Sunday, August 31, 2008

From Melaka to Putrajaya to Balakong

I went back to my mother's hometown last Saturday, to help/drive/sleep/eat at my grandmother's house. This is cousin with her Elephant, such a sweet lovable girl who loves to smile and drag her peach elephant around.

This is Mico, my grandmother's cat. This is the cat that eats chocolates and does not mind being sat on by one of my baby cousins. Such a patient and old cat.

I went to Putrajaya on Saturday night to visit a chat friend. We have been chatting on and off for a while and finally decided to meet. We were to meet a Putrajaya, however for some strange reason there were massive of people just hanging out there and causing a massive traffic jam. The police had to come by and shoo every one away because the fireworks and celebration is at Dataran Merdeka and not at Putrajaya like some would have expected.

He drives a customized olive green Myvi. We both are car lovers and would chat about the latest developments in the automotive industry. I really like how he customized his Myvi, not too flashy but enough to make you look twice.

On Sunday, I went to Balakong to fix our Naza Ria horn. I suffered for a few crutial day with out the horn. I was going balistic not being able to honk at that bastard or bitch on the road. Grrrr....

A bit of wiring here, tweaking there and the horn is back to normal. Those fortunate enough to be riding the Naza Ria with me, will know that horn "echoes". It means that just pressing the horn once will make about 2 seconds worth of "horn echoes" so you don't have to press it too long when dealing with idiots on the road.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Budlee presents...

Yup budlee presents, this week was my seminar proposal presentation. I was so nervous that day, I had hyper movement of my bowel which results to 3 trips to the lavatory. I mean it was hell week for me, barely talking to people and having to skip gym for 2 days, and I even forgot to eat lunch. Eeeek!! this humongous projector screen will show my slides of what I plan to do, in front of people some more.. scary like hell meh.... I was like so nervous everything seem to go dark, my height, my weight, my looks, my confidence, my relationships and even my car. I felt like just running away at that time, I got a car with full tank of petrol so I could go really far from this stressful situation.

EEKK !!! the judges. help help help..I want to run away meh..but my prof was there, my labmates were there, my labmates from the other labs was there..!!!! EEEEK.. its now or never. I am the last person of the first group to present.

What is this look? The look of death, the looks of craziness (why so serious muahahaha!!). Actually this was after the presentation... The whole thing for some divine reason went well. The judges were smiling, prof were smiling and people were listening. This sense of relief felt better than anything I experienced before and the sudden rush of endorphins suddenly turned my gloomy life into something bright and cheery. Everything seem to be in a different light. Life suddenly don't sucked as much. Everyhing has its reason, and I know I will find a way around it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here in My Home

It felt like a long time since I went home directly after lab and just stayed at home. It felt so relaxing and peaceful. Something I haven't been doing for a while, its either gym or hang out at a friends house. Gym and friend's house are both relaxing but to just stay in my room and just relax. Whoa, now that feels good :).

It was a crazy week for me, with the presentation, trip to the conference and personal daemons inside me that just wishing to break loose. Life has its ups and downs right, however I do wish to have that special someone back in my life again but then that is not my choice to make. I really miss that part of my life before. Till then, gym, friend's house and my own room will have to be it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday and Therapy

My friend Amad had a small birthday dinner with a few friends in tow today. He bought a laptop bag as a present while I got his friend a 2gb thumbdrive. Amad's friend told me later that he never has a thumbdrive before because he uses his MMC flash card with its adaptor to be used on PC. Hee I nail the present right on the dot :D.

I like riding in the back of people's car especially with friends that would listen to your every rambling. Its like cheap travelling therapy I tell you to just have someone will nod and "u huh" everything you say no matter how crazy it may sound.

I can sleep, eat or even sing (really really badly) in the back seat and they won't mind. Well I don't think they do :D. Its nice to just have some place to just wind down and forget about everything else :).

That feeling inside

I went out with my family after gym today to Jusco Cheras Selatan. My mother said my brother needed some trousers. So we headed off to Padini Authentics because my brother, wanted some skinny fit pants. Padini was never my store because they sell clothes that just never fit me. I mean they don't even have sizes in inches but instead the regular abbreviations (S,M,L,XL). As I were loitering around the store and just looking at the pants, one of the saleslady said "the largest size we have here is 36". I felt quite offended at that remark, is that another way of saying "I am sorry fat people don't shop here okaay". Anyways its probably because I have not taken my dinner yet. So as I was browsing the shorts area, out of no reason I just took one out and test it on my neck. My dad told me our neck is about half the circumference of our waist, so we can test the trouser if they fit or not by just measuring it to ones neck. So I did, to my surprised the trouser ends actually touched each other and I was not turning blue. Out of curiosity I tried it out, in the dressing room. Holy Crap I could try it on and the pants actually can be buckled together with out me turning blue. Before this the trousers wont even fit my thighs now I actually can buckle them together. However these were size 36, so my gut was hanging out, but nevertheless, the trousers actually buckled!! WHOa.. I mean I don't think I lost weight but most of my pants now are loose, I had to add more holes to my belt so my pants won't slip out. Since 36 was the largest size in Padini, I went to FOS and tried on some bermuda's at 38. WHOA those actually fit me nicely although its a bit snug, but the cutting is nice and I don't look like a tent. NGEEEE!!! if I keep this up, my credit card will be maxed out... because I have to alter my clothes or just get new ones :D. Definitely something that motivates me to run even more on the cross trainer :D

