Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cool Comfy Mornings

Nothing like a cool comfy morning. The air around is so cool, but the comforter felt so warm and you are in the sweet spot in your bed where you felt asleep last night. It was a perfect bliss till you realised that its a working morning.

Fuck... Suddenly your morning routine has been cut to just a few minutes. You probably either skipped shower, ironed clothes, or basically whatever that makes you presentable in the morning. Then there is the traffic rush in the morning that will make you late since you did leave earlier. There you are in the office, looking unkept and wrinkled while being hungry and tired.

Did this happened to me? I did woke up late, but I managed to take a shower. I skipped breakfast but managed to take my 8am train which means I will roughly make it on time.

Not bad for riding a train that everybody claims to always late all the time...

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Oh hi there..

Don't mind me, I am just dusting this blog and removing cow webs dangling here and there. I am not sure whether there is nothing going on in my life to write, or too many things going at once that I just could not manage to write.

Work does consume you. Either you are consume by the load of work you must do, or you are so tired, that you just don't care what to do. My work involves people and dealing with people, while having a lot of energy. Its really tiring actually, and since people only see you smile like all the time, it's either they think you are happy all the time or that the job you do is easy that you smile.

NO!... I smile because that is part of my work and part of my work that I enjoy, however I do have my downtime and my inner monologue time where I think and frown. Its tiring to smile all day, so in the end, all I want to do is to sit in my room, alone with a game. I think even blogging is like communicating to people and communicating is something I like to shut down after 7pm.

However if I had a regular desk job, I will definitely be out and about at night hanging out with friends or make new ones.

I think that is what I did during my masters, all day in the lab and then desperately all night out. Heck, I even had a car during my studies and was free to travel practically everywhere. Now I just commute to work.

Its not so bad, its actually quite good. I have more money than I used to, I get to buy stuff I never get and I get to eat food I never get to eat. Its not bad at all.

Opps, gotta get back to dusting.....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Procrastination Part 1

This is the reason why I blog less and less.

Actually this is one of many reason.

Well.. actually this reason has many types which can go from platform to platform, genre to genre and obsession to obsession. As you can see from the time (if you can see it) is that its almost midnite and I am still just obsessing away my life clicking away. Hey, its addictive and add on some music, time flies so quickly. Not to mention how my hands and joint hurts a bit. One goes for hours on this and still not feel satisfied. Its an obession!!! *cue background music

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Satisfaction comes in many forms. I just found one of it and I feel good.

Shitty post right? I last blogged in Sept and this is the shit you get to read. I swear I was practically blogging everyday. The only problem is I was blogging in my head and did not get a chance to upload it in black and white. If I did you guys would get a lot of new facts and even more "to much info" post from me.

Will I change? Unless the post becomes regular, I even doubt it myself..

Now will I change to satisfy you?

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I think about the future sometimes. Then I drown that thought in Pokemon. However when I am charging my DS or my arms get cramped up I think about it.

My friends and acquaintances comes from all walks of life and handphone models. There's the elite successful iPhone groups, the busy Blackberry's, the classic Nokia's and the ecclectic Androids.

Its nice to see how different they are and how alike they can be.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012


So right before bed but after trying to introduce one of our rabbits to the new cat, I decided my song playlist needed some more addition even though I added a 16gb microsd I did not even try to fill it up. Such wasted space.

Now it has been added and updated. Finally I don't have to skip 20 songs only to have the same song repeating itself.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hair Iron

As my hair is getting longer, it has gotten unruly, because the curly part is pushing the straighten hair into the curly direction. So no longer a "fawhawk" but "out of bed". Its not that bad, but it gotten me thinking of getting a hair iron. Hair iron is just two pieces of heated plates that can go up to 210 degrees Celsius (water boils at 100 Celsius okay) and used to iron your hair flat. I used to have one, this really cheap ass iron, that is kinda scary to use, because I am afraid it might melt or electrocute me, but it really does work for my brother, I just don't know how to use it on my curly hair. Perhaps more YouTube videos would help me
This is brand new type whose iron actually rotates and while a pair of brushes, align your hair correctly.
This is the traditional ones with a ceramic plates.
As I was reading about the ceramic plates, I found out that ceramic plates naturally release negative ions. Negative ions is apparently very good to hair because it keeps it from going unruly. Some hair dryers also have negative ions built in it to prevent frowziness. Then it hit me. OMG, this is something from the Electrostatic show! We have this experiment in the Electrostatic show, that we never get to do often, because it requires a volunteer with dry loose movement hair. We take a balloon and rub it against the hair, the hair will stuck to balloon because we transfer all the positive charge from the balloon to the hair and the hair repels each other and sticks to the nearest thing with some negative charge which is the balloon
So bad hair day is caused by built up of static electricity in your hair, so those negative ions in hair irons and hair dryer will maintaining good hair.
You know what I thought, I was like, this could be a science show!, I could bring a hair iron on stage and casually iron my hair in front of the audience and pretend nothing is happening. Its so random and so strange but it helps me to explain the things in life that is related to static electricity. Okay... I think too much about work...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweating It Off

I sweat a lot. I can't control it. I sweat when I eat anything above the Mild flavour at Nandos, I sweat if the temperature is above 25 Celsius, I sweat when I am stressed, I sweat when I am angry, I sweat when I perform Science Show, I sweat if my hair is more than 1 inch in length.

I am sweating as I type this. I was born to live somewhere where the temperature is temperate all year long, which probably does not exist because it will probably get uncomfortable or even deadly cold during winter.

I still haven't found the right anti perspirant that actually works, although the combination of a stick deodorant, roll on deodorant and spray deodorant, all at the same time, does work, but come one, 3 types of deodorant. Why can't one work?

Lies! It never works with just one spray!!
Another effect of sweating a lot is that my cologne seems to last for like 3 hours before it has been sweated off. Its like, how can I be those people that seemed to be walking fragrances, how much do they spray, do they have the entire soap, deodorant, shampoo and body lotion along with the cologne they have?
Hmm this guy has the same problem as me too, he has to keep spraying cologne all day long
Right now, I just started to have my hair relaxed or straighten again, I like it so far, but since its longer I sweat a bit easier and when I do sweat, my hair gets damp and wet, as if I just took a shower. I even stop getting my hair wet in the morning so that it will be easier to style when I get to work, but somehow I might need some towels, hair dryer and a flatiron at my desk. I have a mini fan at my desk.
I might be doing this in the office, but with a silent hair dryer of course, or I could just go to our hurricane exhibit to dry my hair and cool myself off all at the same time!
Or I could just drive to work, in my freezing cold aircond in my 21 year old Mercedes and arrived immaculately dry, cologne still intact and hair all spiked up and dry........................................

