Saturday, March 7, 2009


A scene at the gym
Me: *scans the gym card, the bar won't open, tried it again, and it still wont open
Me: Miss can you open the door please
Gym consultant: *smiles, presses a button

Got in the locker room and got flashed by a naked pale butt. I know its the men's changing room but come on la, this is Malaysia, have a little dignity and cover la yourself a bit. I went out of the changing room at went to the gym area and the bar still won't open. I got frustrated and showed them my gym card..

However, it was not my gym card actually, it was my lab access card... I was waving the wrong card and the wrong sensor. I ended up laughing along with the gym consultant. I laughed even though I had a bad day. I never realise I had so many cards in wallet that can function as an access card.

I have my access card for my lab, my Mastercard Pay n Pass card, my IC card that functions as a Touch n Go card, and my gym card. All are access cars. I wish they could all fit into one card so I don't have to embarassed my self again..

I need a new card holder, the old one was torn because I carry 3 cards around my neck..
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