Thursday, April 30, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Character's Breakdown

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a movie that is highly anticipated to anyone who likes comic books, who likes action, who likes X-Men or who likes Hugh Jackman. This movie focuses on the origins of Wolverine (hence the title), where he got his claws, how old he really is (in the first X-Men movie, Jean Grey said he could be more than a 100 years old already) and why does he has all this rage in him. Wolverine or Logan, his real name has long and painful history that is cleverly written to be in this movie, which makes non fan of the movie understand what the whole story is about. Hugh Jackman performance is the movie is amazing. He really bulked up a lot of muscle in the movie to become Wolverine, and he really tap in his inner rage to become that angry wild wolverine that we all love so much. It makes us all want to reach into our inner rage and go berserk. Jackman knows how to put all of the emotions that Wolverine has to go through (rage, sadness, disappointment, betrayal, love) into his character. How tough Jackman’s body is? Well, in the first part of the movie, he was running butt naked. I stress the butt part, well because we can see his naked butt running out of the laboratory and jumping into the waterfall that goes into the sea. Hmm, I wonder in future screenings they would have to cut out this part, but it would spoil the action scene a bit.

Live Schreiber portrays as Victor Creed, also known as Sabertooth, but this name was not mention at all in the movie. Wow, that is all I can say. He does a great job playing Victor Creed, a person who is of great importance to Wolverine. They go back, way back together. He has similar powers to Logan which is super senses (increased sensitivity of all 5 senses), super healing, has sharp fangs and he has claws. Wolverine claws grow out from his knuckles while Victor’s claw grows like a regular fingernail but it curves a bit like a cat’s claw. Victor is much stronger than Logan, runs much faster (he runs like a cat, going down all four legs/limbs/feet). I love how they bring this character back to the screen, but one question kept popping in my mind. Sabertooth had long blond hair in the first movie, but in this movie he has this stylish shortly cropped hair and a well groom facial hair. Take off the claws and he might as well be another stylish dude walking down the runway in New York. I guess to make him more believable in the real world. I prefer Scrhreiber to play as Sabertooth rather than the blond wrestler Tyler Mane who played Sabertooth in the first movie. He look better too. This movie tells you the relationship between Wolverine and Sabertooth, I am not sure if it’s written purely for this movie or for the X-Men universe.

William Stryker was played by Danny Huston, a ruthless army officer who wants to gather all the mutants and combined their power into one soldier using the Weapon X program. He is very ruthless and will do everything necessary to do what ever he wants. Stryker does a great job, of being nice and evil all at the same time. He hates mutants but he loves their powers to do whatever job that he needs. If you watched X-Men 2 you will find the reason why he become this ruthless man. Just keep an eye, or two on his son, which also appeared in X2 and X-Men Origins. The clue? His son has green eyes on one side and blue eyes on the other side. I am on the fence on the who played the better character of Stryker whether its Danny Huston or Brian Cox as the 40 yr old stryker in X2.

Scroll down to the end of the post if you do not want to read my rambling on the other characters

Okay, Wolverine, Sabertooh and Stryker are the major characters of this film, lets take a look of the other characters.

Will i Am, one the member’s of Black Eye Peas, makes his first appearance in a major film as Jason Wraith, a character with a teleportation ability similar to Nightcrawler, but with out the smoke. He works with Logan in the Weapon X program. Not much to say but he is a supportive character with supportive powers,

Lynn Collins plays the character Kayla Silverfox, which is Logan’s love interest in the movie. She is a Native Canadian Blackfoot (in other words Red Indian of Canada) with the power of calming other people mind. Actually what her power really is, is mind control but she has to touch them in order for her to control their mind. Her character was changed dramatically from the comic book, in the comic book she has an artificial super healing ability, meaning she can heal as fast as Wolverine and Sabertooth, but I guess that won’t work in the story line in X-Men origins.

