Monday, March 9, 2009

From Chamang Waterfall To Genting Highlands

I decided to go on a trip on last Sunday with a bunch of friends. I don't have to travel far for to have a good time, since lots of interesting places are available to me with just a drive away. It helps however to have someone else to drive for you :D.
We were supposed to go to Janda Baik, but somehow we got lost in the middle of nowhere, but at least getting lost is part of the fun :D. Janda Baik was not cutting it for us, so we decided to go to Chamang Waterfall near Bentong Pahang.

No, this is not it, this is a waterfall that we happened to pass by on the way to Bentong. Its definitely missed if you used the highway, use the old trunk road and you will bound to see this.

A photo session is a must. Beside we were tired in the car and needed to get out :D.

No, this is still not the waterfall but instead it was a hot spring pool. An abandoned and unkempt one that is. The facilities are nice, but there was no one to maintain it. As a result, the place was unkempt and the pool was full of algae and other free living parasites.

However there was a natural source of the hot spring near buy on a natural pool or at least the pool was dug up and not tiled. It was fun just soaking your feet here and just take a deep. I heard hot springs contains a lot of sulphur which is good for your skin.

Yes we are here, Chamang Waterfall. Albeit a dangerous place, according to this sign. However no one had died in the pass 3 years. Hopefully it will be kept that way.

Signs were a plenty, and they make sure we understand it, although the signs were not in English. This waterfall contains a lot of strong currents, and whirpool from the concave sand bottom. You can easily be pulled by the current into the whirlpool and be swept away. My friend almost got caught in the whirlpool, but there was a 2 men that pulled him back. Quite dangerous right and that no one would like to come here right....

Wrong... this has to be like one the best waterfall in Malaysia.

See how beautiful the waterfall is, and yes, that whole waterfall is a danger zone due to strong currents and slippery rocks.. but its so nice...

Even though the river current is strong, its only strong in some places. Some places there is no current and its almost like a deep wadding pool. There are plenty of rocks you can just sit on and enjoy yourselves.

Definitely a safe place, if you know which part of the river and waterfall to play in :D

On our way back, we decided to take a detour to Genting Highlands. We wanted to see the scenery and feel the cool weather up there. Mind you we were only in jeans and t shirt and no one brought a jacket.

The cable car to the top is RM 10 for a round trip. This is a good deal since the drive to the top can get very tiring. You can get an excellent view of the Genting forest using the cable car. I wonder if this cable car still hold the record for the fastest moving cable car in Asian or the world. Well for us, it did felt quite fast. Almost too fast.

Once we almost got to the top, there were heavy fog. The cable car also stopped and the car was swaying. Myself and the rest of my friends kinda freaked out a bit, because we weren't sure what happened and it was kinda unnerving to be swaying and not knowing where on earth were we on. It was a twilight zone moment for all of us.

We all then accidentally bought tickets to the outdoor park :p. It was RM 21 for an evening pass. It was not so bad, except we were crazy since it was an impromptu detour of the trip and we did not have any jackets on. However I was finally able to ride the Space Shot. It was definitely a stomach churning ride when you are free falling from the sky, but it was fun ride :D

A place that one must always take pictures in when you are in Genting Highlands. It was a fun trip with friends that you can click and just be yourself. It was tiring but great. I really hope to go to another of these mini vacations again.

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