Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Till Death Do Us Part

Some title right... Till Death Do Us Part, well my master project is something like that. I will stick to it till I can finish it or until death disables me from finishing it. It was an okay day for me, nothing new, just eating lots of mandarin oranges that the suppliers gave to the lab. I will have great skin and clear intestinal tract from eating too many of these mandarin oranges :D...

Just some of the catalogues that the supplier gave me so that I can order some equipments or chemicals from them.

Ah the library fine, I always seem to forget to return this particular book on time because I read it a lot.

Ladies and gentlemen this is my future, one of the mice that refuse to die after I inoculated it with my Toxoplasma gondii parasites. DIE DAMMIT DIE, or I will die from losing the parasites :(

You think DSLR camera are cool, try my digital camera microscope. These crescent shaped or half circle shape protozoa are my T. gondi in saline after I extracted it from the mice peritoneal. I then inject these protozoa into another mice, so that these protozoa will replicate. I used the mice as something to hold the parasites and replicated it. Something like a TESCO and Photostat machine.

Unluckily the mice gave birth to these pups.

Why unlucky you might say, its because I have to much already...

and more pups are coming out... I don't have enough space for them. I try to separate them but somehow some males managed to get mixed in, or maybe the mice undergoes pathogenesis. I have way to many of them, killing them is not merciful because they will die with out a cause, if I used them as experiments they will die while contributing to man kind. If you think these mice are cute, wait for the guinea pigs and rabbits...

What is this??? Nothing just trying the manual mode of my camera, I think I used ISO 400and white balanced using the high fluorescent mode along with macro mode.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Its Lab Day..

Well technically, its lab day, everyday for me till I graduated, heck, my professor said this lab will always be my lab even after I graduated... Today however is a bit different since my prof told me to take out all the slides of various types of protozoa, cestodes, and trematodes. I could not find any mites since there were no entomological slides available, nor there was any histopath slides for me to use.. I still haven't gotten around to take the brain of my frozen dead mice for the histopath slides... bila la nak buat...

Boxes containing slides that are not even in order

I had to take them all out an find the ones I want and group them together

Schistoma mansoni, the most romantic parasite.. because the male and female are forever bonded in a coitus position. Basically the male wrap itself around the female throughout their life time.

Boxes that have been sorted through

Monday, January 28, 2008

T day

I thought today would be a great day because I actually woke up early after Subuh prayers. I managed to leave home before at 8am instead of my usual 8.30am. I thought the traffic light near the Sg Buluh Tol Plaza would be fixed, but alas, it was still broken and the line is still pretty long.

See how many cars are stuck on with me, oh well, I'll just sit in my air conditioned car with the stereo blasting.
Today was Test day, hence the title of today post, T day, of my immuno parasit class. It was an open exam concept, where you are allowed to go online and look into books to answer the question. Sounds easy right....not, I find this to be the hardest. Imagine having to look for information from 20 journals in 7 hours. I would still be stuck on 1 journal in 7 hours, because medical journals are quite difficult to read, especially when you had to open a dictionary or a text book after every 3 or 4 sentences. Some more after each sentences or paragraph they will tell you from what source they got that info from, so basically you still have to find that journal in order to really understand it. I was in over my head today, I was confident at the beginning with my skeleton of my answers, but I ended up not being able to use it because I felt not confident enough to answer it. It was terrible moment for me... because earlier my Prof already gave the answer to my lab tech at 8am... so I was late, I thought the test starts at 9am... hantuu tol.... so I got on his bad side.. maybe his curse caused me to be overconfident, thus causing me to not to take this test seriously. To make matter worse, I could not hand in the answers sheets to my prof hands, because it was last minute and he already left. So I just left it in his pigeon whole. I felt very very horrible at that time.

