Saturday, August 23, 2008

Deja vu

It was dejavu for me again. Why? I remember 2 years ago during Syawal, a good friend invited me to her house, an open house. Its like small get together after Hari Raya to enjoy food. Except that we were sick of lemang and ketupat, so she made garlic coated french fries, chicken nuggets and satay. I was invited along with another friend from the same private college. It was fun to meet up old friends and chat. I arrived alone that night with out a partner/date. The hostess (my friend) had her new boyfriend there, even my friend from the college brought her new boyfriend there. Heck there was even a couple already present there before us. There I was in the middle of all the laughter and giggles about past stories, single. It was not bad because at least they acknowledge me there instead of ignoring me completely. Anyways it felt like deja vu again this week, because two of my male friends whom I hang out with often brought their girlfriend around now. It was not bad since the girls are not the shy, stuck up ones, but friends and easy to just chat and joked around, but again, I am the solo one in the group. Deja vu indeed..
**my knee is getting better, but I think I will join the class but refrain from using my knee as much. I love the cross training machine. Now I can burn 300 calories in under 25 minutes. Hopefully I can go an hour on it soon :D
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