Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just spent an hour in a pharmacy. That is just insanely too long to be in a pharmacy but then I was never mentally or emotionally stable to begin with.

I was busy looking at vitamin C for my mom, her future hair color shade since I can see her gray roots, my sisters' sunblock for her hands, an a friends face serum.

It takes a long time to search and compare each products. Vitamin C comes in so many forms. There is the different grams of vitamin C ranging from 25gm to 1000gm, different forms (liquid, soluble tablet, capsule, tablets), and different ways its absorb in the body (time released, ester, acid free).

You can get dizzy searching for a sunblock. There is different forms as lotions, creams, sprays and sticks. They're chemical sunblock and physical sun block. The smell ranges from lotion like perfume to particular smell that only a sunblock produces.

Looking for a serum for a friend is even more disasterous, since he wants to reduce his scars but don't want anything creamy,greasy, oily, or even feels smooth because he claims that it will cause him to breakout.

So yes, trying to find all these things does take up an hour plus.
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Its strange that during my down time of updating my blog, I suddenly see more ads in them. I mean I had my down times before and I could see Nuffnang taken the ads off and I had to ask them why they did that (apparently my ad placement before was not optimized). Now however with updates being as far apart as 3 weeks, I still see my ads. Heck I am a silent reader of my own blog LOL.

Speaking of the ads in my blog, sometimes the ads are interesting I end up clicking it myself because it was something interesting that I wanted to know more of.

These ads generates money in blogs. There are generally two ways how the ads generate money. One is by the unique viewers that the blog receives each day, which means if you view my blog for the first time today you will be counted as a unique view and if you view it again on the same day it does not count.

The other way is if you actually find the ads interesting and you click on it. That will generate extra money because you are actually hooked on the ad and wanted to find out more.

Another bonus way is if you clicked on the ad and register something in it, that even gives even more bonus to me because you read my blog, you click on an interesting advertisements and you want something or you register something from the advertisement.

Its sounds like easy money, but in reality you need to have ten thousands view a day to get a hundreds of ringgit a month, or if you have just a 2 digit number each day, you will just get a few sen each day. Hey its not so bad, its not really work per say, if you are not doing it seriously or if no one find your blogs interesting at all.

However some people abused the system and will start to tell other bloggers to click on their ads and that they would click on their ads too so that all of them will generate more income from the blog. This is frown upon by the companies that is represented by Nuffnang because it takes way the reason ads were placed in the first place.

I am not 100% where my readers are from, but definitely not from the Nuffnang blogger crowd where bloggers meet and continue to support (or click) each others. I am much a loner, I mean I used to have friends that blog a lot casually, but the got busy with their lives and stopped. So I guess from my 3 digits friend list in my Facebook, where my blog shows up in their newsfeed because I link my Facebook and blog together, are where most of my readers are. Which is good and bad, since I tend to let it all out in my blog. (my uncle said he reads my blogs and he gave a witty smile, opps well uncle, you know me :D)

Anyhow, many thanks to all my silent readers who actually reads my insanely emotional ramblings. After all how much celebrity gossip, politics and tragedy news can you handle. I know I can't, which is why, sometimes just want you do during the day is more interesting to read. Which why reality shows are such a hit.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Should not

Suddenly hungered for my mother's Bali style chicken. She gotten that recipe from my grandmother. Its such good chicken that I decided to have it for supper. Crap... for sure this will wreck havoc on my system. Perhaps its because I was in a better not feeling gaseous mood today compared to yesterday. Perhaps I finally changed faucet, the burnt out lightbulbs on next to impossible to reach places, bought some rabbit feed and bedding in addition to finally dye gray hairs. I even managed to organized my dvd collection and get to able to watch a documentry by Chris Rock titled "Good Hair".

