Sunday, March 29, 2009

Plenty of rant, not much of a rave

Shopping is something that can be used to treat stress. Especially if you got a good discount on it. One does wonder, if the goods are really on sale, or if the price are truly mark out.

My feet are the only thing that will not change size during my gym session, which is that 70% off Polo T shirt and 50% off Padini shirt. I just have to alter the ones I have hanging in my closet. I got this shoes for RM 200, before discount. Larrie's shoes are well priced and I feel they are quite comfy. I just a need another pair of canvas shoes into my shoe collection. I am very proud of my shoe collection. Funny thing that happened while I was shoe shopping was that I got so flustered with all the shoe on sale, I had to sms a friend to ask how to differentiate a boot T_T I was that desperate. He was nice enough to call back and explain to me what a boot is (although he thought I was talking about booting the computer). A boot is basically any shoe is covers the ankle and above. I did found a pair, but they were over my budget. It cost almost RM 400 before discount. Oh well, boots will come to me sooner or later :D.

Letting it all out, just something I type to make me feel better.

Why do we get so mad at the people we love the most? Maybe this does not happened to you, but it happens to be a lot. I get the angriest at the person I love. So does that mean if I am incredibly angry at you, it means I am in head over heel with you? LOL. That would be crazy now, since that means I am in love with that jerk in that lorry for cutting me off at the highway.

For me, I am a very emotional person. To the people I love, I will love them as much as I hate them sometimes. This is why I get really mad with the ones I love. It’s a bad habit or action to do, because its not fair to them. This is quite abusive if I may say if not childish for someone to be acting this way. Throwing tantrums with out reason is very unreasonable. It’s something that I need to fix to become a better person.

It’s also important to voice out your problems, but sometimes that can be problematic since the option is somehow not viable. Its best to just face up to them and tell them your problem, but if you can find another person to confide to let it all out, is a good substitute. When you are mad, you can’t think well, and then you may end up saying things you never wanted to say and ended up living in regrets. This happens a lot in divorces or really bad breakups. Sometimes I wish that I never said the things I did, but somehow for my own future, it’s the thing for me to say.

Its great to have friends that you can confide to, especially those who have the patience to hear you ramble on and on about the same thing over and over again. It’s these friend that will have that extra patience to just listen to your problem that is basically the same thing. For me, I just need someone to hear me long enough till I discover my own flaws. Discovering your own flaws is the best discover one can make upon oneself.

I admit, I have quite low social skills and street skills. Probably because I never really went out to meet people or to socialize with those who are radically different than I am. I was pretty much a homebody, who prefers to stay at home instead of going out to socialize. Only during my master I hung out with plenty of different people of different ages. It was nice, that I could still mingle and just blend in, without sticking out like a sore thumb. However my family got worried and thought I would mix with the wrong crowd. Point to be taken, if you want to try or do something different, make sure you don’t stay with your parents. They will question every single details about you life. I make sure that they know very little of what I do, even when I tell them everything, they still think other wise.

I would say gym is good. I am not losing weight as fast as some people are or should, but being able to wear a shirt from Padini, now that is an accomplishment for someone chub. Most of my clothes are quite loose. I have to invest in altering all of them so that it would fit my body better. I am just choosing like 1 or 2 pieces of it to be altered. I think fitting into clothes that you never had been able to, is an accomplishment to any weight loss program. Getting to fit better clothes was never the major concern when I joined the gym. My main concern was to release my negative energy and frustration out. Which is good, in a way, but it does not help to solve the core problem. No one can change your dislikes and likes in a person. You have this certain perception of beauty and attractiveness that is hard to change. It’s kinda sad I don’t fit in the general public view of beauty, but in reality, who does right. I am just going to keep doing it just because I like it and I do it for me. However fitting into those fit clothes in Padini sure boost my morale up J.

Hmm I am pretty down with my studies, which is not good. I mean, its hard to find a mood to do it, especially the writing part. Argh.. I don’t want my diploma days catching up on me. I really don’t. God help me. Studying is the only thing that is solid right now, the only thing. Everything else is so loose and fluid, it keeps changing faster than I can keep up. Scary, very scary indeed

Apple Crumble

I was invited to a friends BBQ last Saturday, instead of an Oreo Cake, I decided to make Apple Crumble

We need 2 teaspoon of all spice

3 tablespoon of cinnamon

6 Granny Smith Apples

1/4 cup of butter

3/4 cup of oats

3/4 cups of brown sugar

1 and 1/2 cup of flour
Preheat the oven to 180 Celsius. Mix the butter, flour, oats, sugar, cinnamon and all spice in a bowl until they resemble bread crumbs. Add in a pinch of salt if you choose to. Peel and core the apples and lay or just throw them in a buttered baking dish. Scattered the bread crumbs on the apples. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until the apples are soft.