I was not happy and disappointed at my self. (but at least this supposedly sad photo of me, turns out to be quite nice, I just got a haircut and I shaved of all of that so called facial hair. Plus this pose hides my double chin :D, definitely a keeper..) OKAAAY back to my melancholic self.. anyways I was down and decided to chat with this one person I hold close to my heart. This the advice I got, I don't remember the exact word but this is what how interpreted it

So? Are you going to complain or are you going to do something about it? Do you want to get an A+ or you prefer a B,C or perhaps you want an E for your grade. You need to focus, comprehend and understand what you are going to do. Stop complaining and do something about it...
Ouch.... not so kind words from someone I really like but alas.. those words were true and is real. I mean complaining won't get me anywhere, so might as well learn from this mistake. I definitely felt a lot better :). Back home after having dinner and talking to my mother and brother. I decided might as well do a facial.
Its not that hard to do it, after I took my shower, I just wash my face with this scrub I got at Watson. Its cheap and it does its job well. It has tea tree oil so it can help with some of my pimples that seem to have erupted recently. My relatives told me, pimples on the face represents that you have some one special in your life...... well I rarely get pimples so might as well believe these old wives tales :p..

After rinsing the scrub off, and pat my face dry, I just take some is this purifying mud pack and just a minute amount of water and just apply it to my face. I let it dry as I write this blog. After drying just rinse off, apply some toner on, put some moisturizer on and voila... a facial...... It easy, its relaxing, its cheap and it gives you nice skin..Oh relaxing way to end and not so relaxing day...

Smells Like Cekodok..

My mom gave this thing called bedak kulit rambai that smelt like something you add when cooking gravy, curries and such. It was actually a scrub from Indonesia that my mom swears that it works better that The Body Shop Passion Fruit Scrub that my sister got for her.

It you look closely, the price was is Malaysian Ringgit, but my mom told me she bought it at Mekah. since Riyal and RM is almost the same, this is the price there. However its just bugs me that she went to buy something that flew 9 hours to the shop she bought only to be flown back to Malaysia 9 hours after to be given to me. I was like we could bought this here, and you bought it in Mekah. I am gonna blog this mama. She was like, blog lah, tak kisah... :D.. She still does not grasp the concept of blogging :D
Hurm its a product with many uses to improve the skin texture and so on..
We are supposed to add water to it and apply it our our skin before we take a bath. The texture reminds me of cekodok... :D. Well I did try it on my whole body, while concentrating my neck and the folds of my skin such has the knees and knuckles where there is hyper pigmentation, which is basically that part of skin is darker than the rest of the skin. The texture felt like a scrub, but as you apply it on dry skin, the paste dries up and it becomes a body mask. I just kept applying and kept rubbing the paste on my body. The rough texture makes its an excellent scrub. After that I rinse the whole thing off, and found out it made my skin very very very smooth. Hurm not bad, for something cost RM3 in Mekah, but too bad the smell is not very appealing to me because of the distinctive spice smell. I much prefer fruity smell but alas, this stuff is cheap and it does work. My mom told to apply my favourite body lotion......................................I was like seriously.... my own body lotion.......................???
How did she know I even had one... she must peeked in my closet.... thank god she did not found my stash of porn :P.....

Lazy Weekend

It was a nice and lazy weekend for me. I'm Lovin It. I went to check up on mice again on Saturday, just to see their condition. Still healthy, not good because if they are healthy it means the parasites is not multiplying fast enough or not even multiplying at all. :(. Not good. What to do meh.. just hope for the best that the parasites is in the mice :(.. So I decided to give my car a wash because it is so filthy... at the car wash I noticed something...

A miniature rooster and its bitches...urk I mean hens.. These are just miniature size of the real thing.
Look closely you can see the rooster is guarding his hens that is nesting inside that potted plant. We used to have these kind of chicken as pets, but they died either from hot weather (what my dad told me) or being eaten by stray dogs :(

My mom was too tired to cook so we decided to got to Pizza Hut and eat this large peperoni pizza. Yumm all that greasy, cheesy goodness :D

But at least I counteract it with this colorful fruit salad consist of honeydew, watermelon, peas, corn, carrots and beans. A very colorful dish that needs to dressing to be eaten. yumm :D

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jam on Friday prayers..

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I fell asleep at 10pm and woke up at 10 am :D.. 12 hours of sleep which includes endless dreams. Seriously, dreams are much better than watching TV because, if you are aware that is a dream, you can take control of it.. I could pause, freeze time, or just wake up if want to... Anyways jam after Friday prayers are typical really, and only fools would actually drive around the mosque area after the prayers is over. This is my story of my Friday prayers..

