Friday, March 13, 2009

Bunga - Bunga Cinta

No this is not the entry about a song from Misha Omar. Just an entry from my parent's garden. Both are avid gardeners, but it was my mother who takes care most of the work. Right now, she is working on planting new grass patches for our lawn. Most of it were destroyed or flooded by our renovations. Our last renovation was the expansion of our car porch to fit in 5 cars and her orchid stand. I don't know what is the correct word for it, but its a place where she hangs her orchids. Its not a green house since it is open air and had no glass walls. She used to just hang her orchids under our Rambutan tree, but now she has a proper place to do so. I think planting a lot of flowers and putting it in your lawn and even outside the fence of your house is very much a Melaka trait. Since my mother lives on the borders of Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. My mother loves her orchids as she would tend and care for it everyday. We bought this one type of orchid at MAHA that smelled heavenly. We did not bought the grown one with the flower but we bought the baby one's that have not budded yet. I can't wait for it to bloom, since my room is nearest to the garden. Gone are the days where I had to mow the lawn every 2 weeks, the lawn is quite small now, and a Nepalese worker would ring our bell and cut the grass for us every 3 weeks. My parents yard is quite nice, so nice that we got thieves stealing coconuts from our coconut tree and chivet cat is hiding in our roof and eating our Papaya's. I've seen many strange animals in my neighborhood that were roaming free which includes a horse, a rabbit and a very large lizard. However my home is the nest for that chivet cat. Hmm we need to find it and let it go since its defecating all over the air conditioning compressor.
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