Thursday, March 26, 2009

Death in the face..

Trying to smile
A suprise inside

What is it?

A frozen rabbit.

I want to throw it away, but I can't right now :(

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Hmm well, that is a frozen rabbit, if I am not mistaken. This carcasses was not being well taken care of, so it started to decompose and smell rotten. I though I was safe and could throw it all away, but alas my advisor told me to save some of its tissues if I do intend to throw it away for good. I don't have any experience dissecting animals, I guess this is the way to learn right. The smell is horrendous and it sticks to your skin.. Welcome to my life..... This has to be the worst part of research other than facing the molecular genetic lecturer. Myself and molecular genetic do not mix well, I tend to freak out a bit too early and stall until its too late. I freak out a little bit when touching the carcasses. Hmm how to do forensic if I can't handle dead animals, maybe I should take a peak at the anatomy class and see the dead bodies (cadavers) they bring in.

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