Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just spent an hour in a pharmacy. That is just insanely too long to be in a pharmacy but then I was never mentally or emotionally stable to begin with.

I was busy looking at vitamin C for my mom, her future hair color shade since I can see her gray roots, my sisters' sunblock for her hands, an a friends face serum.

It takes a long time to search and compare each products. Vitamin C comes in so many forms. There is the different grams of vitamin C ranging from 25gm to 1000gm, different forms (liquid, soluble tablet, capsule, tablets), and different ways its absorb in the body (time released, ester, acid free).

You can get dizzy searching for a sunblock. There is different forms as lotions, creams, sprays and sticks. They're chemical sunblock and physical sun block. The smell ranges from lotion like perfume to particular smell that only a sunblock produces.

Looking for a serum for a friend is even more disasterous, since he wants to reduce his scars but don't want anything creamy,greasy, oily, or even feels smooth because he claims that it will cause him to breakout.

So yes, trying to find all these things does take up an hour plus.
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