Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Little Shop of Seri Iskandar

Today we drove to UiTM Perak to take our sister to register for her second semester. After we finished registering and carried her "1/4 of a naza ria, full of her stuff" into her room, we went to the local shop to buy some stuff for her room. I seem to find these miscellaneous shops in small towns. I always go to either Tesco of Mydin if I wanted to buy such things as the stuff below.

Tupperware, pails, brushes, sponges and everything under the sun that a student would need in his or her dorm
Choose whatever color you fancy
Oh my god, I have never seen this "bahulu" cake tray before. When I was little there would always these kind of "bahulu" in shape of fishes. I was tempted to actually by one, because the fish look quite real lah to me. Above is the big kahuna, or the big fish.
Baby fishes
Close up of the baby fish.

Kedai Golf

This is the "secret" place that my colleagues and I eat almost everyday. We simply called it "Golf" because this food stall is located near UPM golf course. This stall is only known to a hand full of staff. I think my colleagues and I are the only student who actually eat here because this stall is located quite far from the hostels. This place is always packed with people during lunch, so I always go before or after the peak lunch period which is around 1-2pm. Its funny, when we told newbies about the place we are going to eat, and they thought that when we are eating at the "Golf" they think of a country club, where you pay RM 5 for a glass of orange juice and RM 10 ringgit for fried rice
See the stall, nothing fancy at all, but people kept packing the place .
Pepsi the "new generation drink" a motto Pepsi used in the past to make it different from Coke "the real thing"
Today eating alone, because all my colleagues are busy with their lab work.
Kampung fried rice with fried egg. RM 4.00. It was quick because some other people ordered the same thing, but because I had to share the Wok with someone else, the portions were less than it was before.

Friday Treats

This my favourite thing to have after my friday prayers, an ice cream sandwich. It just a corn, chocolate, strawberry flavoured ice cream scooped into a bun. Simple, tasty and not that expensive. RM 1.50. Its the probably the only time, I get to see male adults waiting in line to buy ice cream.

Ms Chi

Yes, this my pet dwarf hamster, Ms Chi, yes Ms Chi. She used to have a live in bf called Mr Chu, but she kept biting Mr Chu's balls so I had to divorced them. Mr Chu did not have a long life, and he died before a picture could be taken of them. Sorry for the poor quality, because its hard to get a hamster to sit still for a photo shoot. I only got a picture of Ms Chi, stirred from her nap, looking annoyed.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A View Of My World

Welcome to my life, this what I faced every day till early of 2009. My mice are a vital part of my master project, without them there will be no project. I maintain my parasites inside the mice, by injecting the mice with the parasite. After a certain day, the mice will die and I will transfer the parasite to another mice and the process goes on.

Above is my cages that contain my mice, below are the female mice cage, while the above contain the male mice. I need to separate them because I over bred them. Mice will breed like crazy, a female mice can get pregnant just a few hours after giving birth.

These are the mice from one of the cages, I believe these mice are still young and not suitable to be the host of my parasites.

This is ether, in the old days of medicine I believe they used ether as a way to make people unconscious during surgery, if not you would have the patient kicking and screaming in pain. If the surgery does not kill you, the surgery would

This the effect of overdose of ether. This is actually one of the humane ways to put down (kill, put to sleep) a mice. If you just exposed the mice to ether for just a moment, it will pass out, but if you exposed it for a longer period of time, it will die.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jusco with the siblings

Yup went to Jusco Cheras Selatan with my siblings for dinner and a movie.

Went in my sister Myvi, it felt great driving a small car, after driving the big lethargic silver Naza Ria. With everyone on board, the car felt much more comfortable on rough roads

Walking behind them, you can my siblings walking up front in black, white and green

We all went to see this movie, the movie is so so. I wanted to see it because its has been long time since I seen Alvin and his brothers in action. It is funny at the beginning but in the end it got pretty dull. Suitable for children or adults who remembered this cartoon when they were young and wanted to see a CGI version of them 3.

We then had dinner at the food court since everyone did not like my choice of food. Is tepayaki, sushi and eel so bad? Well my sister had the penang curry mee (on the left) and I had the fried kueh tow (on the right) both were quite tasty. I give it a 7/10.

My older sister had claypot chicken while my other sister and younger brother had Coney Island hot dogs. Both are delicious, so I will give it 8/10. However, slow down when eating the claypot chicken because it could burn your tongue, because the food is still actually cooking in the heated claypot.

There was 3 chillie (a beef and other herbs gravy) hot dogs, the third one was for my sister, but she did not finish the hot dog because she was full with her claypot chicken. Look at that moist, tender, juicy hot dog dripping with chillie, it was a quiet and calm moment for me to enjoy the hotdog.. :p

What a fine book

This is the equalvalent of the bible or the holy book for me other than the Quran for this semester. Its an Immunoparasitology book written by my prof. I heard its a damn hard subject, so I am trying to read his book without falling asleep. It is a fine book to read.