Friday, September 14, 2012

Volvo V40, Pedestrian Airbag System

Its the latest technology in pedestrian safety. Manufacturers have been trying to improve their score in NCAP, on pedestrian safety. While most manufacturers developed softer bumpers and hoods, design that will lift the pedestrian over the hood instead of tucking it under the car, while Citroen hood raises up during pedestrian collision, Volvo introduces a pedestrian airbag, which covers the front windscreen to further reduce head trauma during a pedestrian accident
This is a standard feature on all of the brand new V40

How the airbag and lifted hood designed to lift, protects a pedestrian during an accident.
Whats my take on this new technology?
I don't give a fcuk. Why would I care about pedestrians living after being hit by a car. Some might scorned at my insensitivity but, I am about to be hit by a car, will I always be flung up onto the windscreen? What if the car runs me over? Is there an airbag to protect me from being rolled over by the tires? So I am thrown onto the airbag, then what? I am stuck and protected there or will I roll off and fall on my neck and break it.
I love airbags, I want 6 of them in my car, but pedestrian airbags? NO!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dusting and over sharing

As I was dusting my blog, I found someone commented on a recent post. I guess if you read it by the time this post was uploaded you could read it to the right bar side of the blog

basically look here ----------->

Anyhow, I am glad googling helped her with her research

I have been neglecting to blog for the longest time. Its not my fault, I pretend that my brain is wired to the Internet and it uploads everything I see, here and think.

But really, I need my hands for that, and what are my hands busy doing?

Yes, I am busy with my Nitendo DSi XL and I am busy trying to catch them all!! (If you don't know what I am talking about, it's better you don't)

Anyhow, its interesting people still stumble upon my relentless ramblings, after all 4 years of post graduate studies does strange things to you.

Perhaps I learned that some things are better left unsaid, but most likely I am just to lazy to crypt it into a message that only I could understand. Its a shame really.


Despite what people say about we shared to much information online (Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets, Blog posts, Foursquare checkins, Instagram pictures etc2), we are a leaving a legacy, a record of our lives, however immature, dumb, whiny it maybe.

It helps you grow a bit, while reminiscing on "what the fuck were you thinking moments"

Alas, you never know, like I just did, my post managed to help someone.

Onward with over sharing on the Internet!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I was checking my online banking and found something rather peculiar. I have reloaded my maxis number 3 times in the past month. Since each reload is 30, that is about 90. Yikes. I have no idea where the reloads when. Is it because of data usage or calls and sms?

Some say I should change to postpaid to "save" money. However this over reload happens once in a blue moon and usually I use around 50 a month. This exclude my celcom my number which is around 50 a month too which also includes a blackberry plan.

Data is cheaper and more flexible on maxis. You can have as much or as less data as you want. I use the rm 8 a week, which gives me 100mb of data if I am feeling extra "youtubeish" I can pay rm2 for 100mb of data per day.

However calls and blackberry is cheaper on celcom. I pay only 28sen for every 10 minutes calls I make while I pay rm 25 per month for my blackberry internet which includes 250 mb of data. Blackberry is incredibly stingy with its data usage. I rarely dip below 245mb a month. However internet speed is limitted to less than 300kb or something. So no youtube and somewebsite takes a while load. But all the other Bb aps and bbm works flawlessly.

So 90 ? I think I will swallow it this month. Postpaid shall wait for me.
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Of a phone

I once read that Malaysians were one of the countries with the most usage of handphones in the world. In fact many of us has more than one phone, including yours truly.

Why the second phone one might say? I like to keep a second number from a different carrier. Its great for emergencies, calling the person of the same carrier and great for keeping my scandals and family from each others.

Also I like to use a different phone for different functions. I was once a hardcore Nokia fan. I even had two of the flip phones (no one makes flip phones anymore, even motorolla quit).

Then I got a blackberry and fell in love with it. Even though I had no friends on BBM nor did I had any internet access. Thy keyboard, seriousness and security appealed to me.

Then came th Android OS. The only reason I liked it before is because of Angry Birds (I don't even play it anymore. So I got a Samsung. Its nice and allowed me to fumble with the latest craze of touch screen phones.

Am I happy? Well I gotten the top end Blackberry, so things are going well with its nice qwerty keyboard, touch screen and excellent processing speed not to mentioned internal memory to store everything almost permanently.

My samsung? Well I got the midrange model. I am fine with the slower processor and less clearer screen. The thing that erks me the most has to be the lack of internal memory. There is only a wimpy 190mb of memory. To make things worst some apps have to be installed into the phone which robs the extra memory. Argghh I am okay if it had at least 1gb of internal memory since all the other apps goes to the microsd card. I could go to a upper midrange phone which has everything I want but my heart yearn for the top line model. It makes the credit card burns in my pocket. After all its only a swipe away.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Small luxuries

I think sometimes we tend to forget all the small luxuries that we do have and keep on focusing on the things we try to have.

My personal luxuries (yes plural, I do have many of it) include a hairwash and haircut at a salon. Gourmet (not sure if starbucks and san fransisco coffee could be considered gourmet) coffee, nice food, two smartphone WITH internet access, and most important of all savings.

I don't live from paycheck to paycheck. Maybe I do, but I always something to back me up. Although I think lately its getting a bit out of hand, but I know that I won't have to ask from anybody because I am able to work it out for me.
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Thursday, June 21, 2012


We had a nostalgic conversation over supper just now. My mum and sisters were remembering the times we had with our family friend whose now a high ranking government official. He was a good man and it reflected in his family.

They were one of our close family friends. You could see them once every 4 years and still could click normally. Nostalgic is nice but it makes you wonder will they stay the same or become someone totally different.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ironing Man...

 I remember when I first learned to iron my clothes. I was in Form 2 (8th grade) and my mom literally had to forced me to iron my own clothes. I still use her technical but my skills has went down the drain. I can barely get the nice straight single creases let alone a smooth clothes. Thank goodness for those ironing spray, you can actually do lacklustre ironing job, but your clothes will still be perfect.