This is before people start arrive at the mosque, see how clear the roads are.

More cars are parking on this side of the road, after I finished eating my lunch in the car.

After the prayers, see how the sudden surge of traffic caused this massive jam

Cars filled with guys trying to get back to the office.

Odd right, this was taken after prayers but there is no traffic here..

Back view of the same picture

In my car after prayers at the same location after prayers, traffic is piling up on that side but on my side traffic is clear. This due to most people who are stuck on that side are men who work around UPM and uses this mosque to go for their Friday prayers. Glad I am on this side of the road, it takes 10 minutes to drive back to my faculty on this side, but almost half an hour if I parked on that side.... thank god.. :D

Friday, January 25, 2008

McD on Friday

McD on Friday, I'm Lovin it.. Seriously I love Mc Donald's on Friday, just before prayers I would tapau a Mc Value set with a strawberry sundae and eat them either at the restaurant if I got time or I would just enjoy the meal in the car
Ahhhh.... the strawberry sundae, on the way from McD to the mosque the ice cream melted a bit. I love the sundae because you got big strawberry pieces in the strawberry sauce :D

Want to do with melted sundae?..... What else, drink up.... :p

Oh yeaaah curly fries, love them, love them :D

And the masterpiece, one of the many things that I have been waiting patiently every year, around Chinese new year... the Prosperity Burger. Square cut beef grilled to perfection, dipped in black pepper sauce and sprinkled with onion and placed between two toasted sesame seed bun.....A very prosperous meal indeed for me. :D

What!!! It vanished........ :D takde maknanya .... it's in my stomach being digested with hydrochloric acid as we speak, or in this case type :D

Traffic Jam

Another typical morning for me, driving to my University. I drove earlier today at 8.00am, but the traffic was building up after 2 km from Sg Balak tol.

So many cars, some are driving to Putrajaya some driving to KL via Sg Besi highway

Cars left and right, people with various jobs, thinking about today, tomorrow, themselves, their family and so on..

The line of cars during the morning crawl got longer..

As usual I kept my cool self..

Because I am driving a car with an automatic transmission :D

There was something that caught my eye in the side mirrow

An orange Myvi, with a familiar number plate..

This looks like my sister's car.. but why is she driving here.. she used to drive using the Cheras Kl highway and MRR2.

Well waddaya know, it was her. I sms ker saying why is she going on this road, she replied its much quicker using the Sg Besi highway this time of day..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Makan-makan di Jusco

I felt a lot better later this day, especially when Abg Awie wanted to belanja me dinner. Yee peee!!! nothing like a good free dinner to perk up the soul :D

See the grin, almost like this emoticons right :D

At the parking lot at Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan near Balakong.

See the Jusco sign, shine like a shiny start to provide people a place to shop, eat or to watch movies. They have a TGV cinema in there

Abg Awie said I could have anything for dinner, so we decided to go for tepayaki. Tukangtaip was actually the person who encourage me to eat here because I kept seeing tepayaki at his blog.

I had the cold green tea. Not only is was clean, refreshing and a good way to eat any Japanese based food, it also cost 90 cent, so it was a bargain for me. This does not have sugar in it, so it does taste weird to those not accustomed to drinking tea without sugar.

Awie has this exotic dessert called Fuji Ice. Well its just another fancy name for ice kacang :p

Yup this is Abg Awie doing what blogger all over the world do, taking pictures and eternalized it in blogs, cds, hardisk and photo albums

Burp!!!!!!!! that was a good dinner. Thanks Abg for belanja me today :D

We went jalan-jalan around Jusco since there was a sale going on here, I think from 12 Jan to 12 Feb or something..

He eventually settled for a comforter set for his bed. Not bad since the discount was 70% for this comforter, fitted sheet, 2 pillow case and 1 bolster set.

I remember this toy Matchbox car. When I was little, I used to buy this thing and bash them up together.

This is the Shelby Ford Mustang GT with a large capacity supercharged v8 engine...

Well that was my jalan-jalan today, now paying for parking. If you have a Jaya Jusco card, parking is free :D