Friday, July 3, 2015

Random thoughts using "Status updates" format

It's very funny. One day your are feeling fine, another day, everything feels thrown out the window. In this modern world, instant gratification is all we want. It's what I want. It helps me feel stable. However it is like a drug. You will get addicted to it.

How do you know, you are leading, or you are working together. In my line of work, I get kinda confused. Do I listen to them or do I make them see my vision. I think I need to show the latter, but then they might see something that I have not seen before.

What happened to my passion of cars. I loved reading them as a teenager but once I started working, it seem like a thing in the pass. All I want now is a car that saves fuel and has low maintenance cost. However these cars get bullied very easily in the highways, but then I don't give a shit. Just overtake me la already.