Voila, its done. This is a healthy dish because we used brown sugar instead of granulated white sugar. It has the goodness of oats, cinnamon and all spice. You can experiment on how sweet you want the dessert to be or how much butter or margarine you would like to use. You can use other fruits instead of apples but the fruits need to be tart/sour. If the fruits are not tart then you may need to add some lemon juice and lemon zest to the fruit mixed. A fruit dessert needs to be a little tart or it will be sickly sweet.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Finally Talentime shows up in our cinema after a long wait. What is this story about? Go read other blogs, you already know my style when commenting the movie :D. I want all of you to be surprised as I did. One word to sum this movie up, CLAYPOT, musical Claypot. Of all the words in the world, why on earth did I choose claypot. Well first of all, like any Yasmin Ahmad movie, she tries to tell a story from her honest point of view. This story is quite Malaysian. We have the pure Malay, the mixed Malay, the typical Malay, the Tamil speaking Indian, the pompous and arrogant English speaking one, the uptight and cold Chinese, and the friendly and loving muslim Chinese. Don’t forget the English (Yorkshire) lady. Yes this movie has mixtures of characters and people just like a good claypot should. It’s a musical because there is a few scenes of them singing really great songs that is soon available to download :D or buy on the market. One thing different about this movie compared with the previous Yasmin Ahmad movies, is how Indian culture is the spotlight of the story. Her previous works mostly work on Malay, Chinese and Bapa Nyonya, now she focuses on the Indian community. You can see Hindu burials, temples, weddings and the family values of an Indian family. I like it.

Lets go to the characters shall we, there is no Sharifah Armani or any of her sister here on the screen, but she did co directed this film. Anyways first we have the lead female Melur , I though she was mixed malay and European, to my shock she is Chinese and European, her name is Pamela Chong Ven Teen, to top it off, she is Vince Chong, Akademi Fantasia first winner, sister. Did I mention she and her older sister Vannessa won second place in Amazing Race Asia. No wonder she looks so familiar. I wonder if that is her mother, Susan Chong who played as her grandmother in the movie. I mean she certainly has the sense of humour I remembered when she was being interviewed. Next we have the dashing Indian guy whose real name is Mahesh, which is the same name for his character in this film. According to the credits this is his first movie. Wow! this is a guy that is worth watching out for, he conveys his character oh so perfectly and its so believable that he made it effortless. Cheers that he got casted for this role. Next we have Hafiz who is played by Mohammad Syafie, whom we have seen in Mukhsin. This boy is almost on his way to become a man, but he still retains his charms that we all love in Mukhsin. Next we have Howard Ho Kahoe, who plays.. well Kahoe in the movie, the erhu playing ex top achiver on the school. Ironically Howard goes to the same school as Syafie. Gosh, did Yasmin did a casting call at Syafie’s school? He is pretty good playing an uptight Chinese boy with a father who is very harsh and hard on him. I would like to see more works of him in the future. Then we have Jacklyn Victor, our first Malaysian Idol with her first movie. She is also does a very good job playing the role as Mahesh sister.

I would love to obtain the sound track of this movie. Most of the song is sung by Atilia and Aizat, but mimed by Pamela and Syafie.

Speaking of the movie, there is a lot of “speaking”. I mean lots of English dialects along with Tamil, Malay and Mandarin/Cantonese (I forgot which one). These people speak the Queen’s English, very eloquent and very proper. I adore it, it makes me sound quite harsh with my Yank English.

How does it feel when you are in love? How does it feel to loose someone you hold dear? How does it feel when all you want to do is please your parent’s but it never seemed enough? How does it feel when you are rejected? Are words worth the moment of silence? Can music really heal the soul? Find out for yourself by watching Talentime. I cried, I laugh, and I went home happy.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I can't do this.

I can't do this.

I can't performed the dissection of the frozen cats, rabbits and mouse deer (at least that is what my advisor told me of the content in the big black plastic bags)

Not because the only dissection I have done was on mice, not because I have no clue which part of the muscle to keep, not because I don't know is it possible to keep the frozen blood, not because the decomposing cats strangely smells like ripe mangoes.

