Saturday, February 23, 2008

House of the Damn

Hmm suspicious title eh... sajer je letak. Actually my house is very nice. Ok its not mine, its my parents house. They bought 8 years ago and did many renovations to it. Before it was just your ordinary 4 bedrooms 3 bath rooms double story terrace (or is it linked, I get confused with the housing terms, it tooks me 15 years to find out that Semi detached house or Semi D is the same as Rumah berkembar :p) now its a 7 bedroom 4 bath room house, with 3 living rooms, 2 kitchen and if properly parked, you can fit 3 cars and a MPV in the driveway. We don't have the maid and my mother does the cleaning. Still she has time walking on the threadmill everyday and has pocho poncho (line dancing I think) on Fridays. I just can't imagine a bunch of mothers, some who are Hajah, and some has grandchildren, shaking their hips at a parking in the morning :p. Oh wait we are out of topic hehe, . I think my mother had the hardest time living during the constructing because she liked everything to be nice and clean. There were days where there was a wall missing and they covered it up with plastic only, or a day where everybody had to sleep in the same room because the other rooms had no roof. Seriously all that suffering was worth it because the house we live in now is very very very nice. I mean its going to be hard to make my own house as nice as my parents, but then my parents were in theri 40s when the did this house, so I think I can managed just fine too :).

This is the kitchen, pushed way back to the end of the house, my mom changed the windows from wood frame to aluminium frames so that they would last longer.

Sad looking right.... This when they breakdown the front wall of the house so that we could have another living room, all the furniture placed just anywhere, and the dust that clings to everything.

Everything got pushed backed to the wall so the people can move in and out of the house.

My room was one of the 3 rooms that were added to the house and was one the last ones to be finished.

My parents bedroom had a nice little space added to it, now this area is my parents praying place.

Two of the brand new bathrooms being added, both have a toilet and shower, so there can be no more reason that everyone cannot get ready since we have so many toilets. However in my mom's kampung sometimes there will be 30 people sharing the same bathroom. Still with carefull planning everyone got to take their bath on time.

There is one room in the house which was walled off to add another room. So my parents added a window inside the house so there would be proper circulation in the room.

Basically we damned for living there 8 months of the construction, but it turned out rather well and my mum really liked it. No more moving, this is our house and this is now my kampung. I actually planned to buy a house near here. There is still plenty of vacant land that just started to developed, I plan to lay my hands on one the house at least by 2011, earlier would be better. I think my parents would only let me out of the house if I bought my own home. Alas that is only a plan.. we will see in 201o if that dreams does come through :)

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