Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going Straight and Failed.

I have naturally curly hair. Out of the blue, I decided to straighten it.

The Straightening Cream is used to chemically relaxed the hair. Its major ingredient in it is Ammonium thioglycolate. So it does smell like industrial strength toilet cleaner.

Voila, straight hair and spikey hair

Yes, now I look like every other average Joe's on the street. Happiness does not last long

There is one problem with this process. Your hair needs to be at least 3 inches long, because its easier to iron it using a hair straighter. If you don't use a hair straightener, this is the result. The hair becomes dry and wavy. If the hair is wet, it becomes straight, but if it is dry, it becomes this frizzy mess. My brother uses it (it was his straightener kit anyway), but his hair is longer thus he is able to iron it. Upon closer inspection, his hair does look a bit like mine, but I had coloured my hair before and my hair is much more curly. These two factors does contribute to his frizzy mess.

I decide to just cut it all off, even the barber was a bit weird out by my current hair texture and proceeded to cut everything off :(... Actually this is the first time I was able to record each step of the process. I am not a novice in this hair straightening process. When I did my diploma, I used to overuse this chemical repeated and damage my hair repeatedly. I bleached, colored, and straighten it to a point the hair broke off. I remember how much time it took to style my hair and how worried I was when there was strong wind. It made me laugh a little of how desperate I was back then for the path of straight hair. The proper way is probably to go to a professional or at least wait till I have at least 3 inches of hair or at least learn to know how to iron my hair. LOL.. that takes to much times. I will stick with my neatly short crop hair for now.
*btw, if you are curious on how the process works, this is the simplest way I could explain it.
Apply straigtening cream to unshampoo hair using a fine comb.
Leave it between 15-30 minutes until hair is straighten.
Wash your hair clean of the straightening cream.
Iron your hair with a flat iron.
Apply the neutralizing cream.
Leave for 10 minute
Rinse all the neutralizing cream off.
Iron your hair again.
Do not wash for at least 48 hours.

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