Sunday, December 18, 2011

28 Year's Old

I don't feel my age, but does anyone actually do?

I don't feel 28, even when I go back to my grandmothers house and meet with my younger aunts and uncles whom gotten married, I still treat them as someone older even though they are much younger than I am.

Does it help that most of my colleagues... wait.. ALL of my colleagues at Petrosains are much-much younger than I am. What a contrast to all the much-much older friends I currently have now.

I am being pulled in two radically different directions. One that is just starting their adult life and the other who are living the path they have chosen

Do I feel 28? What exactly a 28 years old should feel like? (Married, children, car, travelling etc). Maybe my 28 is further down the road?
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