But its because the animals was frozen solid.. and I can't cut through it. Also, when I am nervous I tend to sweat, and when one wears a spectacle while sweating the sweat gets into one's eye. Too add that problem, my specs kept fogging up from my own breath...

This is like CSI, but I am working on frozen carcasses.. Hmm this is like a pathologist work, which is basically studying the tissues after the organism death. Hmm.. forensic kinda of work you might say. A colleague of mine and my co advisor said forensic entomology is a good field to jump into because there not many of those in that qualification in Malaysia..

Hmm.. perhaps I am thinking too forward, let me get through cutting out this animals first...

Death in the face..

Trying to smile
A suprise inside

What is it?

A frozen rabbit.

I want to throw it away, but I can't right now :(

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Hmm well, that is a frozen rabbit, if I am not mistaken. This carcasses was not being well taken care of, so it started to decompose and smell rotten. I though I was safe and could throw it all away, but alas my advisor told me to save some of its tissues if I do intend to throw it away for good. I don't have any experience dissecting animals, I guess this is the way to learn right. The smell is horrendous and it sticks to your skin.. Welcome to my life..... This has to be the worst part of research other than facing the molecular genetic lecturer. Myself and molecular genetic do not mix well, I tend to freak out a bit too early and stall until its too late. I freak out a little bit when touching the carcasses. Hmm how to do forensic if I can't handle dead animals, maybe I should take a peak at the anatomy class and see the dead bodies (cadavers) they bring in.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ikea to Bantal to Chocolate

Yeah! I went to IKEA today! One of the best place to shop and waste money from my point of view. I went with my family to IKEA, because we had a list of stuff to get which consist of a drawer or closet for my family's tudung. There is so much of it, that they need space to organize it. A tudung for any occasion, any dress, any shirt, any baju kurung, any time, anywhere.

I did not want to look frumpy T_T going out with my family so I scour my closet for something that fits me nicely, I got this Espirit shirt out and wore it. I thought I had worn it before, but I was wrong. I have never worn it because I find it quite tight, but today it hugs me just nice. The fashionista of the house liked it (my sister, my mother). This along wearing pair of jeans that fits me perfectly is just barely comfortable and I am off. I guess the comments were true after all.. I am a lot leaner. Hik2, talk about a motivation at the gym today.

Pillow talk, we spend almost half an hour waiting for my mom to choose her pillow. We told her to just try sleeping on the sample beds to find out which has the best pillow and mattress protector. She failed to do that, so she asked my brother to test the pillows out for her, since she wanted the same type of pillow that the hotel my mother stayed at last week with my dad. Well we did found the pillow and it cost a whopping RM 189 O_O, it was filled with down and goose feather. She choose a slightly cheaper one for my dad at RM 169, while she goes for the RM 49 ones and a back pillow to watch TV which cost around RM 39.

I got a great deal on this candles. 12 pieces for RM 8.90. However these are regular candles, so they are not scented.

I got a sweet tooth and I need some imported chocolates. These are the ones my dad brought from the Duty Free Shop in Dubai while transiting from Sudan. These are not your local chocolates which contain mostly sugar and oil. These babies contain a lot more cocoa and is made with high quality ingredient. Don't fret about it, you can get the same ones or at least a different brand but with the same high quality at KLIA airport or at Langkawi.

Emmm good, vanilla fudge with caramel layered on the bottom with milk chocolate covering it to make a sinfully sweet dessert that melts heavenly on your tongue and stirs your soul. A bad day can be cure by eating just a piece of this devilishly good chocolate.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Of cars and food

I had a good night rest and woke up feeling great on Saturday, even when my mother changed plans yet again without telling me did not kill my good mood.

I sent the 190e to shop, the rear brake lights were not working plus I suspected the dirty spark plugs are not burning the petrol air mixture properly which causes my car to vibrate at idle. This is not normal for an in line 6 cylinder engine, because this type of cylinder arrangement is undoubtedly smooth. Unlike the 3 cylinder engine of my Viva, which is always shakes and shudders at idle, which is perfectly normal for a 3 cylinder engine. The vibration's are reduced when you step on the accelerator.

My first attempt at making my own homemade lasagna, using every possible shortcut there is that I know. I made a mistake by not making enough meat sauce and cheese sauce, but it turned out nicely. Yum!

