Tuesday, June 14, 2011


1 week of ignorance?

That's the last post that I last written. I just gotten lazy. People are amazed of what I do each day at home during this long hiatus break from my studies. Mind you I am just waiting till they call me for Viva. Anyhow most people become incredibly bored, I would too if not for my unlimitted internet access. If I don't have internet access I would probably be bored as well also. Besides, other than Starbucks, its quite hard to find a CC that is not filled with noisy assholes that smokes so much ciggaretes, they contribute to the global warming.

Anyhow, other than non stop internet, there random chores such as taking the rabbits to the vet, bake a cake, dye my mom's hair, send the car to the mechanic, wash the car, pick up a prize, play scrabble, do laundry, etc etc. Once work has started, these random chorse will be left behind and god knows my rooms is horrible mess anyway.

Its not going to last long anyways, so might as well enjoy it
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