Anyhow, I stopped ironing once I got into college, I was happy with my crinkled clothes. Then now working life, I was happy that I got a uniform, and since its just t-shirt and cargo pants, no ironing is needed. I only need to iron on Monday's where it is meeting days. Damn it felt like during my diploma days where Monday is corporate day where we had to wear a shirt, slacks and a tie.

Anyhow, right now my mother is tempting me to pay the Laundromat to iron my clothes. It cost RM 1 per clothes article, and she said since my clothes are so big, its worth the money. Oooh even more temptation for me to quickly forget how to iron.

I need an iron person to iron my clothes.

Perhaps the real Iron Man would help me iron my clothes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Germ Theory and Hygiene Hypothesis

I was bathing the other day and wanted to use a brand new bottle of body wash. I been using bar soap for a month or two now, because I ran out of body wash, but after taking a shower in a friend's house, he had this Lifebuoy, purple body wash, with yogurt extract.

That yogurt shit is total bogus because there is next to none in it since its listed in the ingredients after the preservatives. So really, I liked it because it smells nice. As I lathered on with my loofah, I suddenly remembered about germ theory.

What is it? It is actually a theory that disease is caused by microorganism. So hence an antimicrobial body wash like this that contains triclosan is good for us because it can kill up to 99.9% germs. (that's what the commercial said).

There is also a hygiene hypotheses that said, if you are too clean, you can infected with more disease because your immune system has never gotten infected before. Actually that is one reason why I stopped using antimicrobial body wash or soap. Unless I am working in health care, research or medical, normal soap would be sufficient enough.

Its really something that has both side debating. Heck even triclosan is now being questioned whether it is absorbed into the skin and into the liver. Go figure.

So the choice is still up to you. Pick a side and be happy with it. I just hope you do bath with soap, because cleanliness is next to godliness.. (I heard the quote somewhere, I don't really remember)

Can you imagine, all of this was in my head in my 7 minute shower. Owh I still use this body wash, because it smells sooo nice.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baking a calm and free pavlovas :)

Baking a calm. Yes that would describe how I felt about baking. When I was doing my research it was definitely stressful add to that, I was slowly trying not to become awkward around people I just met. So yes, it was a sting to my nerves.

Baking was my escape. It was nice and I had people to feed it with. Back then I seem to get invites to gathering a such. Alas cliques break, friendship ends and bridges are burn. So the invites has become less and less. It helps people have another activity to do too.

Its okay, I still have the office staff and the volunteers to feed. Lol. These people are very lucky. I am practically giving free food and everyone loves free food.

Right now I have a pavlova sitting on the table, just waiting to be lathered with whipcream and strawberry kiwis. Are you the lucky one who gets to try it?
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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Erghh.. a managing position. One can only push it as far as one can until its your turn.

What is it you may say?

Its time for me to organized a thematic program where I work.


I wonder if other workplace are like this, where you are given the chance to actually manage an event. Heck, I don't this is my first real paying job ( A job is only real if it pays EPF and SOSCO)


Of course!


Nah... there are plenty of people supporting me. Beside good deeds do return back to you eventually.

The real problem?

Not wanting to sleep, even though my mornings are so groggy and dizzy.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

About A car

I am happy with my daily transportation methods. I ride my moped to the komuter train station after 7 in the morning, catch a train, usually the 6 car coach, to KL Sentral and then take the LRT to KLCC. I repeat again in the evening after I finish work.

As you should know, taking the public transportation is very cost effective. I calculate that my petrol bill would be the same as my transportation bill now, and I haven't calculated in toll, parking or wear and tear.

However some days, when I work late or decide to go home late, I wish that I had car and that I don't have to worry about not being able to catch the last komuter train home to Kajang which is at 10.30pm. Yes sometimes I feel that I must work that late because my mood for any sort of paperwork comes very late at night. Which is why my master took forever to finish...

I want to buy back my old car from my family. I really loved that car, sure it has problems of its own, but its about 90% perfect for my style of driving and my usage. Some say I should just get a new car, but I don't know if I want to spend all of my money on a car. I like having my savings grow and grow, I like to have impromptu dinners, and I like to have some money for breakdowns on certain days.

I do have the old car, but the aircond is busted, and since its an old car, if it runs without aircond, its gets really hot, you can feel the heat from the engine seeping into the car. I joke with people, if the aircond is busted, you will feel the car you own is much older than it is.

A car is not that expensive, after all you can get a new car for 28k... but it is quite basic, but it is personal transportation with cool aircond...

Ah well, time will come perhaps..

Friday, June 8, 2012

Politically Correct?

Yup I know I am working since I got my first work related frustration. I was so frustrated it killed my mood for the whole morning. I feel like lashing out and storming at them, but I knew I would be on the losing side. Did I suppressed it?

Hell NO!!!

Of course I was upset, but you can't really do much other than swallowing it, ignoring it or passive aggressiveness. I did all 3, sure it was taxing to my body and mind, but it beats getting fired or saying something regretful or burn bridges (I think I would just bomb the bridge from a far using a remote).

Any how, it got me thinking, this is just one of the many to come. If I crack now, how weak and meek will I be? Never.. Crack? Not once, I will find away to get them back. After all, everything comes back to you in one way or another...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Payday of Silly Little Things

Its payday and its time for everyone to enjoy their fruits of labor for the past month that they are working. Its also time to pay bills and settle your mortgages. Perhaps its time to pay back a friend or family that you have borrowed or just settle old debt. What ever it is, that proverbial sack of gold is getting empty and there is nothing you could do about it.

Alas, most of the time, we should not worry because payday will come again and the cycle starts over. For the few unfortunate people, paycheck does not come and they are forced to live on whatever nuts they squirled away. Well I play to squirl up as much as I can each month away in a separate account. My eyes gleams with joy seeing all that money piled up. Seeing 4 digits in your bank account is very satisfying.

Due to this however, I am spending as I was still a volunteer, but with a major difference. I could now save, pay my study loan and pay back the money I borrowed to buy my Blackberry, which soon will be as "parental" money that I give to my parents.