Maybe that piece of chicken I had was a celeberatory supper meal for a rather good day. So I guess perhaps I should.
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I was irritable just now. Really irritable. Even for my standards I was irritable. I think it was more due to a mild food poisoning. I kept having gas all night and felt generally uncomfortable. When you have too much gas you will end up farting, burping, belching, and increase bowel movement. I felt nauseaus and at the same time so irritable. Its as if everything in the world just does matter anymore. I feel stressed over the small irrelevant things. All I can do is just stay out of human contacts until this feelin and gas subsides.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Medicine You Should Always Have

Panadol (Paracetemol)
A basic pain killer and one of the most effective medicine for fever. It comes in a tablet form, caplet form (Actifast) or soluble form (Soluble..duuh...). I know everyone read an email or a blog about how Panadol destroys the liver, well people, if you abuse it, you will. This is because these people take more than the recommended dose and they took it for a long period of time. I call these people ignorant for not reading the label, see a pharmacist or see a doctor. So feel free to take them as long you don't exceed 4000mg a day (8 tablets) or consume them everyday for more than a week. If you do, you are an idiot.

*Medicine goes through the liver before its distributed throughout the body, which is why they usually recommend most medicine to be taken after a meal.

Antihistamine tablets

If you are like me who are prone to watery nose or watery eyes, you are definitely allergic to something because clear mucus is a sign of allergies and it could developed into a cold or a flu. You can buy antihistamines from the pharmacies. There are soo many different kinds of anti histamines you can choose from, some is naturally sedative (will knock you out) or some can keep you up at night. I have chlorpheniramine (Piriton) which is mildy sedative but usually knocks me out and loratadine (Claritin) during the day because it does not make me drowsy. I found Cetrizine in the fridge, my moms medicine and its an anti histamine too but in theory its not sedative but for me, it knocks me out so fast that I can't take it. If you really need to sleep, tryfinding Diphenydramine (Benadryl) which is usually found in some cough and flu syrup. This is highly sedative and is great if you have trouble sleeping during a cold/flu.

I always have these all the time in my possession because its such a common ailment to have. However I have some other extra things I keep to self medicated

Antifungus cream - For that itch that seemed never to end at places where there is lots of sweat and friction.

Methyl Salicylate - Usually those with camphor/menthol or peppermint oil. Great during nausea and headaches or muscle pains.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


1 week of ignorance?

That's the last post that I last written. I just gotten lazy. People are amazed of what I do each day at home during this long hiatus break from my studies. Mind you I am just waiting till they call me for Viva. Anyhow most people become incredibly bored, I would too if not for my unlimitted internet access. If I don't have internet access I would probably be bored as well also. Besides, other than Starbucks, its quite hard to find a CC that is not filled with noisy assholes that smokes so much ciggaretes, they contribute to the global warming.

Anyhow, other than non stop internet, there random chores such as taking the rabbits to the vet, bake a cake, dye my mom's hair, send the car to the mechanic, wash the car, pick up a prize, play scrabble, do laundry, etc etc. Once work has started, these random chorse will be left behind and god knows my rooms is horrible mess anyway.

Its not going to last long anyways, so might as well enjoy it

Monday, June 6, 2011


Suddenly itch. Yes, out if the sudden everything itches badly. I suspect its just another case if insect bites. I always forget to spray my room with an insecticide before I sleep. Its strange how I feel I need to something late at night instead of in the day time.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have gone from not being able to sleep to feel sleepy the whole day and have the need to take naps is getting to the point that it is critical. I don't think any day is a normal stable day anymore. There is a slight change everyday that feels just as strange. I am so nervous about the soon to be coming Viva, and I have not started on anything yet. It makes me grumpy and I might just lash out to anyone. So might as well take a nap and save the misery of other people from me.
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Bad and lazy

Bad? yeah I can be bad however its mostly due to moodyness. Most people can handle it but some don't want anything to do with me. It's quite fine for me since I find them quite annoying too. However that is what friends are for. Everybody has their flaws which makes them human. Well most of the time, their absence makes no impact in my life but for those few that turned away from me, only time can heal us back together.
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