Saturday, December 29, 2007

A View Of My World

Welcome to my life, this what I faced every day till early of 2009. My mice are a vital part of my master project, without them there will be no project. I maintain my parasites inside the mice, by injecting the mice with the parasite. After a certain day, the mice will die and I will transfer the parasite to another mice and the process goes on.

Above is my cages that contain my mice, below are the female mice cage, while the above contain the male mice. I need to separate them because I over bred them. Mice will breed like crazy, a female mice can get pregnant just a few hours after giving birth.

These are the mice from one of the cages, I believe these mice are still young and not suitable to be the host of my parasites.

This is ether, in the old days of medicine I believe they used ether as a way to make people unconscious during surgery, if not you would have the patient kicking and screaming in pain. If the surgery does not kill you, the surgery would

This the effect of overdose of ether. This is actually one of the humane ways to put down (kill, put to sleep) a mice. If you just exposed the mice to ether for just a moment, it will pass out, but if you exposed it for a longer period of time, it will die.

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