Monday, August 25, 2008

Zone out

I am dangerously sleepy today. Perhaps its because I slept at 4 am last night or is because of stress. I am not sure anymore.. I am hiding in the library so no one can distrub me. So many things I need to sort out now..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Late Night session

I been having a lot of late night session with Amad at Puchong. You know what friends do, just "lepak2" mamak stall till the wee hours in the morning.

Eating at mamak's has always been a diet killer, everything there seem to be created to make you fat. Even when ordering something less sweet/sugar, it always end up turning sweet. So one must emphasize the LESS SWEET, ONE SPOON OF SUGAR order.

Mkn!!! said Amad. I was like "Gasp!!, there goes that cardio that I just did :D. Forgotten to ask for less oil and less salt, because my Mee Hoon and Amad's Mee was quite salty. The trainer at the gym said that salt makes you retain water in your body, which can affect one's weight loss.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Deja vu

It was dejavu for me again. Why? I remember 2 years ago during Syawal, a good friend invited me to her house, an open house. Its like small get together after Hari Raya to enjoy food. Except that we were sick of lemang and ketupat, so she made garlic coated french fries, chicken nuggets and satay. I was invited along with another friend from the same private college. It was fun to meet up old friends and chat. I arrived alone that night with out a partner/date. The hostess (my friend) had her new boyfriend there, even my friend from the college brought her new boyfriend there. Heck there was even a couple already present there before us. There I was in the middle of all the laughter and giggles about past stories, single. It was not bad because at least they acknowledge me there instead of ignoring me completely. Anyways it felt like deja vu again this week, because two of my male friends whom I hang out with often brought their girlfriend around now. It was not bad since the girls are not the shy, stuck up ones, but friends and easy to just chat and joked around, but again, I am the solo one in the group. Deja vu indeed..
**my knee is getting better, but I think I will join the class but refrain from using my knee as much. I love the cross training machine. Now I can burn 300 calories in under 25 minutes. Hopefully I can go an hour on it soon :D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Knee Jerk...

I have been going to the UPM clinic everyday since last Monday for treatment.
I have been undergoing this Sonotron treatment that the doctor has recommended.
Funny thing the applicator looks like a hair dryer.
The technician said The Sonotron is a non-invasive therapy device utilizing low power modulated radio-frequency (RF) and audio energy in the form of a visible and audible corona discharge beam. It was said to aid tissue healing. What's wrong with me? I injured my left knee in one of the aerokickboxing classes. I jumped a bit too high and landed on my left foot only. To make things worse, I did not bend my knees to brace the impact. Now I have to wear this leg brace at every waking moment, cannot step into any of the aerobic class, cannot run, and cannot use the cross trainer (my favourite machine at the gym) instead I was forced to sit on a bicycle and pedal away (boring!!!). The doctor advised me to skip gym for a week, I went on Monday but skipped on Tuesday and Wednesday. I never knew how much I liked gym until I was told not to go. I did not jump up and down or glee with fun. I was actually quite depressed about the whole situation. I mean who knew gym was something I loved to do, even with all the pain that comes in the morning. I liked it that I could punch, kick, run, walk, lift, and sweat all the things that has been bothering me all times. Now even after 2 days of gym free nights, those negative thoughts are coming back to haunt me. It kinda sucked, but I don't want to push it too much or risk being banned from gym all together/ Sigh...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vivi to KLIA

I had an errand to do at KLIA last Saturday. First was to test Vivi stability at top speed because the highway leading to KLIA provides ample oppurtunity to test a car's limits. Second, Hairie is going to Europe for a business trip and since I have not seen him for a while this would be a good way to just meet up and catch up on each other's lives.

We had our meal at this cafe at KLIA which serves a variety of Asian meal although there are sandwiches and croisants there too.

Hairie had the Mee Hoong goreng, its quite dry but edible. I had the assam laksa, nothing special about it but taste like any other assam laksa on the market, however its not so bad and you can see and taste visible fish chunks.

