Friday, December 20, 2013

Wide awake

That dreaded phase has arrive again.

I can't wake up early anymore. Oh fcuk!  It feels like everyday is a struggle to wake up and that is bad. Really bad.

When I do wake up, I just dozed off again.  The only time I feel energized waking up is when I am late.

Must be an adrenaline rush or something. Shti.. Does this mean I am an adrebaline junky.  Whoaaaa I blew my own mind this morning

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Obsessive Much over Pokemon X and Y

Yup I have gone pretty obsessive with my Pokemon games. I used or am still obsessed with it. I remember playing it on the Game Boy pocket. It was a very lonely game experience and you just keep battling and keep playing over and over again, but using different Pokemons

However as we go to current game and system, I am now able to play with players all over the world using the built in Wifi inside my Nitendo 3DS. It an awesome feeling and helps to keep the game fresh. It also shows how sucky I am when playing with humans. However practice do make perfection, so on I go practicing and creating the perfect teams

Monday, December 16, 2013

Burnt? Burned

Whoa, talk about being burned or burnt or however you spelled it. I feel tired actually. I am not sure why. Could be because of lack of exercise? I mean exercise does elevate your mood, although I must admit there were some times in the gym that I felt like throwing a dumbell at someone or something.

Food related? Too much or too little food does wonders to people

Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to make money?

Yeah, nice title, but not much info in the post. However there is a question mark at the end, so its a question and not a fact. So the only reason you stumbled upon this entry is because you are

  • drunk
  • sleepy
  • near sighted
  • far sighted
  • you miss me (awww!!! hugs hugs)
In reality it was just a conversation a friend of mine had with me just a while ago. He just got into the banking industry, when he starts to talk about money and investment, my wall just suddenly went up. I have this sense of someone trying to sell me something. One must know, in order to sell me a product, you don't sell me a product. Confusing? yes. However ask Paula Choice, Groupon, Ikea, Tesco and Marc & Spencer, they never ask me to buy their products but my nose keeps going to their stuff.

We talked about some form of passive income. You know, active income is the income you get while working and passive income is income you get while not working. See, simple as a Mc Donald's apple pie. However, sources of passive income in a plenty. Investment, insurance, rentals, multi level marketing etc etc etc. Ask someone they will probably lead you to someone they know and then will pressure you to buy their products

So far, I am free from that trap/investment, but I am thinking of it in the future but for now I am definitely a master in managing my credit cards and making it work for me and allowing me to cash its benefits. Like seriously, I got cash back just because I spend it on something I really need, versus spending on something I don't need.

Well perhaps, blogging is another form of active income (bullshit!!, you can't make money if you update once every 3 months, and your reader does not grow)

Monday, July 29, 2013

It's fasting month again and again, we are reaching the end of it. Time definitely flies, because this would be the 3rd time I am fasting a Petrosains. Things are cool, not radically different. Still single and depends on the mood, loving it, but who am I bull shitting, I still don't know if I can carry on a relationship. There is still pretty much a few shit I still need to do in life.

I am in charge yet again in a program conducted during fasting month, as with last year. It's not so bad, kinda used to it. but wow, I get really sleepy and bored during my hourly rounds. Must stay awake and alert. I feel sleepy practically all the time now, I always tell myself that I need more sleep, but I end up staying awake because of thing to play or watch. It's totally my fault now, but I guess I am paying the price.

Skin is good, or relatively good. Right now, it feels dry and reddish. I just noticed in the changing room at Isetan, that I do have some type of rash on my face. These spots are reddish and they appear in my sinus region. I am not even sure which product that causes the rash. The BB creams? mask? sleeping mask? lotion? serum? facial wash? BHA? I am not sure which product I should stop using, or is it just because of dry skin that makes my skin feels hot and prickly. Its still better than early last year, where I broke out in acne and left scars all over my face.

Still car less, but its not a major issue until I need to go out and all the cars are taken or all the cars are blocking my car. Not sure if lucky, since the latter happens more often. I would love to have a new car but then I barely drive. The odometer barely reaches 3000km in 6 months! Thank god for public transportation.

Weight loss or better weight management is still a battle, I am back to using relaxers on my hair and loving how it turns out smooth but after 2 months and 1 haircut, it looks worse than before. Its a money trap that I look forward to, every few months.

See you all, in a few months?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Age or Habit?

I am not sure whether age has caught me or is this a nasty habit that is forming.

I automatically fall asleep at 5.50pm.

No joke, I will start to feel drowsy my 5.30pm and by 6.00pm, I will need a 15 minute nap so that I can go home. Yes a nap before going home. Its kinda like being in a preschool. At first I pin point it to just being tired, after all I communicate with people all day, and it does drain you. It feels like I should definitely get that Starbucks spill free mug or get something cheaper than that and drink coffee all day long because I feel like I loose that alertness when working.

Its a paradox actually. I get sleepy when there is no visitors, so I approached them and communicate with them warmly and it does wake me up. However after that I get tired because I had to communicate with them, so I have to drink coffee to wake myself up again. A paradox I tell you!

