Monday, July 29, 2013

It's fasting month again and again, we are reaching the end of it. Time definitely flies, because this would be the 3rd time I am fasting a Petrosains. Things are cool, not radically different. Still single and depends on the mood, loving it, but who am I bull shitting, I still don't know if I can carry on a relationship. There is still pretty much a few shit I still need to do in life.

I am in charge yet again in a program conducted during fasting month, as with last year. It's not so bad, kinda used to it. but wow, I get really sleepy and bored during my hourly rounds. Must stay awake and alert. I feel sleepy practically all the time now, I always tell myself that I need more sleep, but I end up staying awake because of thing to play or watch. It's totally my fault now, but I guess I am paying the price.

Skin is good, or relatively good. Right now, it feels dry and reddish. I just noticed in the changing room at Isetan, that I do have some type of rash on my face. These spots are reddish and they appear in my sinus region. I am not even sure which product that causes the rash. The BB creams? mask? sleeping mask? lotion? serum? facial wash? BHA? I am not sure which product I should stop using, or is it just because of dry skin that makes my skin feels hot and prickly. Its still better than early last year, where I broke out in acne and left scars all over my face.

Still car less, but its not a major issue until I need to go out and all the cars are taken or all the cars are blocking my car. Not sure if lucky, since the latter happens more often. I would love to have a new car but then I barely drive. The odometer barely reaches 3000km in 6 months! Thank god for public transportation.

Weight loss or better weight management is still a battle, I am back to using relaxers on my hair and loving how it turns out smooth but after 2 months and 1 haircut, it looks worse than before. Its a money trap that I look forward to, every few months.

See you all, in a few months?