Saturday, June 18, 2011

Medicine You Should Always Have

Panadol (Paracetemol)
A basic pain killer and one of the most effective medicine for fever. It comes in a tablet form, caplet form (Actifast) or soluble form (Soluble..duuh...). I know everyone read an email or a blog about how Panadol destroys the liver, well people, if you abuse it, you will. This is because these people take more than the recommended dose and they took it for a long period of time. I call these people ignorant for not reading the label, see a pharmacist or see a doctor. So feel free to take them as long you don't exceed 4000mg a day (8 tablets) or consume them everyday for more than a week. If you do, you are an idiot.

*Medicine goes through the liver before its distributed throughout the body, which is why they usually recommend most medicine to be taken after a meal.

Antihistamine tablets

If you are like me who are prone to watery nose or watery eyes, you are definitely allergic to something because clear mucus is a sign of allergies and it could developed into a cold or a flu. You can buy antihistamines from the pharmacies. There are soo many different kinds of anti histamines you can choose from, some is naturally sedative (will knock you out) or some can keep you up at night. I have chlorpheniramine (Piriton) which is mildy sedative but usually knocks me out and loratadine (Claritin) during the day because it does not make me drowsy. I found Cetrizine in the fridge, my moms medicine and its an anti histamine too but in theory its not sedative but for me, it knocks me out so fast that I can't take it. If you really need to sleep, tryfinding Diphenydramine (Benadryl) which is usually found in some cough and flu syrup. This is highly sedative and is great if you have trouble sleeping during a cold/flu.

I always have these all the time in my possession because its such a common ailment to have. However I have some other extra things I keep to self medicated

Antifungus cream - For that itch that seemed never to end at places where there is lots of sweat and friction.

Methyl Salicylate - Usually those with camphor/menthol or peppermint oil. Great during nausea and headaches or muscle pains.
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