Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bites and Fights

Baby carrots for crunch and home made garlic basil dip (a friend made it, I bought it) for a snack. Definitely a snack because I ate it for dinner and now I am definitely hungry. Supposedly it a healthy snack since it combines flavour, texture and some fat together. However I ate the whole bag of carrots. Sure it's a vegetables, but it is a starchy one, so it's kinda dense it energy. Let's hope the fibre helps to reduce those calories a bit. I did go heavy on the dip though, I think about 2 tablespoon was already gone. Eh, what can you do.

These midnight post, will never have any readers. Heck, blogging is thing in the past? Unless it's porn, celebrity porn or political figure porn, not many people would read it right?

Meh, what to do, that means I can write more stuff without fear of people finding out. Malaysian's don't read that much outside the gossip blogs. I am safe. Maybe, vaguely.

When you become a grown adult supposedly one should settle a fight in a civil way. LOL, it feels more like Civil War where everybody is killing each other or the Cold War, where passive aggressiveness or refusal to cooperate is the tools.

Meh, all you can do just walk away and let it blow over. I have worst fights before where we ignored each other pretty much for a few years. That was in our 20s though, still young, still a kid. Who knows right?

All I want to do now ,it to flex my blogging and social media skills. I will need this in the future.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stressful future

Suddenly it hit me, that I am so worried what will happen in the future.

My company seems so secure but who knows, what if it went bankrupt and I am out of a job.

What will I do?

I was thinking of Uber and renting out my house.

Now the sudden out burst of social media, almost every night.

When I say social media, I am mind vomitting on everything.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Blogger, Tumblr and Dayre.

It's like built up pressure just exploding out. As fun it was to read about it. Now it's time to make some content out of it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Social Media Barf


All this talk about social media, has made me socially ill.

I kinda hate people now. I think that is what happened when you overdose. However when you do get around to it, and analyzing each famous people there is a formula to it.

You have to be easy on the eyes. As much as beauty is subjective, most people who are popular on social media are fit beautiful people. We love pretty things so we follow them like bees.

However a pretty face can only go so far. These people have content. Whatever they do, they seem do it well that people like them.

Next, these people seem to have one tag line or one thing that made them memorable.

Natalie Tran from Community channel has the infamous "Your mum rates me" or "porno music slash comment time"

Pew Di Pie, Jackseptieye, and Markiplier has their signature opening remarks.

Yes, most of them are Youtuber, but videos are really the ones that can show their personality or at least their online persona.

Its sweet, since I stop blogging for a long time,the only people that actually made me remember them is Red Mummy, because she likes the color red, hence the name. While Hanis Zalika, with her cutesy inbelogsaya blog name, which does in sync with her writing, made me remember her, although she stopped blogging once she got famous.

Ah well, maybe its the league of silent readers that support these blog. The rest just went on Facebook.

Now however I am trying to get into Tumblr, Dayre, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. The last two seems mainstream, but Tumblr is quite young, while Dayre is something that Nuffnang requires us to do.

Damn, I have dug a hole so deep I can't get out

Monday, September 21, 2015


Ah, hashtag. The little things that make us know, it's the modern times. If you do not know, what "hashtag" or "#" means you are outdated.

If you use it wrongly, you are definitely lame.

#sorrynotsorry, what does it mean?

Well urban dictionary says it's how bitchy girls get their way if they feel they are right regardless of any situation.

A bit more surfing blew my mind, sorry not sorry is apparently is a real thing and people used it to defend themselves in court or in any accusation.

Mind blown!

It is a away to avoid litigation (getting sued or punished) that is the result from admitting guilt or responsibility. Other than the silly hashtag, you can either reword it to say "mistake are made" or " I'm sorry if your offended"

Oooh snap!

Sorrynotsorry indeed.

Other than winning arguments, I think it's used to make decision or actions that seemed unpopular. Yes, you maybe the bad guy, but shit has to be done so fuck them all. Besides, being an adult means, taking care of shit, and not pass it on to other people. Defending your rights and decisions while jumping hoops and fences.

Damn, I love this word. Time bulldoze everything out of my way.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Death of Blogging

Who knew, that once upon a time ago. Blogging was a hip thing to do. It seemed everyone was doing it. Uploading pictures, telling stories and making money.

Now most people have moved on to other social medias such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The younger or hipper crowd will go on to Tumblr, Snapchat, and Periscope. The gorgeous ones will have a Vine, Youtube or Keek.

You can't really make money with Facebook unless you are ultra popular or something. Even the likes and post are skewed so that YOU had to pay to Facebook.

That left us with other social medias. I am thinking if you are popular enough companies would recruit you to promote their products.

Sounds fancy.

However, in the end, a personal blog, is personal. It's your life story, your problems, but shared to world. I guess Facebook and other social media has taken that part right now.

It was nice knowing all of you. Some of you I have met in real life and linked together with other forms of social media. In the few years of your word vomits, I felt happy, sad and menyampah. Thanks for sharing. I am going to start my journey again, and if we managed to meet again. We would.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time. I was a fairly active mediocre blogger, with a mediocre number of readers. I was able to join a lot of blog related promotion which mean a good number of free tickets to certain movies. My favorite was definitely Sucker Punch and Rapunzel.

Anyhow, that was during my post grad year. Where I was in the lab all day and felt incredibly lonely. However when I started working, the post kept getting less and less. Maybe because I am starting to feel happy. I have money, I can buy stuff and I had a lot of new things to do!

So little by little, there were no more post. It was just not me. A few of my friends whom I met through blogging has also stopped. Maybe because they moved on to other social medias such as Facebook and Instagram, with the latter being the default.

Why am I starting now? Do I feel sad again?. In a way, yes, I do feel sad again. So it's time to write. However it seems that my future is linked closely to my blogs.

How I write, how I feel, how I observed and how I analysed is actually something a future company might be interested in. They don't teach you to become Science Communicators in museum nor do they teach you how to make content on blogs.

When I clicked back at some of the more popular bloggers on my list. It was amazing where they are now. Some are actresses, some a famous business owner, some has published their first book, some joined the ultra marathon. I am happy that they have moved on. Am I sad?

I love most of the days in my job, I have travelled to countries I always wanted to visit, I went back to America, I bought a house and there is just so many things, that I have done in the post blogging days, just like the rest of the bloggers I read.

It fun now to actually go back to read all of their past adventure that they have done since I stopped. Now I should write all the adventure that I have been on, and I hope you would enjoy it too. Whoever you are.

Time changes, and so have I

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

About a blogger and science communicator

I should restart in this blogging thing. My blog has collected spiderwebs from neglect. Probably because I was busy with work. I used to blog all the time, well almost, and managed to collect money from ads. I was placed in the non popular categories, so I was able to join a few of their free movie and other stuff.

It was quite awesome really. I used to have readers, but all of them tapered out, because I don't post anymore and it is really sad to see that. However after a talk with my sister, blogging is more important now than ever before.

I found out that I don't have a particular set of skills, but a mash up of random things. That is basically what a Science Communicator is. You can't really place us in a normal office setting and you can't really pick us up from the Universities and expect us to work just like that.

Even the training is slightly weird. Go into one and you come out reborn, like really, reborn.

Anyhow, here is to the future and here is to a new blog, separate from this, which is has a theme that I can follow and people can relate.

It will be a science ish blog. Science ish, because it won't be real science with charts, references, and p value. but more to a story about random shit.

And yes, lot's of cursing, but maybe I have to edit out the curse if I want this to be public, but then maybe I should create my own image of the world to see.