Thursday, January 3, 2013

Too much info

We are notorious with how much info we share online in our social networks. For example I just told everyone I drooled when sleeping on the way home (happens more often when I feel really tired). Sometimes we get really tired of the things they share.

As much as we love to hate the friends that WE added and approved on our social network, they block our other friends when they flood our post. Nah.... Sometimes you just don't want to see what food they have on their plate.

Too bad social networks don't know have settings to filter out pictures of things we don't have want to see. Alas we did add them to our networks so I guess we must accepted all the annoying parts of them too.

You can just unsubcribe to them anytime, anywhere why bitch and moan.

P. S I wonder if I posted anything about hating other people statuses...