Thursday, June 28, 2012

Of a phone

I once read that Malaysians were one of the countries with the most usage of handphones in the world. In fact many of us has more than one phone, including yours truly.

Why the second phone one might say? I like to keep a second number from a different carrier. Its great for emergencies, calling the person of the same carrier and great for keeping my scandals and family from each others.

Also I like to use a different phone for different functions. I was once a hardcore Nokia fan. I even had two of the flip phones (no one makes flip phones anymore, even motorolla quit).

Then I got a blackberry and fell in love with it. Even though I had no friends on BBM nor did I had any internet access. Thy keyboard, seriousness and security appealed to me.

Then came th Android OS. The only reason I liked it before is because of Angry Birds (I don't even play it anymore. So I got a Samsung. Its nice and allowed me to fumble with the latest craze of touch screen phones.

Am I happy? Well I gotten the top end Blackberry, so things are going well with its nice qwerty keyboard, touch screen and excellent processing speed not to mentioned internal memory to store everything almost permanently.

My samsung? Well I got the midrange model. I am fine with the slower processor and less clearer screen. The thing that erks me the most has to be the lack of internal memory. There is only a wimpy 190mb of memory. To make things worst some apps have to be installed into the phone which robs the extra memory. Argghh I am okay if it had at least 1gb of internal memory since all the other apps goes to the microsd card. I could go to a upper midrange phone which has everything I want but my heart yearn for the top line model. It makes the credit card burns in my pocket. After all its only a swipe away.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Small luxuries

I think sometimes we tend to forget all the small luxuries that we do have and keep on focusing on the things we try to have.

My personal luxuries (yes plural, I do have many of it) include a hairwash and haircut at a salon. Gourmet (not sure if starbucks and san fransisco coffee could be considered gourmet) coffee, nice food, two smartphone WITH internet access, and most important of all savings.

I don't live from paycheck to paycheck. Maybe I do, but I always something to back me up. Although I think lately its getting a bit out of hand, but I know that I won't have to ask from anybody because I am able to work it out for me.
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Thursday, June 21, 2012


We had a nostalgic conversation over supper just now. My mum and sisters were remembering the times we had with our family friend whose now a high ranking government official. He was a good man and it reflected in his family.

They were one of our close family friends. You could see them once every 4 years and still could click normally. Nostalgic is nice but it makes you wonder will they stay the same or become someone totally different.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ironing Man...

 I remember when I first learned to iron my clothes. I was in Form 2 (8th grade) and my mom literally had to forced me to iron my own clothes. I still use her technical but my skills has went down the drain. I can barely get the nice straight single creases let alone a smooth clothes. Thank goodness for those ironing spray, you can actually do lacklustre ironing job, but your clothes will still be perfect.

Anyhow, I stopped ironing once I got into college, I was happy with my crinkled clothes. Then now working life, I was happy that I got a uniform, and since its just t-shirt and cargo pants, no ironing is needed. I only need to iron on Monday's where it is meeting days. Damn it felt like during my diploma days where Monday is corporate day where we had to wear a shirt, slacks and a tie.

Anyhow, right now my mother is tempting me to pay the Laundromat to iron my clothes. It cost RM 1 per clothes article, and she said since my clothes are so big, its worth the money. Oooh even more temptation for me to quickly forget how to iron.

I need an iron person to iron my clothes.

Perhaps the real Iron Man would help me iron my clothes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Germ Theory and Hygiene Hypothesis

I was bathing the other day and wanted to use a brand new bottle of body wash. I been using bar soap for a month or two now, because I ran out of body wash, but after taking a shower in a friend's house, he had this Lifebuoy, purple body wash, with yogurt extract.

That yogurt shit is total bogus because there is next to none in it since its listed in the ingredients after the preservatives. So really, I liked it because it smells nice. As I lathered on with my loofah, I suddenly remembered about germ theory.

What is it? It is actually a theory that disease is caused by microorganism. So hence an antimicrobial body wash like this that contains triclosan is good for us because it can kill up to 99.9% germs. (that's what the commercial said).