Downside of this squirled up life is that buying a car and renting a place of my own seems like an impossible dream until I have sufficient enough money. Lately though, I feel like its something I must do now. Everything is just getting stressful in my personal and I can just leave it at that. I guess people feel like its cool to report back to everyone whatever I rant regardless of what platform I have shared. However, I am asking for trouble for actually accepting them as friends, even though I felt like I added them only so I can share my thoughts and feeling with them. I can only say congratulation to them, this is the last straw before I put them in the restricted list. It is a cool list, since they can only see a fraction of what I do and most importantly what I say.

Some say I get a bit over dramatic over such "silly little things", but when these "silly little things" get add up over time, it becomes a "major big thing". Of course, most of the time people still shoved it back to me and say "its just a silly little thing".

I have a friend who is sad most of the time and people thought it was from studying too much time, but little do people know studying was actually a relaxing for my friend to do, same like me, I like my job, sure there are stressful things here and there but its all good. Its those "silly little things" outside of the Twin Towers building that just drives me off the wall.

"Silly little things" they say. Well its not silly to me, and I do not appreciated you undermining me that way.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Guilt is the feeling when I sleep with the air conditioning on for two nights in a row.

When something irritates me as hell at home, maybe misplaced items, maybe items are missing, maybe its the comments, I feel no guilt.

Leaving dirty dishes? No guilt
Leaving without saying goodbye? No guilt
Not socializing or coming out of my room? No guilt..

Pitiful right?

Its very pitiful and sad indeed to be doing things like that. However if you look at it closely, it resembles passive aggressiveness. I seriously doubt anyone actually notices that. Heck no one notices me when I am sick but they do notice me when I am thinking alone or daydreaming while walking.

Nonsense right, its as nonsense as forgetting my jacket at the dry cleaners, yet again since I just saw my resit as I am typing this blog on this rather warm laptop which is struggling to play World of Warcraft for me....

Monday, May 14, 2012

The "n" factor

The letter n on my blackberry has gotten quite sticky. It means its just not as responsive as my other keys on my blackberry. I bought my blackberry earlier this year partly due to jealousy of other people's high end smart phone and that I wanted a blackberry again even though I hardly used its BBM service other than its email.

From a practical point of view my mid ranged android does almost everything except it lacks the internal memory my bb has. As I type this on my blackberry each "n" its a constant "push" while the other letters feels like a part of me.

Easiest way to solve this is just to send it back to the place I bought it and get it repaired. Somehow I am afraid that if I did send it in, it will never come back to me the way it was before. There is also the fact that my blackberry subscription has just been renewed so I feel like if its send in for repairs it could be days or weeks before I get it back.

What is it with me and my attachment to non living thing? Its not like I am not prepared to return it, I already charged my backup phone and even backed up my blackberry to my computer so that I won't worry if all my data was replaced. Hmmm..... Most of the cases of problematic blackberry that was on facebook has been solved, now why won't I send mine in? There is also the possiblity that they won't understand that my "n" key is not responsive enough to my touch but then why should I wait till my warranty expires just to get it fixed?. Decisions, decisions...
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


At work, we had a 1 day course with a theater actor. It was said that he could give us tips on how to do science shows because he is one of the few theater actors that actually get request from science school and centres. We had a work shop on script writing and he told us that in order to become better writers we must write. It sounded reasonable enough and its one of the tips out there to improve writing.

However, he emphasise on writing with a pencil and paper. He said "WE MUST". I asked if we could you a computer, he said "NO" and claims that it does not have the same effect as holding a pencil and paper.

Well I almost could not resist asking about using pens and glass or a tablet with a stylist to write, but might as well leave him leaving my company being happy. I still think its absurd. Just because technology has surpassed normal pencil and paper, while some people has learned to type as efficiently or even quicker that writing such as my self, it does not mean it does not have a link through our brain.

I personally think, its an old fashion thing, the man was 57 years old or something, so its kinda understandable. Its as logic driving a car without power steering, or doing your laundry by hand and even cooking using firewood  compared to using modern technology.

Well, what ever it is, you must write, and you must write everyday, and its best if you write the moment you wake up. Well that latter might be a problem, however typing in using my smartphones won't be so hard.

Our mundanes days are intriguing to other people, but our whines and complaints are not.. So write, or type ;)

too long didn't read

this is a blog meet with android using the microphone feature. bush was great everything that is written on here is gibberish. position as you can see nothing makes sense because the voice recognition softwares truly not
working that well. best siri for iphone 4 s looks better in the financing laws. well I'm just too lazy to type normally keep leveling normal person. so I decided to publish this love using this voice recognition software. do you have a standard to british.

some confusing shit this is it

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Don't you just love it that I put a question mark on practically  every blog post I wrote? *sarcasm

Anyhow, my car is having problems again. The AC is having a problem again. Again? Yup, the AC has to be the most frequent thing that has gone bad. Good news, its not the same parts, but different parts of the AC system. Another good thing, the repairs are done fast and spare parts are a plenty compared to other parts of the car.

I finally watched Bridesmaid. Hmm, it was funny but I actually expected more, but it was enjoyable. Anyhow one of the things that caught my eye was the main characters old beat up car. Its probably a Honda, built in the 80s. Well, at my car is newer, it was built in 91 and my car does not spew out blue smoke. However I am pretty sure her car does not have AC.

Driving without AC in hot weather sucks big time, because you get all hot and sweaty when driving, while I am pretty sure that the heat from the engine is seeping through the interior and making it even hotter that usual. However driving it in normal weather makes it super easy and comfortable compared to driving it in the rain.

You see, what happens is, when you drive without the AC on, the windows inside of the car will fog up. When that happens, you are literally driving blind!. All the condensation is blocking my view, so what you have to do is literally wipe the windows off. At least the rear window defogger still works, which means I can still see the traffic behind.

Good thing about it, is I don't have to pay.. or at least I don't think I do. Some would say its better to get a new car, but with my so called budget constraint, all that I can afford and actually be comfortable with it is a base line Viva or Saga. Its new and has less problems, but its also slower, less exciting to look at and less safe. Nothing is sturdier than my 91 Mercedes, you just feel so safe in it.

Well, I guess we changed a bit after we work. Too bad that dream about cars I would drive, would never happen, because its just not practical enough :(

Which is why I stopped buying magazines about them.....

Although I still browse through the websites....

