Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I like to complain, I like it so much, I will complain about everything. I'll complain till you ears bleed. I complain so much, 7 eleven gave me a hamper for complaining and a direct line to their office HQ for Kajang. I am on Celcom bitchy list, since my calls are taken very fast. A computer store in The Mines gave me a certificate when I filed a complaint towards their employee.

I have few friends that I complain too. The good thing is, its mutual. They complain stuff back to me and I help them. Then, I complain about shit that happen and they help. However, there are the rare inviduals, that only  listen to my complains, but they never have anything to complain or bitch about. I am totally amazed by it.

One of those friend, claim that ignorance helps him to move and see clearer picture. Damn.. I thought ignorant, but I guess not ignorant enough of the minor details so that I can focus on the main details

College.. I got it.. 10 years of and counting....

So Drama

I am very dramatic, ask any of my close friends, online or offline. I am very dramatic, from the way I speak, handle myself and how I describe something. Its almost the end of the year, in fact, its just a few days away. What are the odds of all the drama that happened this year, all of it concentrated in just one month. One month full of things that disrupts a person life. Luckily I am still normal, well normal in a sense that I don't need drugs to function.. well at least not yet. I talked about it to my closest friends, sometimes I get the clearer picture and sometimes it gets jumbled up again. A friend told me not to think about it too much, but I can't. Too many things happened at once and all of it are just days if not weeks a part. A person can handle so much drama to themselves before their body starts to deteorate. Am I deteorating? A bit, there is suddenly stress acne coming out, losing my faith, doing incredibly stupid things or just blanking out. All of these shall end soon, hopefully with me being cheerfull and positve, or the very least alive.

*when life gives you lemons, make lemonade while you have Twitter, Facebook and blog diarrhea to permanently write what you feel,,

Thursday, December 23, 2010


We all have an ideal or a perfect view of everything. . Usually life does not work that way. My life for example is pretty screwed up in all 4 major parts which includes studies, work, friends and relationship. You know what?

It does not matter.

Yup, perhaps I complained to much today that I complained the negative out of me, perhaps its the really nice nasi dagang that I had for supper that gave me food poisoning, or perhaps I just started to enjoy everything that was given to me.

Or maybe I am just tired to be angry..

Owh what the heck. I'll take what's given to me, it can get worser..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Fuh!!.. Talk about a nervous breakdown yet again. I flipped over a pile of dirty clothes.. Yup.. definitely was stressed out over a few things. I feel calmer now, perhaps after hanging out with a few friends, just chillin and stuff.

Things are complicated and probably will still be after this. I must learn to just ignore it. Details should only be left in thesis writing, not in life. I should enjoy what I have now. I promise I will, to the friend who said to me, I am not a player, I am just a nice guy, please punch me, if I start to whine..

Seriously.. I would punch me, myself again for not being thankful...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laundry Day

I love doing laundry. I love looking at washing machines on display. I love watching the clothes agitated in the washer. . Front loader provide the best view with its clear glass. I could sit there for the whole washing cycle and be mesmerized.

I get excited over a new detergent powderI love how detergent and soap is made, and determined to make my own once I have the money to buy the materials. I can make my own soap according to my own preferences

I like laundry so much, I even planned on what I would wash today. Heck I even wanted to test out the new settings that I have not tried.

You could say, I got it from my mother. She loves laundry. My mother loves it so much, she decided to wash my clothes, which I specifically said to her, to not do, because I would do it. She refuses too, she just could not help her self to my dirty laundry. I told her again and again, not to do it. I think I have to resort to hide my dirty laundry. I do not like her doing it anymore. Lots of clothes were bleached, dyed with indigo blue, ripped, dyed pink due to other clothes bleeding, buttons came out, collars torn.

You see I blame her because right now I am so upset, I can't write anything short to be put on twitter or facebook status, instead I am writing how I am upset, she washed my clothes??? I am so fucked up now!!! to be upset over laundry that she did. Thanks Ma, I think you over did the education on laundry.......

I am still pissed off even after writing this and after doing the fuckin laundry by hand..

I need to see a therapist... clearly something is wrong

Just Saying

Just a fun video I made for a friend and for those who are stumbled this not so humble blog

Friday, December 17, 2010

Being yourself?

