Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bites and Fights

Baby carrots for crunch and home made garlic basil dip (a friend made it, I bought it) for a snack. Definitely a snack because I ate it for dinner and now I am definitely hungry. Supposedly it a healthy snack since it combines flavour, texture and some fat together. However I ate the whole bag of carrots. Sure it's a vegetables, but it is a starchy one, so it's kinda dense it energy. Let's hope the fibre helps to reduce those calories a bit. I did go heavy on the dip though, I think about 2 tablespoon was already gone. Eh, what can you do.

These midnight post, will never have any readers. Heck, blogging is thing in the past? Unless it's porn, celebrity porn or political figure porn, not many people would read it right?

Meh, what to do, that means I can write more stuff without fear of people finding out. Malaysian's don't read that much outside the gossip blogs. I am safe. Maybe, vaguely.

When you become a grown adult supposedly one should settle a fight in a civil way. LOL, it feels more like Civil War where everybody is killing each other or the Cold War, where passive aggressiveness or refusal to cooperate is the tools.

Meh, all you can do just walk away and let it blow over. I have worst fights before where we ignored each other pretty much for a few years. That was in our 20s though, still young, still a kid. Who knows right?

All I want to do now ,it to flex my blogging and social media skills. I will need this in the future.
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