Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going Straight and Failed.

I have naturally curly hair. Out of the blue, I decided to straighten it.

The Straightening Cream is used to chemically relaxed the hair. Its major ingredient in it is Ammonium thioglycolate. So it does smell like industrial strength toilet cleaner.

Voila, straight hair and spikey hair

Yes, now I look like every other average Joe's on the street. Happiness does not last long

There is one problem with this process. Your hair needs to be at least 3 inches long, because its easier to iron it using a hair straighter. If you don't use a hair straightener, this is the result. The hair becomes dry and wavy. If the hair is wet, it becomes straight, but if it is dry, it becomes this frizzy mess. My brother uses it (it was his straightener kit anyway), but his hair is longer thus he is able to iron it. Upon closer inspection, his hair does look a bit like mine, but I had coloured my hair before and my hair is much more curly. These two factors does contribute to his frizzy mess.

I decide to just cut it all off, even the barber was a bit weird out by my current hair texture and proceeded to cut everything off :(... Actually this is the first time I was able to record each step of the process. I am not a novice in this hair straightening process. When I did my diploma, I used to overuse this chemical repeated and damage my hair repeatedly. I bleached, colored, and straighten it to a point the hair broke off. I remember how much time it took to style my hair and how worried I was when there was strong wind. It made me laugh a little of how desperate I was back then for the path of straight hair. The proper way is probably to go to a professional or at least wait till I have at least 3 inches of hair or at least learn to know how to iron my hair. LOL.. that takes to much times. I will stick with my neatly short crop hair for now.
*btw, if you are curious on how the process works, this is the simplest way I could explain it.
Apply straigtening cream to unshampoo hair using a fine comb.
Leave it between 15-30 minutes until hair is straighten.
Wash your hair clean of the straightening cream.
Iron your hair with a flat iron.
Apply the neutralizing cream.
Leave for 10 minute
Rinse all the neutralizing cream off.
Iron your hair again.
Do not wash for at least 48 hours.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Me and the workshop are inseparable. Its seems I maybe one of the responsible one in the house to service the cars. I was told by friends, if I still live in the house, they would still depend on me to service the cars. Its very tiring because of the long hours. You can try to book your next service but it does require planning. However last time I booked a service, it still took the same time as the time I walked in early in the morning. It kinda makes booking pointless to me. Perodua Service Centre in Bandar Teknologi Kajang, is nice. There is Wifi and free coffee drinks while you wait more than an hour for the car to get service. Honda, Imavest near MRR1 or is it MRR2 is nice too, with free Maggi and coffee drinks. Although the Honda service is much more quicker than Perodua. Perodua cars however only require servicing every 6 months or 10K, Honda on the other hand, needs servicing every 3 months or 5k. If you don't follow it, your service warranty maybe void. That sucks really bad since that same interval was created almost 100 years ago. They say its preventative, I say its trying to milk out the customers money. This is because other manufacturers now recommends the 6 months or 10k on their cars too. Eh what to do, I mean if that is your own personal choice to do a much shorter interval, then its your choice. If the choice was forced on you, now I got beef to chew. Anyways, my Viva has been way over abused by family members. It was scratched in multiple places, mileage is quite high. I think we did around 30k a year for this Viva. It is quite fuel efficient in the city and highway as long you don't try to push it hard (actually this advice is for every vehicle really)
Yawnnn.. I was the first customer in, but since my windows, my side mirror and my automatic transmission needed to be changed/repair. I won't be the first one to go out. ZZZzz.. more free coffee please..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baking God

Yeah.. about that title.. No, not a god, syirik tau... but yeah. Baking is fun, tiring, but the results are instant

I acted smart by using more trays for dropping my cookie dough and using half butter and half butter blend (butter mixed with milk and oil, is the cheaper stick of butter). This shorten the baking time since I have more trays in the oven and makes the cookies crispier

My family told me to stop making these because it will make them fat. Oh well, I should start on making a Truffle next :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Good lord..

This blog has become from plain to ridiculous boring!

What happened to the updates, what happened to telling me people what kind of face cream I use, what kind of cars that is hot, how bitchy some people in my family can be and how annoying people in life can be..


