Friday, June 8, 2012

Politically Correct?

Yup I know I am working since I got my first work related frustration. I was so frustrated it killed my mood for the whole morning. I feel like lashing out and storming at them, but I knew I would be on the losing side. Did I suppressed it?

Hell NO!!!

Of course I was upset, but you can't really do much other than swallowing it, ignoring it or passive aggressiveness. I did all 3, sure it was taxing to my body and mind, but it beats getting fired or saying something regretful or burn bridges (I think I would just bomb the bridge from a far using a remote).

Any how, it got me thinking, this is just one of the many to come. If I crack now, how weak and meek will I be? Never.. Crack? Not once, I will find away to get them back. After all, everything comes back to you in one way or another...
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