Of course its a fine book, I got fined for returning it late...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Steam Sterlized Salt

I was kinda stress today at the lab, because my scholarship and GRA forms was delayed because I procrastinated, but alas they were processed. So out of boredom I prepared my sterilized saline that I used for my experiments. These are the steps I followed.
Very important ingredient is the sodium chloride, just a fancy name for table salt.

This nifty little contraption is nothing more than a very sensitive scale, that is just a piece of paper I placed on top so that I could easily measure and pour out the NaCl2 into the beaker.

Can't forget the distilled water to dissolve the NaCl2

We mixed the NaCl2 and distilled water inside this jar and then we taped it with an autoclave tape. The tape will reveal black stripes just like the one on the right, the one of the left is a brand new tape that has not been exposed to autoclave.

This washing machine fridge look alike hybrid is actually the autoclave. This contraption will high pressure steam to sterilize any equipments or lab media (culture agar, the pink or red ones you see in labs on television on the petri round dish).

Late Night Snack

Last nite on the way to my abg's house, he ordered a beef burger along the way. I was kinda worried since the burger shop might be closed because it was a public holiday, alas I remembered a burger shop in front of the CIMB bank in Kajang. I forgot how much burger cost now days but damn even a regular beef burfer cost RM2.20. At least my abg liked it, so it was not a waste then.

Even late at nite, around 11pm people are still making their deposits and withdrawing some cash. After the banks starts to close on Saturday's these kiosk makes it easier to do some basic banking needs

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mad Scientist..

Yes I am a mad scientist... driven mad by the mad professor who personally knows the mad hatter in alice in wonderland . (okay that last part was merapu ok :p)... These is my world everyday till I graduate and present my thesis..
Mice, so healthy, so furry, so dying in 4 days (their carcass is in the -80 degress freezer)
Myself standing in front of my prof project, for the Science Innovation thing at UPM. He made a slimming cream but too bad he did not won anything

Drinks anyone, 70% alcohol sure to make anyone look good :p. No lah this is the disinfected I used for my experiment.

Scientist in action

Death kit.....for my experiments... muaahaaaaa....

My gadgets (duit elaun yg dileburkan)

I am in the process of making this blog a lot interesting to read and just show my view of the world to those around me. I used the allowance I got from being a minion to my prof (a research assistant) to get me all these gadgets. The quintet above me is the phones I have in my collection. The first one on the left is the Nokia 3310, the model with the faint green light, not the blue one. Then followed by the Sony Ericsson a phone that my father passed down to my mother and my mother passed it to me. It was one of the worlds first colour screen handphone, with not 1 not 10 but 256 colours. It has like all the latest features not is some phone still don't have such as bluetooth, ifrared, mms and a camera, but the camera is the detachable kind that you connect with to the bottom. Then followed by my other "baby" the Nokia 6085, I love the phone, love how it looks, love how the keypad feels and love the function. Too bad it only has a VGA camera, but still, I am satisfied. Lastly the one one the right, the Nokia with the antena is the Nokia 6101. It a rather old model, but I bought it for my Maxis prepaid. I only like Nokia sms system, its far easier for me. By the way all 4 phones still works ..

This my first digital camera I bought with my own money. Its a Samsung S730, a basic point and shoot camera. Its really quite good, with 7.2 megapixel, anti shake, and voice and video recording. It even has some manual functions. Quite happy with it.

My life and soul is in this laptop. Well actually my thesis project and everything about me is in here. I got it for 1750 with a mouse. Quite cheap, but it has a celeron M processor, 512mb RAM, 80gb, and DVD burner. Its ok for doing work and playing some old games, we can play newer games but at the lowest and suckiest resolution.

Ghost of Past Summons

What shock for me yesterday, when my sister gave 4 summons letter. I was like SHIT!!!, surat saman!! mati la aku. As I look closer to it, the summons were issued in 2004 and 2005. Damn I was still doing my degree back then. I have to check and see if I was driving the Naza Ria, since all summons were issued to that car and all the summons were issued at the same place, under the overpass near the ramp that goes to Kajang SILK highway.. I am hoping that my dad was the one drove it... GULP But it sooooooo weird that summon of the past would creep up on us now.

Insane I tell you... my gosh..what will my parents say when they get back from Haj... I don't think I was driving the van during that time, but then who knows right..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

New blog, new ideas, new ways

Its been a long time since this blog has been updated, I think I am going to change the format. More pictures and less words, since I have a camera phone and a digital camera... tgk la nanti when i am not as busy as lazy as now..

Monday, November 12, 2007

saje je letak gambar nih, dari minggu lepas aku dok try letak gambar dlm profile tak dapat2 gak. hampeh daah