I should have schedule.. right now, I don't have any..

Tsk2.. and this blog generates money, even though its just a few cent a month, although sometimes they be like a huge boost of a ringgit or two, but I am not a die hard blogger.

Well, at least one should write, right?

Seriously, but if you have a blogger with sooooooooo many words, won't you be just a bit more irritated or if the blog is so emo, won't you feel like this blog is bringing you down..

Tsk tsk..

Or is it, there is too many things to write, so much that I just forgo the whole thing

Tsk tsk indeed.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eat sleep eat sleep

Basically that what I do at my grandmotherks house. Probably the best thing to do. Too bad there is no more Mico slowly catwalking around the house
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Day?

I woke up early but end up sleeping again. I felt so tired. I thought it was Friday. NOT!.. it was only Tuesday..erghh.. I really have to start to sleep earlier, but I can't. Perhaps its the late night gym session. I swear to you, I never seem to be able to get out of the house before 10pm. Thank goodness this gym closes at 12am. My body is aching from doing things its not used to do, such as moving. A gym friend of my told me this was normal, since your body is not used to it. One thing about gym that you should know before actually registering in one, is that it makes your appetite grow incredibly. Everything taste so much better after a work out. Which is why some people never loose weight at the gym *thats me, although they do firm up a bit. I guess it depends on what you really want to do with your body. I don't have that much complain, although having a pair of strong arms for myself seemed quite practical. However tonight might be an off night. I am baking some cookies for dear friend. He loves it so much, even though he never tasted it "Budddd nak cooookies" are the things he would ask me whenever there a baking post.
I wanted to use our old oven but it still leaking gas. When the repairman came and tested the oven, no gas was leaking but when I tried the day before yesterday, it started to smell gas. That huge oven, cuts the baking session in half because more cookies could be baked at the same time. I hope by changing the gas cylinder head,it would not leaked anymore.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Most days, I feel like I am only half awake, half aware, and half asleep. I feel like zombie or at least like I haven't fully woken up.
Lots of flowers at the Putrajaya floral festival. I thought my mother would go on a shopping spree, but she ended up buying only fungicide for her Orchids.

I did something crazy which is to watch football at Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square). It was fun and crazy. No way in hell, I would watch at home alone.

*Need more updates, regardless of how EMO it is... at least people who do actually accidentally click here, have something to bitch about....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Dream a Dream

I am beginning to hate my dreams. They are starting to be irritating. Instead of traveling into another world, vastly different from what I have, I dream of the world I am living now, or more precisely what I plan to do right then. In my head, I felt like I have done it, but in reality, it was just all just a dream, its my mind telling me I have done it, but in fact it was just a lie so that I would go back to bed.

My mind is playing me for a fool, now that is just plain stupid. I feel like I am lost again until I face the ugly truth. There are way to many ugly truth I need to face, and boy are they ugly and perhaps the source of why my mind went on flee and forget mode. Its so totally screwed up now.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bandung Shopping

It was our first family trip overseas together, and we decided to go to Bandung, Indonesia. The capital of West Java Province in Indonesia. With more than 7 million people and still growing, this moderate temperature city (23 Celsius) is a shopping and food heaven for locals and international tourist.

There are lot of clothing outlets here, relatively medium size clothing outlets selling, their own T-Shirt designs, or factory outlets selling last seasons, leftover stocks or rejected items.
Each store has there own style, but mostly they carry the same brands. Almost all the time, they sell it at the same price

That is why, whenever you find an item you like, might as well take it now. Since you may or you may not find it again.

They have really great service. The staff are eager to serve you without smothering you or giving you attitude.

Its nice, if you have a driver (supir) to drive you to all the shopping outlet for you to shop till you drop.

This is Pasar Baru (in Braga?? I forgot.. hehehe, just ask the driver and he knows), view from the top floor. This place reminds me of Pasar Payang in Terengganu.

You can get a lot of textiles here. Ladies would loved the abundance of options here. My mother loved this place

A feast for the eyes. Again the sales people are rarely pushy, although there were many people trying to sell me something off their carts (I had 10 drink seller, 5 key chain seller, and 2 songkok seller approached me)