Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cool Comfy Mornings

Nothing like a cool comfy morning. The air around is so cool, but the comforter felt so warm and you are in the sweet spot in your bed where you felt asleep last night. It was a perfect bliss till you realised that its a working morning.

Fuck... Suddenly your morning routine has been cut to just a few minutes. You probably either skipped shower, ironed clothes, or basically whatever that makes you presentable in the morning. Then there is the traffic rush in the morning that will make you late since you did leave earlier. There you are in the office, looking unkept and wrinkled while being hungry and tired.

Did this happened to me? I did woke up late, but I managed to take a shower. I skipped breakfast but managed to take my 8am train which means I will roughly make it on time.

Not bad for riding a train that everybody claims to always late all the time...

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Oh hi there..

Don't mind me, I am just dusting this blog and removing cow webs dangling here and there. I am not sure whether there is nothing going on in my life to write, or too many things going at once that I just could not manage to write.

Work does consume you. Either you are consume by the load of work you must do, or you are so tired, that you just don't care what to do. My work involves people and dealing with people, while having a lot of energy. Its really tiring actually, and since people only see you smile like all the time, it's either they think you are happy all the time or that the job you do is easy that you smile.

NO!... I smile because that is part of my work and part of my work that I enjoy, however I do have my downtime and my inner monologue time where I think and frown. Its tiring to smile all day, so in the end, all I want to do is to sit in my room, alone with a game. I think even blogging is like communicating to people and communicating is something I like to shut down after 7pm.

However if I had a regular desk job, I will definitely be out and about at night hanging out with friends or make new ones.

I think that is what I did during my masters, all day in the lab and then desperately all night out. Heck, I even had a car during my studies and was free to travel practically everywhere. Now I just commute to work.

Its not so bad, its actually quite good. I have more money than I used to, I get to buy stuff I never get and I get to eat food I never get to eat. Its not bad at all.

Opps, gotta get back to dusting.....