I had a chance to borrow Hairie Ipod shuffle. Its so small and light, the sound quality was excellent and its 2gb of memory stores more than enough songs for my gym. My hand was itchy to swipe my credit card for this :D.

Gosh, I feel like the majority people of the world right now with an Ipod stuck to my ears :p. Anyways since its been a long time since I saw Hairie, you can view him at Dr Shah and Abg Bears blog, he has really shown results since he joined the gym earlier this year. I swear to god, his head shrunk (not really he lost a bit of chubiness in his cheeks, hence the smaller head) and his arms is well developed. Hmmm this just drives me to work out better and control my food intake :D

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Being Neighborly

This is my neighbor who's having their house renovated, just like any other houses around my area. Since their house in on a corner lot, one can do so manythings.
One thing I don't like is that they (the contractor or neighbor) likes to block the road with all the construction material. If a simple act of the just putting sand or soil is illegal and you could be fined. We did when our contractor foolishly placed sand outside our home during our renovations.
Anyways the blockage does not stop there, they even got this crane, which I seen in big construction sites to carry sand and material to the top floor. How over the top and kiasu that it. The whole took up all the road so people have to take a "longcut" to the neighborhood to pass through. I mean there are plenty of other houses here whose house got renovated without the use of a crane. Really "kiasu" one these people. (Well the fat hag who lives there is Chinese Muslim.. so no surprises there)
Anyways they also like to block this road with the trash can for the construction waste and other materials. Okay about the old fat ugly hag that lives there. When my house got broken into and my dads laptop were stolen, that old hag told people, that no one broke into our house, instead it must be one of her sons who sold the laptop and cut the grill for money. THAT UGLY FAT BITCH!!! No wonder she looks at me funny. I mean if you don't know your neighbors its usually a blank face with just a crack of smile. When I drove back to my house and her fat ass is blocking the road she looks at me with a certain agenda. Even my mom told me she had a bad vibe about that fat ugly hag and she just don't care about her or care to be friends with her. UGhh.. she makes me sick. She is kiasu and berlagak one... arghh..
*I think she is the same age with my mom, but my mom has a better body, better skin, and hell lot better and planting and keeping her garden nice. That old ugly hag has a jungle in her back yard.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MAHA 2008

My mother, her friend and I went to MAHA at Mardi yesterday morning. This is expo where you can get information on farming, livestock or other farm and animal related businesses. Its also a good way to buy lots of agricultural stuff (shopping :D)

From 12-23 August you have access to anything the suppliers have when it comes to plants and animals
Parking is RM 5 if you parked in Mardi. If you parked near enough you can walk, if not there is a tractor that will take you to the entrance.
Inside the compound these colorful tram will take you around MARDI and allow to get off at particular attractions.

It was a nice slow easy ride tram for all :D

Since we went in the morning during a weekday and before school break, most of the guest are older or are in the agricultural or horticulture sector.

Each tram has a guide that will guide us to all the attractions in MARDI. It was funny when the people would ask her what kind of plant is that, and I could see her pause for a while to wait for the signboard to come along so she could name the trees :D

There is even a Rodeo show for those interested in these things. I heard the performers came from Australia.

We pass the pineapple farm and saw an Arch made of Pineapples and there is even a Pineapple Mascot there.

My mum and her friend are avid Orchid collector so this is the place they were waiting to visit.

Lots of orchids for the eyes to feast on.

The splash of colours is very pleasing to the eyes.

I never really paid attention to orchids till today. They really are beautiful flowers you know :D

My mum and her friend in the haggling mode.

This reminded me of Kak Pinky :D. My friend this was a daisy. Is it??

This has to be THE MOST WONDERFULLY SCENT FLOWER IN THE WORLD!!!. It smells like perfume. My mum bought the baby of this plant to grow at home.

There is even a showroom for the award winning orchids there.

My mother and her friends picking out which baby plants suitable and most likely to grow when the replant it :D

The highlight of MAHA (well for us it was :D)

Food such as kuih


Also the ever available samples :D

Chocolate tempeh anyone?

I drankso much herbal coffee and tea today :D

Look at this "kek lapis" or layered cake with MAHA 2008 layered in it.

After a brief sword fight with this kid

We went off to the fruit stand. Dokong, duku and langsat. All my fave fruits :D

Anyone up for durians? There is so many varieties in MAHA.

Another pink item for kak pinky with it being a red tram :D

Only RM 1 for the ticket to ride the tram that can be used th whole day. Its easy to go to MAHA, you can drive directly to MAHA which is located at MARDI next to Hospital Serdang and UPM Medical and Health Science Faculty. If you prefer you can ride the free shuttle bust from 9.30 am to 7.45pm from Serdang Komuter station, Bukit Jalil Stadium (not sure), UPM main parking lot, Putrajaya (near the Palace), or Stadium Kajang.