Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It was a dreadful day for me, in fact it was a dreadful 3 days since Monday. The only time I was truly happy was the dinner at William on Monday.

I got an assignment that is due on Tuesday and I still haven't got it done. I have this very laid back, very cool personality which is very bad for a person because it make the person lazy and will make them easily satisfied. So I am trying to change this personality into something better. So far stress, and I mean real stress is the only way I could get my mind moving for now. I want to change that soon.
I was so focused with work that all I had for breakfast and lunch was these pastelles mints..
As you can see, I only have adrenaline keeping me awake and going to finish this work.

On top of that my car is still not fixed fully, the guy above is the head mechanic working on my car. The guy who use to work on my car, quit to open his own shop. Anyways the car is still not working 100% yet. Tomorrow after work will I check the aircond system and to get the replacement radiator water level sensor.

These are what was replaced and repaired through out the week I rempit to UPM

The total cost..yes I know its high, but the fuel pump control unit eats up the most budget. A new one would cost us RM 2700. This device tells the engine how much fuel to squirt at a given time. All electronic fuel injection (EFI) cars have this device in one form or another. However most kancils, iswaras and other really old car don't have to worry about this problem because your car uses a carburetor, which is just strictly mechanical.

Kedai Makan William

HAHAHAHA!!! finally I got to go where Shah, Lily, Ziana, Inah and Awie went to have a marvelous dinner. WILLIAM!!! Hairie took me and his mom to this place, Hairie pointed the way while I drive. It was not that far and the direction leading there was rather simple.
I love Ribena so I ordered the Ribena ice blended with longans in them while Hairie and his mum shared this gigantic Ribena lychee. As you can see half of the mug is lychee, I love my ice blended Ribena with longan, better that 7 eleven sluppee (btw Ribena is a blackcurrant drink for those who never heard of the brand)

Hairie has this amazing, cheesy, large, juicy spaghetti cabonara with meatballs. OH MY GAWD!! the meatball is freakin huge, the taste was heavenly. Hairie gave it an A+.

Hairie ordered his mum the Nasi Goreng Ketam (Crab fried rice). Another shocking dish because it was so tall. No I am not kidding you never see fried rice this tall. There were like a soft shell crab, around 5 medium sized prawns, generous amount of fried crab meat all piled on top of a tom yam fried rice. You can really taste the tom yam in the fried rice. Something seafood lover should have

Then this, Chicken Premium, Dr Shah's favourite with a pandan chicken, 2 chicken sausage, 2 different kinds of chicken ham (i think the dark one is chicken..), some minced white chicken and a dollop of mash potato in the middle with a pool of gravy.

I had the specialty of the night, which is Lamb Shank with butter rice (I think it was shank.. dunno la forgot). The reason I forgot was that the lamb was HUGE!!!!! and the meat practically fell of the bone. The Dal curry was fabulous with generous amount of veggies. Even the well flavoured buttered rice had a couple of sweet cherry tomatoes hidden in it. I think the green stuff is the mint veggie thing that you have with Nan bread. I love this dish it was perfect. I give a 4.0 GPA :D

Dude I was SO FULL!!! the food was delicious, Hairie mum was charming character to be with. Many thanks to Hairie for showing me the way here and for treating us dinner. Hmm now which restaurant should I bring Hairie along to reply this fabulous meal.. (pssst we go to riverview nak and have all the butter prawns we wants, Muahahaaaa!!!! :D). Uncle William must be very happy that us bloggers are promoting his business, my laboratory friends (the human ones) wants to go this place too. Haiya.. rosak2 diet nih....

Bleeding Love

Whoa its been like 3 days since I last updated... sorry lah.. I got assignments to do meh..
It was a Monday, and I got tired dressing like a college student (jeans and t shirt) so I decided to just wear something a bit more formal today. Beside I need to rotate my wardrobe, I kept wearing the same stuff all the time. Not only it is boring but it will age my favourite stuff sooner.

Today is the blood specimen day, where they will check my blood before I start their program. What program you say? Its an obesity study to find out how physical activity and food affect the subjects health. They put up quite tough standard in order to participate because other than you have to be overweight or obese, you have to be healthy and you have illness. Now that is hard to manage, thank god its been years since my last asthma attack and so far I am not suffering from anything.. yet..