Uhuhu.. okay, this is actually the first time I actually know what the amazing cheesecake at The Loaf is called. Its so adorable "Uhu hu", something that people type in instant messaging. Even the tag line is adorable (Let's say cheese (^u^)V) a typical Japanese smiley, which focuses more on the eye then the mouth to express feelings for example this is a American smiley :-)"\ while this is a Japanese smiley \^_^/.. see the difference..

Emmmm goood, I love the cheesecake and so does my mother who does not like cheesecakes. This is a cheesecake for those who don't like cheesecakes. Light and not so sweet. Delicious. RM 2.80 per cup, RM 15 for half a dozen and RM29 for a dozen.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Durians and alterations

Finally we got some durian's in the house. Yum!, but I wonder this was the cause of my sore throat this morning. Hmm..
I finally managed to send some of my trouser's to the tailor to have it altered. I knew my pants were kind of baggy, but but having 3 extra inch of fabric on each thigh is ridiculous. Alterations are quite expensive, RM 12 for reducing the waist and another RM 12 for trimming the legs. When I look at back at all my pictures, gosh, almost everything I wore does not fit right. It is almost always too big, too baggy, too loose, and too long. Its kinda sad and weird when your own father said you and your youngest sister have the least amount of style. Actually my younger sister is growing out very well now, she is wearing my oldest, my second sister and my brother's clothes, shoes and accessories. Those 3 know how to wear stuff. Ergh... I love the days when all I need wear was a uniform and I just don't care what I wear as long as its clean and loose.

I remembered all I cared when buying clothes is the size, then followed by the color, after that type of fabric. I don't care much about the cut, all I cared that it was loose, because I had so much bad memories of buying things that were too tight. My inseams always rip, so my "boys" had fresh air most of the time. It was mortifying. So I ended up buying everything in a larger size so I know that I could always have that security that my trousers are not being stretched to the max.

However this ended up up with me, having incredibly large clothes. There a few pieces that actually fits me just right. That is the trouble with having a big waist and being stout. Everything has to be custom made or tailored to fit.. Sigh... I resisted from buying anything so that I could use the money to tailor ALL of my clothes. However just like how my dad observes how I dress, I have the same piece of clothing on but different color and texture. I think it would be okay just to tailor fit a quarter of it. I need my baggy clothes for those days where you wake up feeling like crap. I woke up very bitter these past week, even though the day was very enjoyable. I got nightmares and now I hate the sound of my alarm and the vibration of my phone.

I don't really like to dress up, but then its the thing to do to become presentable. One of the main reason I love being a prefect during school is that we get to wear black shoes. Black shoes = no need to wash it or whiten it with liquid chalk. Shoes are the least look after piece of clothing for me. Shoes are an important sign to a person general look according to a good friend of mine. I believed him whole heartily. Take a good look at the person's shoes. If the shoes are nice, shiny, clean, expensive, well taken care of, then continue looking above and the person would look like it. Not look like a shoe but the shoes that they wear reflects the clothing the person is wearing. Erghh... I guess this is why my sister looks so nice, she got like two closets full of shoes. A shoe for everyday of the month.. Even my younger brother has like 3-4 pair of really nice shoes. There was this one time my mother caught him walking from his room to my older sister's room and to my other sister's room at 5.30am. The reason? he wanted to check himself out in the mirror, different mirrors in each room provide different effects.. He even goes down stairs to my room to just look at the mirror. This is house anal he is on looking good.

Its sounded vain, but I guess that is how people look good each day. Sigh.. all my family are vain. My mom would wear different tudungs in the mirror to see which matches with what clothes. My dad buys like the best brands, he wears a few Lacoste shirts and Polo, but his sneakers are the best, he has a pair of Air Force One Nike and Air Max Nike... O_o.... I wear these god knows what brand of company from where shoes. My other sister experiments with eye make up and different shirts and belts.. Gosh.. I feel so frumpy and selekeh sometimes.

Sometimes though I go out looking very nice. The irony of it however it is usually accidental. Perhaps the "looking good in clothes" gene is in me, just like the karaoke gene, its just was not activated.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paste and Altered

Finally I got a chance to wear these shoes. They are a bit too formal to wear during my normal days, but to go on my co supervisor behalf is all the reason I need to wear them. Beside, fungus began to grow on the leather surface O_o

This what a poster supposed to look like. All coloured and graphical on a A1 size paper. Its not so expensive since it cost about RM 60 per poster.

