Friday, February 15, 2008

Jakun dgn Jco

HeHe see this grin, this is the grin of a boy who is getting taste of the latest food fad, okay lar not so latest but I am trying it out for the first time :)

Tada !.. Its Jco donut and line are still long as usual.

They got really good sounding drinks. Chocalate Mint Ice blended.. hell yeah, I am going to try it soon :)

The donat was good and this half dozen were sponsored by a friend. REZEKi.. syukur :)

All finished.. YUM!!!!

After that I went to see a movie with Shah, Beruang and their friends. The movie was jumper, the review can be read at Shah''s blog. I did not think the show was really special, I prefer Transformers anyday


See KLCC hiding behings the building :) Over all the event was good and I would enjoy going out again :)

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