The nurse/staff/phelobotomist was there to take my blood. However when never I need to get my blood checked or when I donated blood, something would happened.

They could not find the vein, if they do they found it its a small vein and it will collapsed.

So after poking and prodding, they finally found the correct one. I am kinda used to be stabbed twice whenever someone needs my blood. So I just laughed about it with them.

After finished giving them blood, I got this toteback as a souvenir. Its practical since I can shove my books in their if my laptop bag is too full.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sweet chat

After a day of shopping at Mid Valley my friend and I decided to take a break and we saw this shop that was near the exit of Metrojaya, called Sweetchat.

This is the first time I went to this shop and I had no idea what they served, but it was a pleasant suprised eating here.
My friend had this Cincau White Coffee. I never knew cincau and white coffee goes together goes so well. The coffee was light and smooth and the cincau goes quite well with it.

My friend ordered this hybrid dessert. Its cincau (grass jelly) with santan (coconut milk) and strawberry slices. Oh my gosh the tangyness of the strawberry, the sweetness of the cincau and the velvelty smooth texture of the santan goes so well. This east meets west dessert was very appetizing.
I had this yummy and simple banana pancake, which is banana and cream wrapt with crepe. The combination was delightfull and light. For those who wants a stronger taste, get it in durian flavour

After walking around the mall, resting in these comfy red couch was a great way to end the evening. Definetly a place I want to visit and eat again. They don't only serve dessert but other kinds of hybrid meals too.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Naza Forza for RM199 ??? Sure or not???

This shock the hell out of me, RM 199 a month for a Forza. It seemed to good to be true so I had to find out the truth. As it turned out, truth hurts, RM 199 is only for the first year and you need to pay RM 3888 as a downpayment. Subsequent year for remaining 8 years is RM 401. Might as well go for the full loan scheme, you pay RM 431 for the next 9 years. I know its too good to be true. Okay the only choice I have for something very cheap, so cheap that the only reason it is good because its better than a motorcycle. A Perodua Viva. My plan is to sneak behind my parents back and team up with my sister to buy the car using her name for loan and I will pay it every month. I love you Mercedes, but its just not financially logical for me to own you.. :(


Hmm its been 4 days and tomorrow will be the 5th my car is in the shop. So many things need to be repaired.
Servicing the automatic gearbox and replacing the coupling is RM 300
Checking the radiator and replacing parts of it RM 200
Possible problem; fuel relay RM 3000..
Yes you heard me the last part cost RM 3000 if new. Its a fuel relay electronic device that brings fuel to the engine from the tank. I have a headache now thinking about it. I think its about time I stopped driving the Mercedes and just rempit like any normal student would. I even went and applied for the sticker for my motorcycle. This sucks... Its time to look for a car...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Toy

What is this? It looks like a really small flip phone or a pager.

This is actually a thingamagic... yes I have no idea what it is called because I forgotten to asked the people who were conducting this research what object this is. What I do know it calculates how many steps we take each day and it roughly calculates how much calories have we burned through out the day. This such a cool thing to have, I wonder how much it cost. Its nice to know how many steps you took in a day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sleepy Diet..

So sleepy today, my allergies is still acting up, there was no claritin around so I decided to take on of my parents antihistamine meds. Bad move, I forgotten the kinds my parent have was the sleepy one.. So tired.. ZZZZZzzzzzz

This exactly what I would do if I do not have any coffee with me.. zzzzzz..

I participated in a survey conducted by the Food Nutrition and Health Faculty to found the relationship between obesity and nutrition. It took about 19 minutes to do the whole registeration and data recording stuff. I am just interested in my cholesterol and sugar count in my blood and my BMI. I managed to snap the above slip before I gave it back to them. I think this is a good step in getting a healthier body since I will be getting information about nutrition and exercise (its not like i ignorant about this, its just there is no one with a whip to boss me around..) This study will be conducted for 3 months so they will measure a before and after measurement. Hopefully the number above will change.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Geramnya !!!!!!

Comelnyer kucing nih!!!!


Why did you die so soon.. I came to check on you yesterday and you were alive and jumping.. literally. I came back this morning only to find out that you have been buried by your cage mate... ARGH!!! Now there is only two infected mice left that was infected with a very very mild inoculation. I am worried sick to my stomach now, if the parasites dies. EEE!!! where on earth is that cryopreserve recipe....

