Sunday, April 29, 2012


Don't you just love it that I put a question mark on practically  every blog post I wrote? *sarcasm

Anyhow, my car is having problems again. The AC is having a problem again. Again? Yup, the AC has to be the most frequent thing that has gone bad. Good news, its not the same parts, but different parts of the AC system. Another good thing, the repairs are done fast and spare parts are a plenty compared to other parts of the car.

I finally watched Bridesmaid. Hmm, it was funny but I actually expected more, but it was enjoyable. Anyhow one of the things that caught my eye was the main characters old beat up car. Its probably a Honda, built in the 80s. Well, at my car is newer, it was built in 91 and my car does not spew out blue smoke. However I am pretty sure her car does not have AC.

Driving without AC in hot weather sucks big time, because you get all hot and sweaty when driving, while I am pretty sure that the heat from the engine is seeping through the interior and making it even hotter that usual. However driving it in normal weather makes it super easy and comfortable compared to driving it in the rain.

You see, what happens is, when you drive without the AC on, the windows inside of the car will fog up. When that happens, you are literally driving blind!. All the condensation is blocking my view, so what you have to do is literally wipe the windows off. At least the rear window defogger still works, which means I can still see the traffic behind.

Good thing about it, is I don't have to pay.. or at least I don't think I do. Some would say its better to get a new car, but with my so called budget constraint, all that I can afford and actually be comfortable with it is a base line Viva or Saga. Its new and has less problems, but its also slower, less exciting to look at and less safe. Nothing is sturdier than my 91 Mercedes, you just feel so safe in it.

Well, I guess we changed a bit after we work. Too bad that dream about cars I would drive, would never happen, because its just not practical enough :(

Which is why I stopped buying magazines about them.....

Although I still browse through the websites....
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