Monday, February 18, 2008

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Yer tau dah lama kena tag, tapi malas nak buat, takpe lah, so busy these days, nak update selalu pun susah. Takpe lah, might as well do this 8 random facts about myself, so you can be better

8 Random facts about myself

1. I moved a total of 9 times in my life time. We moved every 3 years since we follow wherever my dad project takes him. We lived in Ampang, Paka, Ulu Klang, Calgary, Ulu Klang, Segamat, Norman, Keramat and Kajang. We have been living in Kajang for the past 8 years. Whenever people say "Asal mana"/ "Where are you from?" I just reply KL, far much easier

2. I speak English and Malay with an American accent. Its the result of living in Norman Oklahoma USA when my dad was doing his bachelors degree. Its not being a snob or pompous, its part of who I am, usually its beyond my control, its how I normally speak. However its not thick, its just how I pronouced the word "R" in sentences that shows the accent. Most of the new people I meet will point this out, some teased, some think I am a snob, but in the end my friends accepts it.

3. I know a lot about skincare and haircare. Why you may ask? I don't know, it's just fascinating to me. No I don't use makeup, I just remember to cleanse, tone, moistuirized, scrub, and mask.

4. I can't cook, but I like to bake. I like making biskut raya, cake and my favourite, apple crumble.

5. I am a left hander, but only when writing. The rest I do with my right hand.

6. I can drive a huge MPV, I can drive a left hand drive car, I can drive a small car, I can ride a motorcycle, but I will struggle driving a manual car or a clutch motorcycle.

7. I love origami, I can still remember the things I made 10 years ago.

8. I am afraid of heights.
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