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Went out with family today to mkn2, shop and play bowling. This will be my mum's first time bowling. After a heated argument with my sister we had tea/early dinner at the food court. I had the butter claypot chicken,
My younger sister had the black pepper chicken in a small wok.

My mum had the seafood wok noodle.

The lines at the drinks counter was ridicously long, I guess they were not aware that a lot of people are visiting Alamanda now since GSC is opened there.

Doing what girls do, which is shop and shop and shop. You can either beat them or joined them, I rather join them, I got shirt today, so no loss for me :)

This was mum's firs time bowling, she had a blast throwing the ball. Her scores is not bad since she managed to hit the pins instead of throwing the ball into the pit.

Alas she got second place, not bad for a beginner, although I suspect its beginners luck. At least I still managed to get the highest score :p (I was the one got 120, my regular score, I am grateful if each reach 3 digits :D)

190e, the grand father of the C class

Actually the car above is not my Mercedes but a picture I got from Wikepedia when I was researching about my car. The irony about it is that, the car above is the same model and color of my car. Same two tone paint, same alloy wheels, same beige leather, same sunroof and even the steering wheel is on the left side. However my car has a spoiler on its boot. Maybe the model above is the 2.0 litre model.

My Mercedes is I think more than 15 years old but is still okay. My lecturer who rode with me, praise the smooth ride of my car compared to his 7 year old Iswara. There is a unique history of this car. This car duped the baby Benz when it was first developed in 1982. It was design to fill in the void under the E class Mercedes. This was admitted by Mercedes Benz to be over engineered so people will know that the developers were not joking in developing a relatively more affordable Mercedes Benz for the masses. My car has many component that is on par with todays vehicles on the road. Airbags, ABS (anti lock braking system), 4 wheel disc brakes, 5 link rear suspension (still used albeit in improved form in the current E and C class), and seat belt tensioner.

"Over engineered" was the pharse Mercedes used to describe their cars, they were not kidding. Look around and look at the old Mercedes still on the roads in Malaysia. My car is over 15 years old, and I still have access to spare parts both used and new. Mercedes wanted to make sure that their products is at their best quality. However sometimes in the late 90s, Mercedes decided to stop "over engineering" their vehicles and they got plenty of backlash from the media, public and journalist. Europe journalist are very frank and blunt when commenting about automobiles. However the newers models now have returned to their over engineering status and now are many journalist favourites.

Tomorrow I will finally send the car to the workshop. My transmission oil need to be changed, that is about almost RM 200 with the filter (the car used like 7 litre of original mercedes gearbox fluid), the coupling (some part in the automatic geabox) because you can hear and feel the car shifts gear, check up on the radioator (the car tempeture rises to high, to quickly and too soon), check the fuel injectors and sparkplugs (the car only goes 300km on a full tank, that is less than the 400km its supposed to go), the aircond gas needs to be refill and finally I want then to check of the fuel line that we had replaced is supplying fuel properly. Oh yes, not to forget, my rear tires are bald, although great for drifting, practical for the current downpour that we have been having.

Total cost : Enough to make a grown man cry,...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Morning

Yes a Saturday morning, finally. I was looking forward for this particular Saturday, but alas, planned changes and I got to bite the dust. However no matter, what is done is done, I cannot do anything about it when I have no control of it, so I am looking forward for a relaxing Saturday. As luck would have it, a relaxing Saturday was not possible. I had a rude awakening by my psychotic sister because she wanted her DVD game (she was a damn fool thinking CD and DVD is the same thing). My room was a mess so I could not get it for her and she end up getting pissed off. You want to get piss of at me on a Saturday morning when I am supposed to sleep longer, I could just swear at her till she broke down and crying but I rather not. Blah sama dia..

Anyways, what to do, what to do. Today I had to visit the lab to check on my mice, my infected mice are still alive and kicking so cannot mess with that. However the cages were filthy and there have been so many mice dying (at least the mice buried their kind) also some the mice got into fights, some of them are mutilated. Also some gave birth, or got pregnant already. So its time to group them according to sex, age, and health.