People say to be yourself,  I say, be a better self. I don't want to be the whiney, negative, sloppy and lazy  bastard. I want to be sure, positive, presentable, and diligent gentlemen. I try to change it, little by little. Yes, its true, its a big change, but having to actually like what I have now and instead of waiting till I loose weight/older/finish study is a better choice for now. Accept what I have now, and prepare for the future

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Darn, not enough post and way to much complaining. So sorry you have to read this, but thank you if do. Stuff has been happening and it has made rethink of of myself. I used to have this iron hold view of how my life would turn out, but it seems each year something new decides to pop out. I am 27 but I feel I just got a taste of the world. It’s just on the tip of my fingers and I am both excited and scared. Everyone else has already taken the leap to adulthood, I don’t feel like one at all, perhaps the lack of real world responsibility?  Perhaps it is. 27 and still studying, and I am not even a bookworm whereas I should be. Kinda scary not knowing what I want. I feel like I need to list down every single details of what I should do the whole day, so I won’t go off track. Its like how I pay attention in class, not by listening, because I don’t listen, but by writing, When I write, it gives me something to do and concentrate while keeping my mind firmly held to the ground. Ah well, there other thing, like second thoughts… that’s a whole other story…

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Style 2

I finally went to a friends wedding, but only because it was a short drive away from home and the bride to be gave me the invitation by hand. What to do, I guess I have no reason to not go.

After the sudden talk from my friends about my sloppy, don't give a f#$k attitude towards clothing, I decided to give it a change one more time. I do have nice stuff in my closet, its just that when I go out to meet them, I don't wear it. I just grab the comfortable stuff in the closet. Yes comfortable means worn out, loose, and baggy. Maybe I should just wear to intentionally piss them off :p

Yes I admit sometimes I wear really ugly stuff because I needed some comfort during times of sadness, but that does not mean what I wear reflect what I feel all the time. I don't feel sad wearing them, I only feel sad when people complain about it.

Ah well, I just gotten my trousers back from the tailors for some mending. I think the tailor was really experienced because I wanted to change my comfort jeans into my other fitted jeans, I even had a pair brought it to mend the button as an example. What the tailor did was, he took 2 inches off the waist and 1 inch of the the legs. The jeans fit much better and the waist is just nice, but most important of all, that comfort, secure, protected feeling was still there. Still my pair of jeans.

I think I will take my tailor philosophy of my wardrobe, there is so much I could follow from my friends, but I am the one who would wear it in the end. I will make it my own. Worse come to worst, another brave soul comes and try to change my wardrobe again. Good luck to who ever you are out there.

**its difficult for them to understand the difficulty since they buy stuff off the rack and fits them perfectly, with my body shape, its a challenge.

Chuck Norris jeans, guaranteed to fit you or he will come by and fit you in the jeans himself.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Blog this, rant this already and most people kinda know how I view style or to put it in better words how the way I dress myself. Its probably somewhere hidden beneath all of my previous posts. Yesterday another friend tried to upgrade my wardrobe again. He said he wanted me to dress better and have a sense of style. He was rambling on an on about a "sempoi style", a street style, a "cute" style and among other things. He also told me not to condem his choice of of stuff for me to wear. Little does he know about the thing he is about to get himself into.

As we were rummaging The Mines shopping centre, we went store hopping and looked at the stuff on display and went to countless racks of clothing. He explained to me how match the shirts and trousers. How the length of a shirt should never reach below the rear pocket of your jeans, if the pocket is external or sew on the trousers. If the pocket is hidden inside the pants, its okay for it to be a bit longer. Cartoons or graphic character on a T-shirt fits should be matched to jeans. Short trousers should be slightly below the knee. Inseams of jeans should be longer and loose. Jeans should have a faded wash. I think phase out when he was talking about colour and what colours are old looking and what are not.

Of course he was doing all these references on his 60kg, 162cm body and not my 94kg 161cm body. So what  happened was, not many things fit properly actually and he was kinda frustrated. It made me feel good, because only now he knew why I wore certains things certain way. The challenge was to find me stylish clothes that could fit me now. The easy way out was to tell me to loose 10kg so that clothes fit me better, which like the advice of every stylish person I know.

