Tuesday, December 27, 2011



To think of something in a romantic why, usually in a way that is ideal, but not realistic. For example, a person might imagine a fairy tale every after, usually romanticized by books and movies, but usually life gives you hits and misses along the way.

Another good example is how I viewed public transportation that I take to KL every working day. I romanticized it as just sitting down while watching the scenery go by or just sleeping my way to work. In reality, with careful planning I can actually achieved such thing, taking a nap while going to work or standing comfortably without being shoved or holding into some slimy at the pole..WTF!!!! (it happened to day, I wished I had some sanitizers with me).

I buy lunch in the morning at the Kakak who sells nasi lemak and such, in front of the KTM gate. I think of her as a single women, with such hardship just trying to make a living, or perhaps a middle upper class housewife who led a comfortable life but suddenly life has decided to give her lemons  and gave her family a tragedy. So she tries to make ends meet buy having a small business till her husband is back on track. Who knows..

Its just a little story I keep in my head whenever I go to work..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

28 Year's Old

I don't feel my age, but does anyone actually do?

I don't feel 28, even when I go back to my grandmothers house and meet with my younger aunts and uncles whom gotten married, I still treat them as someone older even though they are much younger than I am.

Does it help that most of my colleagues... wait.. ALL of my colleagues at Petrosains are much-much younger than I am. What a contrast to all the much-much older friends I currently have now.

I am being pulled in two radically different directions. One that is just starting their adult life and the other who are living the path they have chosen

Do I feel 28? What exactly a 28 years old should feel like? (Married, children, car, travelling etc). Maybe my 28 is further down the road?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dlm lrt?

Blog dlm ktm leh ker. Adkh sprti blog dlm bhs mlyu atau dlm bhs sms. smua pun blh. tpi rsnyer byk.jer citer leh msuk blog. al maklum lh. keje bidg yg brdpn org rmai pasti byk citer mnrik.

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Friday, December 2, 2011


Duromine, its an appetite suppressant that is approved to be used in various countries including Malaysia, if I am not mistaken a months supply of it could cost you RM200.

Why am I talking about Duromine? Do I want to loose weight? Yes, that would be nice since the slim fitting slacks that is actually in my size, felt a bit to fitting for me. It would be nice to actually be comfortable in them.

Actually now, what I really want from the drug is the appetite suppressant so that I would be starving like crazy at 6.00pm nor will I start to fall asleep at 5.00pm.

I can't drive home anymore since I volunteer at Petrosains. I will automatically fall asleep on the way home, even if I am the one driving.

Perhaps its time to add an hour or two to my current bed time. (I guess 6 hours is not enough)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Dramatic Exit

hmm this is an old post, i dont even remember writing this shit. I forgot to publish it. LOL.. so read it if you like my rants

I wonder what does everybody else do when they want to go out of the house in a car. I mean its supposed to be just getting car keys and saying goodbye to someone important or authoritative right?

When I have the need to go out, there are certain steps that I need to follow for a successful exit from the house in a getaway car.

First, I need to check the vehicles. I need to know which car is available for me to use. My car, the old Mercedes is parked inside with up to 3 cars blocking it. So I need to ask around whether the owners of the 3 respective vehicles, whether I could use their cars instead of having to drive all 3 cars out just to get my car. If the owners are not available I need to call or sms them. After that, I need to find whether the keys are indeed in the key drawers before I am able to drive their cars. Secondly I have to check whether the particular vehicle has sufficient fuel, road tax and air pressure. Then I have to check whether their are clothes on the gate during the day or check whether the trash door is blocking the gate or not. Also not forgetting, if I am driving the left hand Mercedes, whether there is sufficient cash in the TnG card and whether the Smartag is working or if there is extra Smartag in the car. Also I need to check the backseat or boot whether there are stuff any other household members have left in the vehicle. After I have checked everything, then I am able to go out.

However other problems can occur such as a sudden call back from home ranging from buying them something or to rearrange the cars so that they could go in. Also if I am driving the Mercedes there is a chance when something might go wrong, so I need to be prepared for that.

If there is any problem, I usually deal it myself, since no one in the house knows what to do, or what happened to it. If I do demand for them to do something, all I get is blank stares or start a pointless argument with something such as "Is it really that important to go out"

Actually, the easiest way to go out is actually by riding my motorcycle. Worst comes to worst is that I might get a flat tire or someone locked the rear gate, both problems is easily dealt by myself.

A dramatic exit? Of course, these are the stuff reality TV are made off..