I got stuck doing the A4 laminated size T_T, with small fonts. I felt very self conscious (It does not help that before I crop this picture, I look like a Nokia "sabun", since my slacks were so baggy at the thigh.. I am getting these slacks altered as we speak so that it actually fits my body instead of hanging on it for dear life)

However, my lab technologist said, not to worry because there will be other professor who will be doing the same thing :p. LOL, I guess its not so bad after all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a blog

Gosh, I felt like I had so many things to write about. So many things going through my head, I felt like telling it all on my blog, but then too much “meroyan” is not good, especially it’s about the same old thing. Well to summarize it all, sometimes I feel so insecure and so worthless when I start to feel stress. Am I smart enough? Why am I still fat? Why can’t I be taller? Are they looking at me? Why is no one looking for me? Why am I still a student, life is not fair, bla bla bla. Then I hit the gym and then I saw people who are fitter that I am, people who lost more weight that I am, those that looked better and so on. However after actually really lifting weights and then running on cross trainer, all I could think was… I am so tired…. I want to stop… When will this end…. I need water… I want to sleep… Yep all that insecurity was just sweated out into the IKEA white towel I have. All I want to do after that is eat and then have a good night rest. People do say I held my head up high, but god knows sometimes I want to crawl into a hole. I think its pretty normal as long I have someone that I could go on and on and on and on about the same thing and then I feel a lot better. Talking is good to let the stress out as long as the person agrees with me :p. Gym is good too, and its always a positive thing, although sometimes I still feel like crap, but at least I am a lighter crap. Food is a double edge, sometimes I will feel good but then the guilt of eating too much suddenly sink in later and on the weights. Okay enough blabbing about things people already know, how about some pictures…

I was invited to another makan2 with a new group of friends that I just met. So I had to bring my signature Oreo Cake. The irony of this cake is that not a single Oreo is used. Just the semi sweet of the cake and the sweetness of my homemade butter frosting gives it the Oreo feel. The cake itself is an instant Tegral Moist cake from Baguzz cake shop, but the cream is something I made from scratch.

This is an old blender it is like more than 15 years old, but still working. I always relate Kenwood with blenders, so I find it weird when there is Kenwood speakers.

Just throw the mix together and let it be mixed by the blender. I would do it by hand, but the mixture is so thick that is gets tiring.

Pop it in the oven and let it bake till the centre of the cake comes out clean. The hand blender is also another family heirloom. This blender existed as long as I can remember. There were many wonderful baking moments with this blended. My mother used to make cakes when I was younger, but now I guess its my turn to do it.

The finish product, all wrapped and ready to be taken to the event.

She and her new hubby (they are newly married couple) live in one of those many high rise in Sentul, which is quite near to some of my friends condominium.

One of the host of that night. The host told me that she found this cat in a "longkang" or ditch, or was it someone else found it.. Anyways, look how adorable he turned out to be. Always playful and mischievous. Quite cute when he was chasing fingers and then he was discipline by his "dad" in the house :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bunga - Bunga Cinta

No this is not the entry about a song from Misha Omar. Just an entry from my parent's garden. Both are avid gardeners, but it was my mother who takes care most of the work. Right now, she is working on planting new grass patches for our lawn. Most of it were destroyed or flooded by our renovations. Our last renovation was the expansion of our car porch to fit in 5 cars and her orchid stand. I don't know what is the correct word for it, but its a place where she hangs her orchids. Its not a green house since it is open air and had no glass walls. She used to just hang her orchids under our Rambutan tree, but now she has a proper place to do so. I think planting a lot of flowers and putting it in your lawn and even outside the fence of your house is very much a Melaka trait. Since my mother lives on the borders of Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. My mother loves her orchids as she would tend and care for it everyday. We bought this one type of orchid at MAHA that smelled heavenly. We did not bought the grown one with the flower but we bought the baby one's that have not budded yet. I can't wait for it to bloom, since my room is nearest to the garden. Gone are the days where I had to mow the lawn every 2 weeks, the lawn is quite small now, and a Nepalese worker would ring our bell and cut the grass for us every 3 weeks. My parents yard is quite nice, so nice that we got thieves stealing coconuts from our coconut tree and chivet cat is hiding in our roof and eating our Papaya's. I've seen many strange animals in my neighborhood that were roaming free which includes a horse, a rabbit and a very large lizard. However my home is the nest for that chivet cat. Hmm we need to find it and let it go since its defecating all over the air conditioning compressor.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aidil Fitri Abroad