Tomorrow I will have to come again and conduct a wedding ceremony for the mice because I am running low on mice so I need to conduct a wedding ceremony for the mice. If I am just lazy I will just conduct a sex orgy for them, so they can have blast with orgies (group sex). This is important because I swear I saw some male mice humping each other with the male mice below (I am guessing this one is the "wife") were screaming. It was such a weird sight, I saw my two hamster fighting with the female hamster beating the crap out of the male hamster and now gay rodents.

What does this all mean? I means I have been spending way to much time with rodents that I could witness this human like characteristic.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I want.....but...

I want to go home, but I have to fulfill my responsibility as a RA for my prof because my incomes depends on it.

I want to have that Egg Mc Muffin with Sausage Mc Value Meal along with a free Egg Mc Muffin coupon, but to Mc D is not a healthy choice and driving to McD will use up petrol, waste money and contribute to global warning.

I want a small fuel efficient new car, but can I accept that it won't be as fast, as big, as safe, as a status symbol (it seems driving the big, old, petrol guzzling Merc, gets you more respect in Campus)

I want to loose all this excess weight, but can I stick to the regime?.

I want a better and healthier integumentary system, but that rough cracked soles, the forever itchy and flaky scalp, oily skin and block pores required a heavy duty, time consuming regime.

I want to speak clearer and less muttering but it requires a lot of effort to open my mouth, slow down when speaking, use clarity instead of volume, and reducing the twang when speaking English and Malay.

I want to solve all this problem but I got to stop making excuses....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Day to Run Away...

Wednesday was a fully planned day. I had everything planned out. Morning at 9 am, will go to workshop to drop of my car to change my transmission oil and check the radiator. Then my bro will pick me up. Then off to UPM in my kapchai to transfer my parasite and then look up cryopreservation solution for my parasites and some more DNA extraction information. Alas we can only plan, and the Almighty might have something else in mind. The workshop was not opened yet when I got there at 9 am. I called my little brother many times but he did not answer the phone. Then I got a call from my friend that there will be a seminar that I have to attend today. So I cancel the workshop visit, drove home, pick up by laptop and then head straight to UPM. I needed to check up my mice, but only to find out. They have died, one of the mice already is the first stage of decomposition while the second just died early this morning. I tried my luck and thankful that there is still some parasite living in the second mice. I thought it would be just a regular seminar with the colleagues in the microlab but it ended up to be something a bit more.
This was a presentation by one of the students from Iraq. His presentation was definitely a step above the rest of the Foreign students that I have saw presenting. He was very confident, no need to read anything, he just talks and talks. He does talk, A LOT!, I mean I could not understand what he was saying, and he kept on going and going and going..

Even during the QA session, he kept cutting of the judges questions until one the head judges had to tell him shut up and listen. To me that Iraqian guy sound more like a salesman than a student giving a presentation. At least it was very entertaining seeing he and the judges argue :p

I thought I could skip the whole seminar thing, because essentially its the same thing. I mean I have attended some of the seminars this semesters, beside I wanted to see if I can send the car to the workshop at noon. My sister suddenly sms me, and asked if I could buy her contact lenses since her's was torn. I went to The Mines and surveyed for the best price there. I tried to call her but she did not pick up the phone even though she told me that she would call me if I got to The Mines. I felt like just getting up and leave but I need her favour on something, so I had to be patient.

It was almost 3pm by the time I was finished, and it will be too late to send the car to the shop. So I decided to balik. There was this heavy storm and rained that made visibility very poor.

I wonder if the rain is caused by the wrath of people looking for me in the lab. It seem even though I do my work solo, when I am not in the lab, suddenly people started to look for me. I could spend one day in the lab without talking to anyone but even if I left early people would know my absence.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Walk walk find food

I wanted to try another way to go to Pavillion. I used the SMART tunnel and exit at Jln Sultan Ismail to reach Jln Raja Chulan. Sure the traffic was flowing freely until after the SMART tunnel. My toll to reach Pavillion can reach up to RM 10 if I took all the toll path but rather than be stuck in a traffic jam with a 2.6 litre car that not only uses a lot of fuel but it had the tendency to overheat I rather pay for my petrol for actually moving the car instead of being stuck in jam with thermostat reaching dangerous levels.
Hmm I went to Pavillion to run some errands, I met Beruang Madu and Hairie there and we all had dinner at Carls Jr. I am so kenyang now.. I cannot sleep because my stomach is still full. Probably from all that free refill of ice lemon tea.