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Okay I am taking a picture of my ductape holder. There must be something wrong with my obsession with inanimate object (calculator). But this is my first tape holder and I always wanted one. Its pathetic right?

Well it does seem like I don't have something better to do with my time. I think its something to do with how I am watching my budget like a hawk. Well money is a whole another blog itself.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Three sides

There are always two sides of things but that would make us two dimensional. So I guess there is always three sides of things which makes things 3d or realistic.

So that means there is self point of view, the other person point of view and the perception of the people around you.

Does it makes sense? I am not sure myself. Is it too much crap written here just to say I spent the whole day off just being online? Its fun actually. Besides I spent Thursday night with a couple of friends till wee hours in the morning. That was a roll of fun.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I loved getting my hair washed. Its those little life pleasures that feels good, well priced ( dependng on where you go) and does not make you gain weight.

Its a good scalp massage, while removes those excess flaky dandruff, releaves head ache and relaxing.

I still remember when I was little when we still lived in Paka, Terrenganu, when my dad had a hair wash after a haircut in a salon. I still remember the foam covered wih bits of hair that was in a bowl.

I used to get my hair washed everymonth which was the same time I got my haircut because it was only rm 10 to do both. However this was at Arau, Perlis, where everything was well priced.

So why don't you try it sometimes.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Proton Preve Anyone?

Just found this video on Youtube for Proton Preve. Quite nice eh. Its made from the Exora platform so it is a very big car. Even though it has a rear multi link independent suspension which gives better ride and handling but takes up lots of boot space, the Proton Preve still manage to have a bigger boot that the Honda City with a torsion beam semi independent suspension. They say leg room in the rear is one of the best.

But what about the driver? If you opted for the high end version, you would get a light turbo charge 1.6 litre engine. Its "light" turbo because it does not produce massive amount of horsepower like say a Evo or WRX but more to give the engine a bit more omph!. So the 1.6 produces power like a 2.0 but with a 1.8 fuel economy and 1.6 road tax. Nice one!..There is also a revised 1.6 Campro, non turbo engine for the starter model.

Since Preve is coming out, they want to make sure this model is distinctive from the other Proton models. I heard that the 1.6 High Line Persona will be phased out and the 1.8 Inspira will also face the same fate, better get them if you still want it.

So the sedan family of Proton now consist of Saga BLM, Persona B-line (basic model), Preve and Inspira.

They are really milking out the Exora platform, I heard there will be a pick up, SUV and a hatchback in the making. Other than that, a smaller platform will be made to replace the Persona. Proton is definitely going in the right direction.

Off with his head!

You know what is worst than having things that pisses you off, is that you are pissed off of feeling pissed off. Wth?

Its true, its just ruins the mood and makes me want to just cave up in my room. If I don't cave up I will lash out at everyone I know.

It just does not feel right. Little things just piss me off. Like hunger, I don't expect food to be on the table, but don't put any hopes up for me. If the food will be late, tell me. I can go eat some where else.

I just hate being dependent on other people other than my company or boss. They gave me money so I need them. The rest of human kind? No thanks, if I need you I would call you. If everyone died and I am the only one left, well that is the end of human kind.

Argh! I hate being hungry. Its different during fasting month because you know, by the end of the day there is food. Just like what Snow said in The Hunger Games, hope is more powerful than fear.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Blog? What blog? I think I stopped blogging or have I? Truth is I am just either lazy or there was too much crap to be uploaded. I still get about 40 visitors a day looking at the crap I wrote. Pretty sure they accidentally clicked on my link and was sad the header was not of a hot girl. Can't say I would change but who knows right.... Oh this is my cubicle at my workplace. Yup finally I got a job and its a place that I really liked. There are stuff that needs to be address but its all good.

So perhaps this another (fake) start blogging? Well the recent addition of friends could mean new readers..still who knows...

no reason

There is no reason to not blog. That is as true as saying there is no reason to not send my thesis to the printers. Fuck..... Can I just post pictures of my bunny?

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Of a feeling

Feel? I actually just feel nauseous now. I hate going on hills and shit. The winding road makes me really dizzy. I would not drive or take the bus up to Genting. I would take the damn cable car instead.

I think it jus got worser as I got older. Perhaps its that time to use that medical card of mine and take up some anti nauseous pills or something.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Goes on

Lots of things have been going through my head and it goes in lightning speed that I don't even have time to catch myself let alone write it down.

It such a waste though to not write it down. As mundane as we feel our lives is interesting compared to other people. Its just we are so used with the same thing that it got boring.

Well these things has been going to my head.

Oily skin







Maybe an entry dedicated to each one would be good ya?

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

OF a Post

Lately there has been some nosy people asking my family on the well being of myself in the family. Basically my relatives are asking my mother if everything is alright in my house based on the RAGE status updates I make or the blogs I write. In fact my mother has even confronted me on that matter.

So, I really hope you guys are reading this post, because this is for you.

First my mother said somethings are just not made to share into the public and that family secrets are meant to be secret. My older sister agrees on it, even though she has no fucking idea what I write. Second, I am surprised it took this long for people to actually tell, or that my mom actually had the time to ask me on this matter. I am pretty sure there is plenty of RAGE status updates through out the year. You people must have been keeping it for so long or my mother has been keeping it for so long, either way it took a long time for it to surface. Thirdly, do I regret what I write? NOPE, I don't, that was the moment and that was the feeling I had during that time. Could I just go and talk to them about it? I tried, but they just keep telling me I am wrong and that I exaggerated. So where do I go? What do I do? Is there someone worthwhile listening during that time? Someone who will just listen without judgment. I am pretty sure people read it when it does come on their wall, but most of the time will just shrug it off.

I try to be a good listener and try as I can not to judge people, since most experience for people is different.  I do fall of the tracks sometimes but I do make a mental note of it. So why judge me? We are still living in the same house, you still see me at reunions or during Hari Raya, heck you still see me running like a headless chicken every time we have our annual BBQ. I am pretty sure there are more shit going on to your family and lives that you feel its not appropriate to share. However I actually feel comfortable in spilling it out to you, online of course. Another thing I am pretty sure you seen me snarl or grumble a lot when stuff are happening or perhaps I have been doing a damn good job of hiding it.

