Friday, March 20, 2009

Durians and alterations

Finally we got some durian's in the house. Yum!, but I wonder this was the cause of my sore throat this morning. Hmm..
I finally managed to send some of my trouser's to the tailor to have it altered. I knew my pants were kind of baggy, but but having 3 extra inch of fabric on each thigh is ridiculous. Alterations are quite expensive, RM 12 for reducing the waist and another RM 12 for trimming the legs. When I look at back at all my pictures, gosh, almost everything I wore does not fit right. It is almost always too big, too baggy, too loose, and too long. Its kinda sad and weird when your own father said you and your youngest sister have the least amount of style. Actually my younger sister is growing out very well now, she is wearing my oldest, my second sister and my brother's clothes, shoes and accessories. Those 3 know how to wear stuff. Ergh... I love the days when all I need wear was a uniform and I just don't care what I wear as long as its clean and loose.

I remembered all I cared when buying clothes is the size, then followed by the color, after that type of fabric. I don't care much about the cut, all I cared that it was loose, because I had so much bad memories of buying things that were too tight. My inseams always rip, so my "boys" had fresh air most of the time. It was mortifying. So I ended up buying everything in a larger size so I know that I could always have that security that my trousers are not being stretched to the max.

However this ended up up with me, having incredibly large clothes. There a few pieces that actually fits me just right. That is the trouble with having a big waist and being stout. Everything has to be custom made or tailored to fit.. Sigh... I resisted from buying anything so that I could use the money to tailor ALL of my clothes. However just like how my dad observes how I dress, I have the same piece of clothing on but different color and texture. I think it would be okay just to tailor fit a quarter of it. I need my baggy clothes for those days where you wake up feeling like crap. I woke up very bitter these past week, even though the day was very enjoyable. I got nightmares and now I hate the sound of my alarm and the vibration of my phone.

I don't really like to dress up, but then its the thing to do to become presentable. One of the main reason I love being a prefect during school is that we get to wear black shoes. Black shoes = no need to wash it or whiten it with liquid chalk. Shoes are the least look after piece of clothing for me. Shoes are an important sign to a person general look according to a good friend of mine. I believed him whole heartily. Take a good look at the person's shoes. If the shoes are nice, shiny, clean, expensive, well taken care of, then continue looking above and the person would look like it. Not look like a shoe but the shoes that they wear reflects the clothing the person is wearing. Erghh... I guess this is why my sister looks so nice, she got like two closets full of shoes. A shoe for everyday of the month.. Even my younger brother has like 3-4 pair of really nice shoes. There was this one time my mother caught him walking from his room to my older sister's room and to my other sister's room at 5.30am. The reason? he wanted to check himself out in the mirror, different mirrors in each room provide different effects.. He even goes down stairs to my room to just look at the mirror. This is house anal he is on looking good.

Its sounded vain, but I guess that is how people look good each day. Sigh.. all my family are vain. My mom would wear different tudungs in the mirror to see which matches with what clothes. My dad buys like the best brands, he wears a few Lacoste shirts and Polo, but his sneakers are the best, he has a pair of Air Force One Nike and Air Max Nike... O_o.... I wear these god knows what brand of company from where shoes. My other sister experiments with eye make up and different shirts and belts.. Gosh.. I feel so frumpy and selekeh sometimes.

Sometimes though I go out looking very nice. The irony of it however it is usually accidental. Perhaps the "looking good in clothes" gene is in me, just like the karaoke gene, its just was not activated.

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