Saturday, February 2, 2008

Its parteeeeeeh (party)

Seriously do you think all I do in the lab is to killed mice... soon there will be pictures of dead rabbits and guinea pigs, but that is for the future blog. We actually have other activities you know, today one of my collegues in the department birthday, so we decided to do a little party for her.

En Zainal and this one uncle.. I forgot his name, but he is very nice... I met a him a few times and never managed to catch his name

This is my sex lips.. muaaah.. :D.. and Abg Azam, he is married ladies, and doing his masters after his wife finishes hers.
Kak Farah, Kak Yaya, and their new research assistant.
Ayu the Bday girl.

The girl in blue is Kak Hana, recently married. Oh by the way, Ayu has a bf and Kak Farah is still looking :D

There were so many food, including New York cheesecake, spagetti, rojak, roti jala, bananas, oranges and soft drink. I was so full.. It was great occasion just to hang out with collegues and hang out together..

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