Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Till Death Do Us Part

Some title right... Till Death Do Us Part, well my master project is something like that. I will stick to it till I can finish it or until death disables me from finishing it. It was an okay day for me, nothing new, just eating lots of mandarin oranges that the suppliers gave to the lab. I will have great skin and clear intestinal tract from eating too many of these mandarin oranges :D...

Just some of the catalogues that the supplier gave me so that I can order some equipments or chemicals from them.

Ah the library fine, I always seem to forget to return this particular book on time because I read it a lot.

Ladies and gentlemen this is my future, one of the mice that refuse to die after I inoculated it with my Toxoplasma gondii parasites. DIE DAMMIT DIE, or I will die from losing the parasites :(

You think DSLR camera are cool, try my digital camera microscope. These crescent shaped or half circle shape protozoa are my T. gondi in saline after I extracted it from the mice peritoneal. I then inject these protozoa into another mice, so that these protozoa will replicate. I used the mice as something to hold the parasites and replicated it. Something like a TESCO and Photostat machine.

Unluckily the mice gave birth to these pups.

Why unlucky you might say, its because I have to much already...

and more pups are coming out... I don't have enough space for them. I try to separate them but somehow some males managed to get mixed in, or maybe the mice undergoes pathogenesis. I have way to many of them, killing them is not merciful because they will die with out a cause, if I used them as experiments they will die while contributing to man kind. If you think these mice are cute, wait for the guinea pigs and rabbits...

What is this??? Nothing just trying the manual mode of my camera, I think I used ISO 400and white balanced using the high fluorescent mode along with macro mode.

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