Saturday, August 2, 2008

Torn Between Two Lovers

I was torn between to lovers. I had B, a person with eyes to make that sparkles with that special extra, and G, whose smile will light up your world even at your darkest hour. We were all friends but somehow I fell in love with both at the same time. They also shared the same feeling towards me. Of all the days these feeling start to happened, they happened on our road trip all around Malaysia. I would remember B and I would sneak out of our tour group so that we could have our private time together or that G and I would steal a kiss when B was not around. I know it was wrong, but you can't help it when you fall in love with two person at the same time. I believed both of them know of their feeling toward me, so they were at a constant silent war and I their constant prize. I could stop them but having two people going after me at the same time was not exactly a common thing that happens. I decided to end it now before anyone got deeply hurt. I had to choose B, even though it pains me to let G go. I never saw G again after that, but I heard G is now in a relationship with someone that I know would make G happy...

*btw this was a dream I had this morning hehehehe. :p I woke up smiling actually. It sounds like another date movie right hik hik. Its nice to meet that special someone that fits you and will love you the way you want. Anyways at least it was a contrast with the dream I had yesterday. I tried to sleep again but it was already Subuh (morning prayer). I prayed in my heart that I would actually meet B or another special someone. I know I would, but I am going to enjoy life for now :)

**btw I joined a yoga class yesterday and I am aching all over again. Those slow movements and that stance that require balanced and muscle coordination really made use of all my muscles. I am at a handicapped because I weight about two of the yoga classmates combined :p
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