Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MAHA 2008

My mother, her friend and I went to MAHA at Mardi yesterday morning. This is expo where you can get information on farming, livestock or other farm and animal related businesses. Its also a good way to buy lots of agricultural stuff (shopping :D)

From 12-23 August you have access to anything the suppliers have when it comes to plants and animals
Parking is RM 5 if you parked in Mardi. If you parked near enough you can walk, if not there is a tractor that will take you to the entrance.
Inside the compound these colorful tram will take you around MARDI and allow to get off at particular attractions.

It was a nice slow easy ride tram for all :D

Since we went in the morning during a weekday and before school break, most of the guest are older or are in the agricultural or horticulture sector.

Each tram has a guide that will guide us to all the attractions in MARDI. It was funny when the people would ask her what kind of plant is that, and I could see her pause for a while to wait for the signboard to come along so she could name the trees :D

There is even a Rodeo show for those interested in these things. I heard the performers came from Australia.

We pass the pineapple farm and saw an Arch made of Pineapples and there is even a Pineapple Mascot there.

My mum and her friend are avid Orchid collector so this is the place they were waiting to visit.

Lots of orchids for the eyes to feast on.

The splash of colours is very pleasing to the eyes.

I never really paid attention to orchids till today. They really are beautiful flowers you know :D

My mum and her friend in the haggling mode.

This reminded me of Kak Pinky :D. My friend this was a daisy. Is it??

This has to be THE MOST WONDERFULLY SCENT FLOWER IN THE WORLD!!!. It smells like perfume. My mum bought the baby of this plant to grow at home.

There is even a showroom for the award winning orchids there.

My mother and her friends picking out which baby plants suitable and most likely to grow when the replant it :D

The highlight of MAHA (well for us it was :D)

Food such as kuih


Also the ever available samples :D

Chocolate tempeh anyone?

I drankso much herbal coffee and tea today :D

Look at this "kek lapis" or layered cake with MAHA 2008 layered in it.

After a brief sword fight with this kid

We went off to the fruit stand. Dokong, duku and langsat. All my fave fruits :D

Anyone up for durians? There is so many varieties in MAHA.

Another pink item for kak pinky with it being a red tram :D

Only RM 1 for the ticket to ride the tram that can be used th whole day. Its easy to go to MAHA, you can drive directly to MAHA which is located at MARDI next to Hospital Serdang and UPM Medical and Health Science Faculty. If you prefer you can ride the free shuttle bust from 9.30 am to 7.45pm from Serdang Komuter station, Bukit Jalil Stadium (not sure), UPM main parking lot, Putrajaya (near the Palace), or Stadium Kajang.

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