I read this one book, a very clever written book, but it was only targetted to women, which is too bad really. If I am not mistaken, the book is called What Not To Wear? or is it Wear According To Your Body Type? either way its basically a book helping women of not just typical Pear, Ladder or Hour Glass shape, but those with a vase shape, lollypop shape, cone shape and etc. Its great because now truly every women of every imaginable shape could wear something that is flattering to them.

Me? I am hard person to style. I am short, about 161cm, I have a  40 inch waist that can go up or down an inch depending on the time of day, I have a wide shoulder and smaller hips which means most of my weight is carried about my waist. My hair is very curly, almost "old  chinese ladies perm" curly. I have a huge head which is a problem when it comes to finding glasses and hats. I have blacken elbow, knee and the joint at the side of my feet while the sole of my feet is rough, dry and cracked, way beyond what you see in cracked heels cream.. Yes its a challenge to style me, many people have tried and got frustrated.

I am actually quite open to the options that they gave me, and most of them thought I would cringe at their choices. However once they say the style they have in their head, does not actually fit me. They will think twice.

So far these are the advice my stylish friends gave me, perhaps you know them already.

  • My sister told me, when buying an article of clothing, accesories or shoes, look at the details of them. Details makes the item interesting and stylish.
  • Friend A told me to find shirts that has the line or stiching that connects the shirt to the sleaves falls on my shoulder that connects to my arms and that sleaves should not reach below my elbow
  • Frienemy B told me shoes define a person, if you actually paid attention to nice shows, somehow you are already paying lots of attention to what you wear.
  • Friend C told me the bottom of T- shirts should fall between the rear exposed pocked, if the pocket is hidden, it can fall lower. Buttoned shirts with a square bottom should could be worn untucked with khakis, however you can only wear jeans with buttoned shirts with a rounded bottom.
  • My mother just told me to stop wearing clothes that looked like that have been worn a million times...
  • Friend A and C told me I should stick up plastic into my eyes each day (wear contacts lenses instead of glasses)
In the end, friend B asked me want I do usually looked when I buy clothes. I said, comfort, then he replied, "you just don't care how it looks don't you". Afraid not.  The only thing I am really concerned about my clothes, is whether its stenched of B.O or damp dirty cloth, followed my whether its stained or not. You can be really good looking and dressed like you just got out of a photoshoot, but if you stank like hell.. its not worth it..

Kevin James is the proof that black and loose colored clothing are a large man best friends and beautiful women do appreaciate a man's sense of humor

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My mother came knocking into my room the other day and then suddenly yelled that my room smells and I need to send my dirty clothes to the hamper in the wet kitchen while holding her wallet, enveloped and a hand full of cash.

I quickly cut her off and said "Ma, please focus, stay on your objective and the thing that you need from me" It turns out she wanted me to get the car washed and buy my dad some Kenny Roger's muffin. See how quickly a person diverts their attention at something new?

It turns out my objectives has changed too. I am no longer the same person that just registered in UPM in 2007. Things changed, people changed, but most importantly of all, I changed. Even if you look at my blog, you can see how things have changed based on the things that I write.

As much as I love to write all kinds of crap and gossip in here, people do actually read my log and close people that is. So not everything can be written and everything has to be edited out so that some secrets are best left a secret.

I used to be so pissed when people don't have the time for me, but now it  seems that I don't have time for people. I actually have something to do now, and I don't have all the free time in the world anymore. This is like so 360 degrees different before. How life has changed..

3 years ago during a family vacation. Ugly glasses, bad hair, in general just a real bad presentation of myself to the world. How things are much more different now.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reality Show

Do you like reality shows? I do. Its kinda fun to see what other people are up to in real life. However, we cannot be too gullible. Even though its reality, its still a show, and when we have show we need to have directors and producers, among other things. This means everything is scripted and edited to the way that we want. That also means, there must be something in that particular person's life that is worth editing.

I think my life would be something worth editing into a reality show. Heck, my sister even agrees the same thing, that our family should be in a reality show. I know these past 4 days was one insane and unbelievable events happening one after another, definitely worth watching for.

Insane, out of this world, gullible, and unrealistic thinking? Perhaps..