Am I still angry? Yes, I do, I am angry when the same thing arises and I am angry when you remind of it again. Perhaps I need help, perhaps this is a way for me to clear my head. Why do you need to ask? I am still very very very angry. It makes working or the stress of working something so small compared to dealing with family. I try to actually incorporate what I learned at work at home, but sometimes it just reminds me of the crappy advice I got in the past from my family. It just replays over and over again in my head. Afterwards I think, I don't want to do this to my family, I don't think I want one, if another cycle will appear.

I can just hear my mother saying I am exaggerating myself. Ooh I can hear my sister too in my head or I can't to tease her about this, when she gets really frustrated with them. Well keep on sharing, because you still don't know the whole part of the story.

I feel pinched for many directions

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Of cars and trips

As the title states, I am not finish ranting about my car, well this would be the final paragraph. The last time I wanted to get this particular stock, the company said they stop making them, then they started to make them again. It happened again!!! I wanted to get the model, but it was stopped. Luckily they say it will be continued again. Fuh!!. I guess I am not getting one so soon. I remember getting one during my masters and it really cramped my budget and it was 1/3 of my salary. Fuck.... It still surprises me how people who make less than I do now and still have an alternative model car that I want... Fuck again..I guess I need to change my budget.. (duh...)

Anyhow, I am planning for a trip to Sabah by the end of my probation period. I want the trip to be nice, I want a nice hotel, not necessarily 5 stars, but something nice, with a nice breakfast buffet. Yes, a nice hotel with a breakfast buffet equals to a holiday for me.  I also want a sunburn along with the tan, if I am not dark then its not a holiday at the beach. Then I get all crazy with the whitening serum and shit..

Monday, March 12, 2012

Of a Car

Buying my own car is a dream that I have every since I was a little boy. All kinds of model comes to mind, from the cheap to "celaka, mahal sial". Since I have no idea how much they cost of how much I would make per month, it was all a fantasy.

Now I finally gotten a job and I about to start my career, reality just sunk in. I can't really buy the car I want.

In truth, I am capable of getting the model I want, even with my modest starter salary, however maturity and experience has told me, a car is more than just the monthly payment. There is petrol, insurance and service. Don't  forget about Tol and parking rates. Suddenly owning a car starts to be a bleak and sad thing to think about.

For many people, its just something for you to drive from A to B, but I am car lover, although mechanically challenged, but I do understand most of the technology in it. So I want those gadgets and equipment in my car.

According to financial planners (FUCK YOU), a car is a depreciating asset, so you must spend as little as you can for it. That means either paying it by cash, have a h/p of maximum 4 years or use only 13% of your salary to pay for it monthly

Da FUCK with that shit, that means its either you drive a black bumper Viva or a 15 year old car. In a market where cars are really expensive those fucked up advice are just not well thought for the local market nor are they thinking about salary of those just starting to work.

Not everybody is qualified or even picked in an oil&gas company or other types of profession whose pay starts at more than 3k..

Fuck them...

There are some that chooses to buy a house, I am just mildly annoyed with these people but its manageable but if they said they want a home on the ground and not an apartment when they live in the city and have the nerve to complain the high price, well you are just fucked up as the fucked up financial planner. I will run you both down in my 20 years old car...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A hard time? The feeling is mutual

I give my mom a hard time, but only if she makes me really frustrated. There are a few issues that just freaks me out.

Her views on friends, work and some parts of finance can be thrown out of the window because the ideas are not suitable nor are they relevant to the current situation. Owh and they are fucking stupid too.

Another thing that I will always hold close to me or remember for the rest of my life or choose to never to forgive her (I don't care pick any, that you want to tell to my mother, you busy tattle tales!!) is how she said I blew small things out of proportion. Sorry mum, its been a year since that thing happened in December, but I am still remember what I said to you and I still remember how you belittle it.
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Of stuff

Got my first pay recently and I am ecstatic about it. It pays more than the volunteer work and I have health and Epf. Its nice to be secured now. I can buy all the thing I could not before and plan for places to go in the future.

Its a bit late but its better than never. Here is to a new life ahead.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Just a rant

The day I gotten the forms to make my own employee pass was the day my weight balooned up. Its not a total surprise since I have been binging a lot the past few days and that so called experiment of eating a subway directly for a week. I know my body if I choose to eat bread instead of rice, I will gain weight, if I eat more rice I will still gain weight. However if I maintain a normal portion of rice, my weight just hovers at its current level. So the summary for this is to eat less... Fuck.. where is the will power when you need one.

Speaking of pictures, I was told it would be better to wear a shirt and a tie, since the pass will be something I use for a long time. I had the nerve to ask my mom to iron my shirt because I was so damn lazy. I am not really hitting any nerve because she does it anyway when I do wear a shirt, but I wear it very rarely nor do I ask her often. Just these rare occasions.

I should stop focusing on my face since its perfect. The rest of my body needs more pampering. At least my lips are getting taken cared of since I use lip balm more regularly now. If I have to be fat on stage at least I have good hair, nice skin, groomed sideburns and moist lips.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I had a dream that could be in the nightmare category. I dreamed that my masters thesis was rejected time after time because there were to many errors. I felt so stressed and worried that I won't graduate. Then I was worried that I was 4th in line for something, a job perhaps and felt that I was not good enough or that other candidate surpasses me. It was a terrible feeling that woke me up in complete chills.

Then I realized that my thesis has been accepted and that I do have a job. Suddenly reality is something better than in my dreams. Strange dreams as usual.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Of vanity?

Am I putting on makeup? Am I trying out for a chinese opera? Neither, its just Temulawak, a type of petroleum jelly or vaseline based cream that is mixed with titanium dioxide along with other emollients such as goat milk and beeswax. This is how some of my friends wear it, religiously before going to bed at night. They claim its for whitening and keeping the skin acne free. Well judging from the ingredients its just a basic moisturizer. So I guess you will get some benefit from it although not state of the art stuff like retinol, salicylic acid, hyaluric acid or other good stuff.

Anyhow, I was bored and this stuff was sitting on my desk so might well have fun looking pasty. Literrally Rm 50 slip of my hand, I shoved it down my pocket and it must have came out when I tried to get my phone out. It really ruined my weekend and it reminded me of the time I lost my parking ticket and had to pay a fine. Definitely a mood breaker. Not much that I can do but really watch my budget. In theory I should be ok, but I like to have a surplus of money so that I would feel secure.

