Thursday, August 23, 2012


I was checking my online banking and found something rather peculiar. I have reloaded my maxis number 3 times in the past month. Since each reload is 30, that is about 90. Yikes. I have no idea where the reloads when. Is it because of data usage or calls and sms?

Some say I should change to postpaid to "save" money. However this over reload happens once in a blue moon and usually I use around 50 a month. This exclude my celcom my number which is around 50 a month too which also includes a blackberry plan.

Data is cheaper and more flexible on maxis. You can have as much or as less data as you want. I use the rm 8 a week, which gives me 100mb of data if I am feeling extra "youtubeish" I can pay rm2 for 100mb of data per day.

However calls and blackberry is cheaper on celcom. I pay only 28sen for every 10 minutes calls I make while I pay rm 25 per month for my blackberry internet which includes 250 mb of data. Blackberry is incredibly stingy with its data usage. I rarely dip below 245mb a month. However internet speed is limitted to less than 300kb or something. So no youtube and somewebsite takes a while load. But all the other Bb aps and bbm works flawlessly.

So 90 ? I think I will swallow it this month. Postpaid shall wait for me.
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