However it just does not stop with coffee, sometimes I need something else other than coffee. That is where these Energy drinks come to the rescue. My favourite drink is Red Bull Less Sugar but not Sting Energy drink has become a an option, mainly because of the strawberry flavour option. Yes it does work, I become chirpy and more alerted each moment.

Damn, this is definitely an expensive habit, but probably cheaper that cigarettes, or perhaps I should try them too. Nah.. I rather drink my money than smoke it.

Right now I need to take more selfies....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Pretty sure I wrote this like a gazilion time, but its hard....................... to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet..

But then my friends have done it and they succeed at it. I mean to loose weight its 80% diet and 20% exercise.


Then it becomes a vicious cycle of wanting to look good naked or as good as the underwear models or a fully clothes one, I don't care either way but really to just to be able to sit down with out my belly pressing on my belt.

Its a constant battle of my belly and trousers. I need to get something is the "correct" size so that it fits around my belly nicely, but since my hips is smaller, my pants will sag like crazy, it will sag so much, there is a town in the USA where I would be thrown to jail for sagging my trousers excessively. When I sit down on a chair, my belly protrude out and no pant size can contain it. Hence I sit rather upright and straight or really sloppy just because my belly needs a nice empty space, hence cinema and exam halls are no problem since I can slouch or sit up straight, its those in between sitting potion such as meeting.

Don't bother giving health and  diet tips because I will probably either know but I have already ignored it. Damn you will power, damn my self, There was a time where I was so heart broken that I almost was able to buy a trousers at Zara, and that was a big deal to me. I was beginning to become an L instead of an XL. L is so important because all the nice well made clothes (pfft I just want the brand really) goes only up to L.

Anyhow, its just a rant, I am in fact rounder than ever, in fact, the most round I have ever been (I intentionally made that incorrect sentences using fake words),

Why should I stop trying, who knows what I can do right, if I put my mind to it.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pushing luxury

So it's midnight, and we are supposed to be asleep right. I can't but only because I took a 4 hour nap during the day and damp, that felt really good. It's a luxury that some take for granted or its something that some people normally do.

For me nap times are usual price reserved at precisely 6 pm during workdays. While some people it's the time to go home, gym or class for me it's the time I can get so drowsy. No amount of coffee can keep me up.

Other forms of luxury that I found is a source or luxury is gourmet coffee, these are the Starbucks, Coffee Bean, San Francisco etc. I mean Rm 7 for a cup of black coffee, that is just insane but dammit it just hits the spot nicely and if you lepak at one of its cafe, at least the comfy atmosphere and wife makes up for the price.

I think driving is a former of luxury, I don't how a car but I drive whatever there is available to me in the porch. You get to be in a concoon where the air is cool and your fave music is blasting on the radio. However it's only good on clear roads, when there is congestion it's feels daunting and it's very tiring.

On hot days like this, it's thankfully that my room is equip with an air conditioner. If I had a house I would forgot the closest and get an AC. It's does cost a lot to run it, but I keep it green by just setting the temp to a nice 25 C°.

I have no idea what am I ranting but I guess it has to be related to a book I am currently reading titled "Shopping; why we love it and how retailers can create the Ultimate customer experience". I like it because it gives us the breakdown of what shopping is and how we become suckers to retailers and what they do to attract us.

Anyhow, it's just a small part of my huge book collections, it's nice and it's a reason to get bookshelf my room or throw away all the old notes that I plan to never read again.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Black Love...

Oooh.. such a kinky title. Now get your head out of the gutter, its actually my undying love for my Blackberry. I am not sure how to write that sentences in past tense, because I lost my Blackberry. Losing a phone is something quite tragic in this era, especially if its smartphone. After all, it's something that you carry with you everywhere, been with you through the good and the bad times. It wakes up up, it cheers you, it makes you cry.

My first knee jerk reaction was to get a brand new Blackberry. I was looking at the Z10 and I liked it, I almost bought if not for the silly 2% charge they impose if  I want to pay using my credit card because I did not bring enough cash with (I don't usually carry 2.5k with me, but I'm cool if you do). I did my research for a while and even though the Internet states that Z10 is an LTE device, there are 4 different Z10 on the market and we got the non LTE version because Malaysia does not have LTE. Well we do, but only in certain very limited areas and it only works for data only and not for voice for now.

Anyhow I tried going around to see other stores that carries Z10. Maxis, Digi and these small independent stores and they still carry the non LTE version. At first I was cool about it, I mean its not like I actually lived in an LTE area nor do I actually require it for now. However I still had time to think and I began doing some more research. Although I lost my phone, my Blackberry was smart enough (or I was smart enough) to keep doing backup using Blackberry Protect, so I had everything on my phone except media, back up online.

