now actually open with any biology related subjects, although my forte is still parasitology, because its the only interesting subject that I loved in my degree days. However, I could always try other subjects, its what people do when they get a job, which is learning new skills at the work place.

Job = freedom.

Perhaps after I get my freedom, my relationships with my parents would be much better than it is now. Right now, all I can do is ignore them, work around their boundaries and use up all their money.

27 turning 7

Where are you? How come your are not home last night? What are you doing? When are you coming back home? Who are you sleeping with? Where are you sleeping last night? Where did you go? What friends? Who are your friends? Where are they from? Who do they live with? What do they do for a living? Where did you meet them? How did you know them? Are they married? Do they have a girlfriend?

Yes, these are actual question my mother ask me, and question that my dad asks my mother to ask me. These are the questions that I have to answer, not when I was 7, not when I was 17, but now, at the age of 27. So tell me, would'nt you feel suffocated, especially at this age, to be ask such questions. What the fuck is wrong with my parents?

Owhh you would say, they are just parents worried about you. Fuck that advice. Its called being annoyingly excessively overbearing. Yeah, you could say I am overeacting like child, well, fuck you. If they are going to treat me like a child, I'm gonna fucking rant like one. Its stupid beyond belief.

One day they will ask, why did Budlee stop visiting us, Its because of these fucking questionaires that bugs my existence.

Mind you, I did sms my mother, of where I am going, or what I am going to do. Sometimes its better to leave out the details, because all of the question above will be asked and its fucking annoying at this age.

Did they even have something that they want me to do when they asked of my whereabouts.. Fuck no.. They want me inside the house at all time, accesible to them. FUCK THAT!!

I am here, in the same fucking state. I can comeback if they had something for me to do. I would, but being annoyingly persistance with stupid fucking questions, is fucking stupid. They do have 4 other children okay, please bother them..

Fuck you if you say this is normal, you can have them, but leave their money to me

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wrong Side

Have you ever woke up on the wrong side of bed? Its a saying describing that you woke up feeling like shit. I felt that way today and I had a great day yesterday watching Scream 4 with a friend. Yet, another free ticket from Nuffnang.. YEAY!!

Before you called me a nasty bastard, I only got 1 out of 3 free moving tickets this time. The other 2 movies that I missed out was The Roommate and Hop. I paid for Hop, Hop was an average movie. I prefer this over The Chipmunks since they were made from the same person.

Have you ever felt lightheaded so much from a sudden rush or panic or adrenaline rush? I did, I felt like I need to run, scream or bitch slap someone. All because my co-supervisor sent me an email about a career fair in UPM and that I realised that I miss spelled Microbiology (I typed Micorbiology...,,,f%ck). Adding salt to the wound I forgot to write what post I was interested in that college. Anyhow, it was silly mistake and there is not much I can do, except hope they did not notice that mistake and that they would ask me if what position I was interested in. MAHSA college called me, but it was for a position in Sabah. A wee bit too far for a fresh graduate if you ask me.

As usual, I will end this post, with my acne is not getting worse not is it getting better. Its just keep coming, like I just hit puberty. Now if  itwere a another puberty stage,I wish I would be taller and a few more inch would be added to my... erm.. never mind... ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


You just have to love a service center that provides many free stuff for the waiting customers, because one does have to wait a few hours before their car is finished service. Especially if you are a walk in customer that decides to go to the SC at 11am, like me. So it will take at least 2 hours minimum before your car is finished.  Ah well, I will finish their coffee and use up their wifi. So far, I used the Dealer service centre from Honda and Perodua. So far, its okay. Not much to complain about. I do have two particular SC that I go to. Imavest near MRR2 for Honda and Perodua SC in Bandar Teknologi Kajang. Although, there is a new Perodua SC near Sg Sekamat which is nearer our house.

Gotta go.. car just finished after 3 hours..

Sunday, April 10, 2011


What a bunch of hot air. At first they want to sell the Mercedes then suddenly they want to keep it, but it needs to be change into a smaller engine. I checked with JPJ, and it could be done since we don't need extra forms or checks to downgrade the engine into a 2000cc engine. It if were up to me and me only, I would love to have a diesel engine, since the car won't be used as much and diesel is cheaper then petrol. However, I've never driven a diesel so what do I know. I guess that leaves us to a normal 2000cc engine. Who cares if its sluggish, I only drive 90km/h on the highway. Anyhow, I think I will be on the search for this engine at the two local halfcut shops I go to, whenever I needed parts for my car

Speaking of parts, dammit, I will be needing some parts for my Viva's side mirror. My mechanic told me that I could just get the motor from halfcuts but still uses my original black mirrors, so I am working on getting a Mira folding side mirror for it.

Also I need to service my dad's Honda Accord, all the way at Ampang service centre. Damn far..but my parents felt it was the best service centre...(I practically service all the cars, except the Jazz, my sister told Honda to pick it up and delivered to her by 5pm.. AWESOME)

My dad asked me what car I wanted. Yeah, sounds like  I am a spoiled brat, but hear me out. He asked what I wanted, but I knew he only wanted one car and that car is a Satria Neo CPS. He wanted me to have it 3 years ago, but I took the Viva, I think he is still bitter about it. Now is another chance for him to get me to buy a Neo. I drove the car multiple times now, courtesy of a friend, but I am not sure its courtesy, because he forces me to drive his car everywhere when I am riding with him. I drove for like 2 hours sometimes, for no apparent reason, because he likes car rides...

Anyhow, the question my dad asked me was a trick question because the car I wanted was something he does not approve (Hyundai i10, Suzuki Alto, another Viva, Myvi, basically small cars)  I narrowed it to Persona (for size and how it feels like our Mercedes and the Neo, because he wants it). My mom said that my dad likes the Persona, but I know other wise. After a bit of chat at the breakfast table, he hints that a Neo is bettter due to, that is sporty, it looks young, and he is tired of too many sedans in the house (there is only 2, including his Accord), and that it will upgrade my image from a nerd. Okay perhaps I lied about the last one, but the rest of it is true.

In conclusion.. I actually don't mind at all getting the Neo, since I drove my friend's Neo, so many times, I feel I could live with it. Heck, I could just blow down RM10k and upgrade the engine using R3 parts... Now.. I just need a job...