There is also a hygiene hypotheses that said, if you are too clean, you can infected with more disease because your immune system has never gotten infected before. Actually that is one reason why I stopped using antimicrobial body wash or soap. Unless I am working in health care, research or medical, normal soap would be sufficient enough.

Its really something that has both side debating. Heck even triclosan is now being questioned whether it is absorbed into the skin and into the liver. Go figure.

So the choice is still up to you. Pick a side and be happy with it. I just hope you do bath with soap, because cleanliness is next to godliness.. (I heard the quote somewhere, I don't really remember)

Can you imagine, all of this was in my head in my 7 minute shower. Owh I still use this body wash, because it smells sooo nice.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baking a calm and free pavlovas :)

Baking a calm. Yes that would describe how I felt about baking. When I was doing my research it was definitely stressful add to that, I was slowly trying not to become awkward around people I just met. So yes, it was a sting to my nerves.

Baking was my escape. It was nice and I had people to feed it with. Back then I seem to get invites to gathering a such. Alas cliques break, friendship ends and bridges are burn. So the invites has become less and less. It helps people have another activity to do too.

Its okay, I still have the office staff and the volunteers to feed. Lol. These people are very lucky. I am practically giving free food and everyone loves free food.

Right now I have a pavlova sitting on the table, just waiting to be lathered with whipcream and strawberry kiwis. Are you the lucky one who gets to try it?
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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Erghh.. a managing position. One can only push it as far as one can until its your turn.

What is it you may say?

Its time for me to organized a thematic program where I work.


I wonder if other workplace are like this, where you are given the chance to actually manage an event. Heck, I don't this is my first real paying job ( A job is only real if it pays EPF and SOSCO)


Of course!


Nah... there are plenty of people supporting me. Beside good deeds do return back to you eventually.

The real problem?

Not wanting to sleep, even though my mornings are so groggy and dizzy.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

About A car

I am happy with my daily transportation methods. I ride my moped to the komuter train station after 7 in the morning, catch a train, usually the 6 car coach, to KL Sentral and then take the LRT to KLCC. I repeat again in the evening after I finish work.

As you should know, taking the public transportation is very cost effective. I calculate that my petrol bill would be the same as my transportation bill now, and I haven't calculated in toll, parking or wear and tear.

However some days, when I work late or decide to go home late, I wish that I had car and that I don't have to worry about not being able to catch the last komuter train home to Kajang which is at 10.30pm. Yes sometimes I feel that I must work that late because my mood for any sort of paperwork comes very late at night. Which is why my master took forever to finish...

I want to buy back my old car from my family. I really loved that car, sure it has problems of its own, but its about 90% perfect for my style of driving and my usage. Some say I should just get a new car, but I don't know if I want to spend all of my money on a car. I like having my savings grow and grow, I like to have impromptu dinners, and I like to have some money for breakdowns on certain days.

I do have the old car, but the aircond is busted, and since its an old car, if it runs without aircond, its gets really hot, you can feel the heat from the engine seeping into the car. I joke with people, if the aircond is busted, you will feel the car you own is much older than it is.

A car is not that expensive, after all you can get a new car for 28k... but it is quite basic, but it is personal transportation with cool aircond...

Ah well, time will come perhaps..

Friday, June 8, 2012

Politically Correct?

Yup I know I am working since I got my first work related frustration. I was so frustrated it killed my mood for the whole morning. I feel like lashing out and storming at them, but I knew I would be on the losing side. Did I suppressed it?

Hell NO!!!

Of course I was upset, but you can't really do much other than swallowing it, ignoring it or passive aggressiveness. I did all 3, sure it was taxing to my body and mind, but it beats getting fired or saying something regretful or burn bridges (I think I would just bomb the bridge from a far using a remote).

Any how, it got me thinking, this is just one of the many to come. If I crack now, how weak and meek will I be? Never.. Crack? Not once, I will find away to get them back. After all, everything comes back to you in one way or another...