Monday, April 9, 2012

Proton Preve Anyone?

Just found this video on Youtube for Proton Preve. Quite nice eh. Its made from the Exora platform so it is a very big car. Even though it has a rear multi link independent suspension which gives better ride and handling but takes up lots of boot space, the Proton Preve still manage to have a bigger boot that the Honda City with a torsion beam semi independent suspension. They say leg room in the rear is one of the best.

But what about the driver? If you opted for the high end version, you would get a light turbo charge 1.6 litre engine. Its "light" turbo because it does not produce massive amount of horsepower like say a Evo or WRX but more to give the engine a bit more omph!. So the 1.6 produces power like a 2.0 but with a 1.8 fuel economy and 1.6 road tax. Nice one!..There is also a revised 1.6 Campro, non turbo engine for the starter model.

Since Preve is coming out, they want to make sure this model is distinctive from the other Proton models. I heard that the 1.6 High Line Persona will be phased out and the 1.8 Inspira will also face the same fate, better get them if you still want it.

So the sedan family of Proton now consist of Saga BLM, Persona B-line (basic model), Preve and Inspira.

They are really milking out the Exora platform, I heard there will be a pick up, SUV and a hatchback in the making. Other than that, a smaller platform will be made to replace the Persona. Proton is definitely going in the right direction.
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