Anyhow my science show is coming in a few days and I kinda nervous. I have to make sure that I at least look good while sounding good. I must look presentable on stage. If only appetite control was easy as slapping on a cream, but there is those diet pills that I blogged before but then will it really work? I have cream for my feet and I still fail to use it. It makes them slippery in the morning which increase the likelihood of falling facedown on my face in the morning. Another part of me that I failed to take care are my lips. Lots of marks just scattered everywhere on my lips because I like to bite my lips habitually.

I pay too much attention to my face that I ignored everything else. However right now my face is doing quite well unlike a year ago when sudden breakout due to excessive facials and trial laser treatments. Ughh. Too many things to take care, it just gets really frustrating and tiring. I haven't even started on my hair and clothes. Urghh... I must make proper grooming second nature or at least wake up earlier to be more presentable and prepare a healthy lunch.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Science Show

I did my first Science Show today. Well perhaps I should say I was thrown into one, like how a mama bird teaches her young to fly, I was shoved to perform. It was unnerving and awkward since I was not really prepared but then performing mini shows felt the same way too. I got my ups and down but I was okay in the end. I was more pissed off that they made me tie the balloons for the experiments. My hands are not made to tie those damn balloons and I my hand got really cramped and I was furious because they still make me do it and they even recorded how I feverishly tried unsuccessfully tying the balloons.

The good thing is that they provided feedback on my presentation style. Mine is more laid back, more conversational, not really hyper, not really joking around. However, I still haven't found my flow for my science shows yet, like I have for my mini shows. Mini shows are different, the "spies" don't really pay attention at the mini shows or perhaps the level needed there is on par. Perhaps I under estimate the science shows, since I much prefer the cosy one on one presentation that I usually do for my mini shows.

I always hated to address a huge group of people, because I don't feel like I can connect with them individually. However I still have workshops to learn and conduct. It seemed like a smaller group but then its a whole different thing to do.

Anyhow, perhaps because of today's rage against the balloons in addition with office gossip along with staff quirks that gets borderline unbearable, makes me want to kill someone or at least bitch slap them. Well its only been 4 days and already I felt incompetent. Well one can always fake the confidence and I don't give a shit that they could see right through it, after all we are dealing with people who deal with visitors daily. Tomorrow is another day, I forgot to just ignore everything and just go along with all the madness.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


What does contact lenses, Retin-A, sunscreen, shaver and a monthly trip to the hair salon have in common?

Its my regime to keep looking young as long as I could. Glasses, leathery rough skin, unkempt facial hair and scruffy hair are signs of myself getting old. Hey, there is plenty of other guys out their with coke frames, rough skin, stubble and unkempt hair that looks like a K-Pop star, actor or just hipsters, but I don't think its something suitable on me, or at least suitable with whatever I have in the closet.

I think I would prefer to say 28 until I am 40 at least. That is like, 12 more years. However some people do look young without resorting to anything, but do I really want to take that risk. No thanks, I will keep doing what I do now.

Btw, I dye away my greys every 3 months, which is actually due already now, and I haven't gotten around to do it yet. Better lay on the peroxide now..

I've forgotten

I forgotten how long I had this blog,
I have forgotten how much of my self I have poured inside,
I have forgotten how I loved the attention I get from this blog,
I have forgotten how much I didn't care,
I forgotten how many people read my blog,
I have forgotten how many of them were close,
But most of all
I have forgotten to update it..

Is it maturity, is it busy schedules or is it just a fad that is slowly fading away. In any case, its a lot like what Facebook Timeline is. Its one of the few ways we could trace back our lives over the past few years. Its such a shame to stop now

Monday, January 30, 2012

Suddenly too much

Suddenly to much complains happen in one night all related to one person. Like seriously its not even funny. Please, oh just please stay the fucking away from me. I am no longer the person you presume that have a lot of free time that can do your bidding at any time you deemed perfect. I rarely gotten you a gift, but the time I actually gotten you a gift you decided to be a complete bitch, but you were always one. I always say it under my breath because in the end it will be my fault. I can't wait for someone else to be responsible for you. Just stay the hell away.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just a Dream

Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid that you swore it was real. As real as Narnia? Well, probably but without the lions and the witches. It can does interesting things to you such as adding hunger, causing restlessness or in my case tiredness.

It does not help my mood either. It also does not help that I plan to go all week without rice during lunch. No rice at lunch and already I feel pressured. No one is really forcing me, its just that I would like to see things on the "no rice side". One bonus of it, is my hand does not get too dirty while eating lunch now.
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fw: Annoyed

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I am insanely annoyed and the same time happy with the outcome of my masters and job applications. However my parent's have the ability to congratulate me and at the same time annoy me with questions that requires me to do some research before I can answer it.

For example, they keep pestering me pursuing my PhD. Sorry I had 4 years of brain damage from doing it. Its going to be a long time before I actually think about doing it. When they talk about work, it gets even more insane. Why does Petrosains pays so little, its an oil gas company (its not an oil gas company, its a science centre about oil and gas), why don't you get paid double on Sunday's ? (Its not a salary, its an honorium for doing volunteer work). Why don't you ask for a bigger pay? (For a job that only requires a degree and that I am considered as fresh graduate, the pay that was offered to me is considered the standard).

They choose to not listen to this. Sometimes they ask me on things I have no experience on such as, other jobs and position in Petrosains or they salary ladder (wtf, I don't know, can you wait till at least I actually work in one).

Aaah!! Avoidance is something I must do till the end of this month. No fucking way I am going to any fucking family outing. I would rather be working thanks.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Reasons

I actually don't have a good reason to not blog anymore. Since Blackberry has returned into my life, in a more durable case, plus the inclusion of Celcom's improved Blackberry Prepaid, I should blog like a long Facebook status message.

But the real thing that makes me sad, is the end of the ETS six car coach service to Kajang or at least I think it has ended. So far, since last week, I have never been able to catch one. Its soo sad, since its the most comfortable coach ever, and I think myself and few hundreds passengers were spoilt with what Komuter could be, instead of the current reality.

sigh.. might as well be prepared to be mushed for 30 minutes everyday till the new 6 car coach arrives, or at least wake up earlier to catch the KTM from Singapore to stop at Kajang.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of lotion and balms

I have a couple bottle of lotions and some tube of lil balms just laying around in my room. I just never seem to remember when to use it.