I got bored of what to blog and I haven't taken any pictures lately since my camera is at the shop. I wanted to scan pictures of my past to share, unique ones that is. I think this is pretty unique to share. This was a Aidil Fitri picture of my family. Notice anything different, other than that I was younger, but still taller than the rest of my siblings :p. We were all wearing jackets and the trees had no leaves. Yup it was during Autumn. If I am not mistaken either 96 or 97 since that was the time I got my growth spurt. This was taken when we were in Norman, Oklahoma, US. My dad was studying there at the time and took us along. It was quite cold, hence the jacket. We celebrated Aidil Fitri in the Autumn and winter. So we had really short fasting days. I remember we had a white Aidil Fitri but not a white Christmas. Imagine playing snow fight in baju kurung and baju melayu. It was those memories that I will forever cherish. My mother had another child when we were there, but he died shortly after birth. We burried him there. I wonder if I could go back and visit his grave again. The sole boy in the family whose name does not start with Hairul (my brother and I share the same first name). His name Muhammad Johan.

Monday, March 9, 2009

From Chamang Waterfall To Genting Highlands

I decided to go on a trip on last Sunday with a bunch of friends. I don't have to travel far for to have a good time, since lots of interesting places are available to me with just a drive away. It helps however to have someone else to drive for you :D.
We were supposed to go to Janda Baik, but somehow we got lost in the middle of nowhere, but at least getting lost is part of the fun :D. Janda Baik was not cutting it for us, so we decided to go to Chamang Waterfall near Bentong Pahang.

No, this is not it, this is a waterfall that we happened to pass by on the way to Bentong. Its definitely missed if you used the highway, use the old trunk road and you will bound to see this.

A photo session is a must. Beside we were tired in the car and needed to get out :D.

No, this is still not the waterfall but instead it was a hot spring pool. An abandoned and unkempt one that is. The facilities are nice, but there was no one to maintain it. As a result, the place was unkempt and the pool was full of algae and other free living parasites.

However there was a natural source of the hot spring near buy on a natural pool or at least the pool was dug up and not tiled. It was fun just soaking your feet here and just take a deep. I heard hot springs contains a lot of sulphur which is good for your skin.

Yes we are here, Chamang Waterfall. Albeit a dangerous place, according to this sign. However no one had died in the pass 3 years. Hopefully it will be kept that way.

Signs were a plenty, and they make sure we understand it, although the signs were not in English. This waterfall contains a lot of strong currents, and whirpool from the concave sand bottom. You can easily be pulled by the current into the whirlpool and be swept away. My friend almost got caught in the whirlpool, but there was a 2 men that pulled him back. Quite dangerous right and that no one would like to come here right....

Wrong... this has to be like one the best waterfall in Malaysia.

See how beautiful the waterfall is, and yes, that whole waterfall is a danger zone due to strong currents and slippery rocks.. but its so nice...

Even though the river current is strong, its only strong in some places. Some places there is no current and its almost like a deep wadding pool. There are plenty of rocks you can just sit on and enjoy yourselves.

Definitely a safe place, if you know which part of the river and waterfall to play in :D

On our way back, we decided to take a detour to Genting Highlands. We wanted to see the scenery and feel the cool weather up there. Mind you we were only in jeans and t shirt and no one brought a jacket.

The cable car to the top is RM 10 for a round trip. This is a good deal since the drive to the top can get very tiring. You can get an excellent view of the Genting forest using the cable car. I wonder if this cable car still hold the record for the fastest moving cable car in Asian or the world. Well for us, it did felt quite fast. Almost too fast.

Once we almost got to the top, there were heavy fog. The cable car also stopped and the car was swaying. Myself and the rest of my friends kinda freaked out a bit, because we weren't sure what happened and it was kinda unnerving to be swaying and not knowing where on earth were we on. It was a twilight zone moment for all of us.

We all then accidentally bought tickets to the outdoor park :p. It was RM 21 for an evening pass. It was not so bad, except we were crazy since it was an impromptu detour of the trip and we did not have any jackets on. However I was finally able to ride the Space Shot. It was definitely a stomach churning ride when you are free falling from the sky, but it was fun ride :D

A place that one must always take pictures in when you are in Genting Highlands. It was a fun trip with friends that you can click and just be yourself. It was tiring but great. I really hope to go to another of these mini vacations again.