Monday, August 11, 2008

Chronicles of Budlee

There so many things on my phone camera that I did not get to post because I was tired, I was busy or I was not in the mood to blog. This is a long post, but there is lots of pictures :). Hopefully everyone can read it yah :D

I decided to open up a Maybank account and get that Debit Mastercard they are offering now. I need the card to make online purchases and I need the Maybank account so I can have another savings account to manage my spending.

Too bad the chip on my IC was unreadable, so I was forced to make a new IC. I still haven't got the will to go to have it done because I was busy finishing up the Touch n Go prepaid in my IC.

This me posing in front of my advisor's poster that I made for him. Its so loaded with information and quite plain since its mostly black and white. However he likes it very much and he even got a medal for this project. Students do whatever that will make their advisor happy ;)

I was so eager to sign everything needed to get my car. Too bad I did not inspect the car fully. The under seat tray under the front passenger seat was stuck. I think I will get it checked at its first service. Its been a week only but I clocked 700 km on the car. So far I only filled RM115 for the car. Very fuel saving indeed

My friend changed his painting technique for his ovitrap from painting it with brush to spraying it. Spraying it was more troublesome due to the fume lingering to his nose long after he finished spraying even though he wore a mask.

My Baby had problems....again... Its an old car, it is expected but it just raises my stress level getting it fixed because spare parts are costly and a bit tricky to find. My new mechanic was doing something quite peculiar which is using a hollow metal tube to amplify the source of the sound while allowing him to properly listen which part might the source of the abnormal squeaky noise.

My previous short post hints that I am going to the gym, and I am. Its just one the many reasons why I was not able to blog that often. I was hitting the gym every night from Monday to Friday. One of the reason for me to go to the gym was to make me less tense (according to Dr Chen, I am tensed, not depressed) All that yoga, aerobic boxing, aerobic dancing and just plain old cross training machine really loosen me up. I do it because of that euphoric feeling after exercising and it helps me to remove that negative energy inside of me. I am going to do a complete blog about my gym later.

Vivi getting his first car wash. AAAWWWWW!!!! his first bubble bath :)

I also gotten Vivi mirrors tinted, so that his interior will be protected from excess heat and UV radiation.

Since Vivi is a black car, tint is a must to keep him cool :)

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