All of these bottles are just waiting to be thrown away. When I do remember, I get all greased up as f I am about to jump into a frying pan. Then afterwards I regret it when I sweat and all of the lotion comes out after it.

It happens so frequently that I stop using it. Then the cycle repeat itself again.

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Monday, January 9, 2012


hI got so many plans for money that I haven't even received. Its good to have a plan, but if you have to keep thinking about you will end up with nothing. At least that is what would happen with me behind the thinking.

Sometime you just got to take that leap of faith and hope for the best.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A skinfull

My mind is preoccupied with skin. Not just my own, but other people's skin as well. I mean I have enough problems with oily skin and blackheads, flaky skin on my chin and eye lids, pigmentation on the right side of my face, pigmentation on my knuckles, knees and elbows, keratotis pilaris on my arms and back, and rough thicken foot soles. Still my mind obsess on their problems.

I try to give out advice, but usually its a hit and miss. Skin is so hard to predict. What works for me will not work for you, what is claimed to be great, can just be lack luster on mine. One must not forget, that one must be extra diligent when dealing with problematic skin.

For those who says just splashing water on their face is the only thing they do, Dr Leslie Baumann says you probably have resistant skin that is perfect and seem to be able to resist any harm to it. Damn you...
It just hits my button when some holier than thou claims that wuduk is the best way to treat problematic skin. I am sorry, but god does not want a lazy ass bum, you have to actually do something to treat it and he might grant you your prayers. Enough of my ramblings, these are what the 3 problems that people have that I can related to


Person A is looking for a sunblock that does not add to the oiliness or extra acne, but must be able to protect him from both UVA and UVB rays.

Person B is looking for something to treat her pigmentation. Typical for someone after menopause or reaching 50.

Person C is now looking for a different cleanser that does not contain triclosan since FDA rulling on the status of triclosan only will be shown winter of 2012.

All of this problems obsess me, because I do have all of the problems in the above. The right and gentle sunblock that does not sting nor gives me acne, a way to treat pigmentation on the side of my face and maybe a cleanser, although I still like my triclosan cleanser very much.


These are my solutions based on what I read and understand although I only choose few references to support my claims and everyone who does research knows that this is not enough.

For Person A, I would recommend him Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock because it claims to not add excess oil to a person with oily skin, Banana Boat Ultra FACES because it was claim to be made for the facial area and that it also does add more oil to the skin and Ocean Potion Clear Zinc Oxide, because physical sunblock such as Zinc Oxide is better for acne prone skin because it does not irritate it.

For Person B, I would recommend BHA along with topical retinoid and a pigmentation cream. My choice would be Paula's Choice 1% BHA lotion, Retin-A 0.05% and a hydroquinone cream. If hydroquinone is not your thing then try Dermatoligica Extreme C pigmentation cream or Olay White Radiance Spot Corrector, White Essence or Serum.

For Person C, since she already uses Paula's Choice Clear cleanser, she should perhaps switch to Skin Balancing Cleanser, since its also light and foamy but without the triclosan that she is worried about.

Sigh, its just my prescription to them, but I want to take my advice before I give them this. The knowledge on skin care is a diverse as the research I did on toxoplasmosis. It gives me a headache and keeps me up all night. Not good at all for the skin. Oh well, I can only give them my point of view for the to considered it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Too forward?

I tried to sleep before 12 but all the attempt.has failed misserably. It it seems that I managed to do something by 12. I seem to always have something to do. what happened as I will fall asleep during work or I would yawn a lot. I have to learn to stop all activity by 10pm or it will drag on to midnight.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Take the Komuter

If you are lucky, or that you are well planned when travelling via Komuter from Kajang to KL Sentral, you can hitch a ride on these KTM trains from Singapore. One of the stops these train took is the Kajang Komuter/KTM Station. Since most of the people have gotten off the stops prior to this stations, most of the seats are now free and KTM encourages people who go directly to KL Sentral to take this train so that they won't have to overcrowd the regular Komuter trains. Its quite nice actually, you can either enjoy the view, since they take slightly different route from regular Komuter trains or you can just catch up on sleep since the ride takes about 30 minutes.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


If you don't know what this is, its probably because you never rode a bike or motorcycle. This is a hose we use to fill up our tires or to power the power "drill"? used to open up the nuts and bolts of the tires or bicycles.

These are actually a service given to the public by most workshop that I been with, that anyone can freely use this pump to fill up the air in their tires. I guess back then, petrol stations are to far to go to and hand pumps are such a drag, so this is the best thing to have.

Nothing like a hard, freshly pumped tires, that allows you to go faster on your bike. Just one of those small wonderful things in life that we take for granted

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Forget Famous Amos, throw away those Macaroons, and drop those cupcakes. These my friends are the real deal in sweet flour, sugar and butter snacks from the past, that still soldier on till today. These are just one of Kajang small town charm, which are jars and tins of biscuit in all kinds of flavour. One particular store also sells seeds, chips, and pet food. A snack for every species on earth!

I think many people especially those born in the 90s or those that live in the city will never see these jars and tins of biscuits. Instead you are served with square plastic containers, or even more mundane, pre packaged plastic wrap bags. All the charm is lost.

The old Chinese couple (usually any old couple) will sell these biscuits and it adds a certain charm to it, which really means I feel like a kid again. Then again, I don't think I grown up at all.

Monday, January 2, 2012


I actually wish for something to surgically implanted in me so that I can communicate with electronics. Of all the electronicish thing I would do, the best would be a blog. So many random thoughts through out the day that I wish I had written down. It would a trip down memory lane if I could just flip back and re read all of those things that I have thought about.

Perhaps I should be more diligent in updating my blog via mobile. Well.. to be fair, I don't have regular mobile Internet connection yet. I still don't have room in my budget for that. If my Blackberry were still alive, I could just get those RM25 packages and update at whim.

Even if its just a few sentences. Might as well make a twitter account ya!!. However, unless I wrote down all of the interesting things in life that happen, in a interesting readable way, with pictures included, perhaps it would be a better read.

This is a still a personal blog, filled with personal rants that I keep open. Could it be the doom of my career? Then I shall write it with a code maybe to prevent any future problems.