Tuesday, February 5, 2008

From lab to the ward to the makan

It started out to be a boring and unexciting day. I was supposed to have a practical session today but I forgot that Monday was the begining of the mid semester break. HOLY CRAP!!! mid semester break already... haiya... keje tak siap meh...

I was hungry, so I went to my favourite gerai to eat lunch

The weather was very cloudy today

So back at the lab trying to view some slides, draw it, and write the immunological importance of each species on the slides.

Hurm actually shah was in the ward, but we drag him out for dinner at my favourite yong tau fuu shop. I called the male bendi (ladies finger) and female chili restaurant because that is the stores logo. I think its called Hometown Yong Tau Foo or something, right opposite of Ampang Puteri Hospital. Heri and Shah ordering their drinks.

Awie, my abg angkat, came along too, so a photo moment is a must :D

Suprised.. TT was there too. First time I saw this blogger in real life. He is small in stature but he can really eat.

Ah yes the ward... I think we were the loudest of all the patients there because we were laughing and gigling through out the night. I hope Shah feels a lot better with all the positive energy we gave him today.

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