Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Procrastination Part 1

This is the reason why I blog less and less.

Actually this is one of many reason.

Well.. actually this reason has many types which can go from platform to platform, genre to genre and obsession to obsession. As you can see from the time (if you can see it) is that its almost midnite and I am still just obsessing away my life clicking away. Hey, its addictive and add on some music, time flies so quickly. Not to mention how my hands and joint hurts a bit. One goes for hours on this and still not feel satisfied. Its an obession!!! *cue background music

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Satisfaction comes in many forms. I just found one of it and I feel good.

Shitty post right? I last blogged in Sept and this is the shit you get to read. I swear I was practically blogging everyday. The only problem is I was blogging in my head and did not get a chance to upload it in black and white. If I did you guys would get a lot of new facts and even more "to much info" post from me.

Will I change? Unless the post becomes regular, I even doubt it myself..

Now will I change to satisfy you?