It all went well until I found out the new Blackberry OS does not support backup using Blackberry Protect. I was so furious and angry. Why are they making this so hard for me. So I managed to get a hold of my sisters' Curve 8520 and began to update it and I managed to back up my files again on it. Out of the blue I tried activating my dead Curve 8310 and miraculously it came alive. So all went well again. I even managed to save my Blackberry contact to Google.

Now I never have to worry about losing my contacts again, I even backup my second phone contact to Google. So I could just get a Z10 now, however I began to think, why not just use 1 phone for now. Get one super awesome that can do everything and just carry one phone. I began to look at all the high end Androids on the market, only because I love Google and its products, I have the Nexus 7 and it does what I need it to be doing.

So I took a look at the Galaxy S4 and was dissapointed that it does not support LTE. Again, the Malaysian version does not feature LTE compared to the US and UK, although we got the Octo core processor while they got stuck with the Quad core processor, albeit it is clocked higher than the Octo core.

I began to contemplating on getting one and I was so ready to get one, until Blackberry drop a bomb on me. They just launch the Q10. What is it you ask? its a new Blackberry with a keyboard just like all the Blackbery Bold Series before it. It also features LTE...


Its everything I wanted in a phone!! It has an internal memory (16GB), it has a micro SD card slot, it has LTE, it has a touchscreen and it has a keyboard. The latter is something ultra rare in the high end spectrum of the Smartphone world. The only thing holding it back for me is the lack of apps. Even the Youtube app is not an app, its actually a link to the mobile version of Youtube. That is so lame, although Blackberry 10 OS does support flash, so you can actually just view the desktop version if you must.

That is actually one of the weakness of Blackberry, if people say Google has a weaker store compared to Apple, the Blackberry store is even worse. Everything just suck really bad. However people at has shown that you can actually side load (that is the weird term) Android apps into Blackberry. I guess that solves the problem. 

Do I really need another Blackberry, after all, the S4 does do everything and it belongs to Google I put my life on Google. It integrates work and home all off my Android devices easily. I do have a Galaxy Ace and a Nexus 7. Which makes it kind of anal to have 3 devices at the same time.

In the end, I still am unsure of what phone to buy. The Q10 is so tempting, it screams at me. It does come out much later though...although not that late, online gossip states that it might come out mid or the end of May. Is it worth the wait?

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I could wrote more often but I tend to hit the brakes more often. Bad in blogging or online open diary but applicable in real life. It's more easy than enough to blurt or type every thing out but this is the adult working world, so you gotta have a lot of brakes and are able to have a poker face that could win you millions.

It's also applicable to not blurt out everything at first meet or give out everything to someone new. It's good to leave just a bit of mystery. That is something I would definitely have to work on.

It's good to keep up the chase, but at the same time keep ourselves grounded to reality, but life is boring to not to be able to dream.

Da fuq did I write.....

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Menthol ointment aka minyak angin

You know those menthol ointments right? Its very popular in Malaysia as a pain reliever. It works in many ways. It contains methly salicylate which relieves pain by absorbing into the skin.

It also work as a counter irritant. It irritates the area so either the new irritant takes your mind off the current pain or that it increases the immune system activity to that area.

Its a type of aroma therapy because most of these ointment uses some sort of strongly scented oil such as mint, and cajaput oil makes it great to release nausea.

It comes in a balm or oil. Some newer ones comes in creams too. Why am I writing this? I have a headache and I need to use one and get some stuff of my chest.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

So I feel

So I feel kinda bloated now in this bloated body. This kinda makes me look forward for our fasting month which is something I am usually excited about, especially in the next 3 years, my event at work will be during the fasting month.Actually it was not so bad, I mean I got everything relatively done, except for those nasty feedback forms that I have forgotten to do.

Anyhow signs that my weight is actually too much even from me is I can't even sit down on the floor for more than 30 minutes without being uncomfortable. What happens is that my left foot specifically with start to cramp. If I sit on the chair, my left waist feels kinda sore.

Damn, I can't even sit down properly without being uncomfortable. I think because of all that walking I do during work, I feel better walking and standing despite the foot ache. Perhaps I can't be in any one position. However this does not seem to be a weight problem. I think everyone will be uncomfortable if they are in the same position for long periods of time right?

Hmm... Questions to ponder and to feel

*boo, I should write more entries. I made a promise to myself to take at least 1 picture a day at work, to put in my monthly report, perhaps I post a day for my blog? It feels weird people actually sometimes out of the blue click on it, heck its better than seeing past aggressive post and pictures of food.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Too much info

We are notorious with how much info we share online in our social networks. For example I just told everyone I drooled when sleeping on the way home (happens more often when I feel really tired). Sometimes we get really tired of the things they share.

As much as we love to hate the friends that WE added and approved on our social network, they block our other friends when they flood our post. Nah.... Sometimes you just don't want to see what food they have on their plate.

Too bad social networks don't know have settings to filter out pictures of things we don't have want to see. Alas we did add them to our networks so I guess we must accepted all the annoying parts of them too.

You can just unsubcribe to them anytime, anywhere why bitch and moan.

P. S I wonder if I posted anything about hating other people statuses...