Thursday, February 21, 2008

Latent pictures

This are just some of the photos I met to put online but never got time to share it with.

Where am I?

I am at the bridge that links my faculty to Serdang hospital. This bridge links the lecturers building with the hospital.

This the view from the bridge. Gayat sikit lah :p

Its time for a haircut

Much better right.

It was also my monthly dye job. I have straight grey hair which does not match my curly black hair. This color says blackcurrants which is dark violet brown. According to the number which is 42, it means that it will lift my hair colour 4 levels while giving it a number 2 tones. Each company has each own numbering system. So from my understanding, this dye will lift my black hair, which level 1 to level 4 which is brown while giving it a 2 tone which is violet,

Beside this dye gives free stuff often, because of that I usually buy this brand. This time we got an eyeliner. My younger sister loves it.

See the dye penetrating my hair shaft and masking the gray

My mum had a kenduri kawin to go to, arranged by her Haji tour guide group. Now this is a real wedding. Great food.

There people giving out stuff, in this case calendars and CD of the trip plus pretty girls handing out bunga telur.

There were no seperated seating for male or female

Live music was there too, and it was good, I thought they used a CD :D

After eating my mother mingled with her Hajah friends, all the makcik all glam up for the wedding with tudungs from Egypt, Chritian Dior bags, and Italian leather shoes with semi precious stones pins. All bought from their trip to the Holy place of muslims.

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