Kevin Durand plays as The Blob, in the movie he was muscular and fit but as the story progresses he became extremely obese. Although he gain tons of weight, his power which is portrayed as super human strength and durability in the movie is still viable. In the comics he has another power which is creating his own gravity, meaning once he sits down, no one and nothing can move him.

Dominic Monaghan plays as Bolt, a mutant who can control electricity (hence the code name). He does not actually produce or shoot out electricity but he seem can to control it using his mind. A passive form of it you might say.

Taylor Kitsch plays as Remy LeBeau or better known as Gambit. He is from Louisiana, a state in the US where there are people with strong French backgrounds. Most of them don’t speak French but they still retain there name and some of the traditions. He has the power to kinetically charged objects to make them explodes. He is one the character that is highlighted in the movie, because he is one the character that most of us anticipated. I love how the his is shown in the movie, how each card glows from the edges before it explodes. He has a staff that he can use to transfer his kinetic charge into other objects.

Daniel Henney plays David North or also known as Agent Zero. In this movie he portrayed as an excellent marksman (meaning he is very good with guns) and superhuman agility. The actions he did in the movie was fantastic. I thought I recognized this actor before and I did. He is a Korean heartthrob who acted in many Korean drama’s such as “My name is Kim San Soon and Hello Franseska”. Henney is the son of a Korean mother and a British father. He is an American born and raised in American, hence the perfect American accent. However his looks and charisma lands him on many modeling jobs in South Korea. Daniel has the face of a Korean actor that has done tons of plastic surgery (South Korea has one of the highest plastic surgery operations in the world). Big eyes, sharp nose and chiseled face. While other people had to go under the knife, his features come naturally.
Next we have, Ryan Renolds who plays Wade Wilson or better known as Dead Pool. He is like the perfect person to play Dead Pool, because Dead Pool himself is character who loves crack jokes and sarcasm every time he opens his mouth. He has an excellent fighter with his sword and incredible reflexes. Definitely an enjoyment to watch even though his on screen appearance is cut short.

Tim Pocock plays as Scott Summers, the wimpy teenager version of Cyclops. He has a minor role in the film but he gets to be appears in the posters. Hmm so typical of the X-Men movies, just like how Colossus gets to be in the posters of the movie but he has no speaking part.

Tahyna Tozzi plays as Emma, Kayla’s sister. This is not Emma Frost, since she is related to Kayla Silverfox her last name would be Silverfox as well. Although she shares the similar powers as Emma frost, which is to transform her body into diamonds, she shows no signs of telepathic powers. In the comics her telepathy is her main source of powers, while her diamonized body is her secondary mutation, which was induced artificially. This is another minor character that over hyped by the PR of the movie.

I love this movie even though they strayed away a bit from the comics, but the movie makers are trying to make this as realistic as possible. The story line is great, meaning that even non fans could understand what had happened and fans who point out all the details of the movie. I give this a perfect score, for the story line, the incredible special effect, and the acting. A movie not to be missed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My old wallet has been put to rest. A good wallet will last you for years before it starts to fall apart. My older wallet is still okay but because I put too much cards, cash, resits and other things in it. As a result, if the wallet does open a bit, most of the content will come out. Not good, especially if it happens in public or worse, it happens on places your content will be lost (over drainage covers, toilets). So its time to retired that wallet and use this wallet that I have been keeping for almost 4 years now. A family friend gave us me this wallet as a present, when she was financially stable back then. Its a nice wallet with a separable card holder. I really like since its new and quite thin. The bulge of your wallet in your pants is not very desirable (other bulges.. well it depends which part of the pants are we talking about :p ). So no more carry exorbitant about of cash, which includes withdrawing huge amount of cash to pay bills or keeping loose change or a lot of small notes of cash. Cards will be carried separately in another card holder. However, I am thinking about going cashless as much as possible now to prevent me from carrying too much cash in hand. I do have a credit card, but its a hassle having to paying it back or remembering to pay it back (the bill you get each month always shocking). I mean its good to have one so that you can use it during emergency times such as hospital bills or going on a hot date and fancy hotel and then finding out you forgot to withdraw cash at the ATM. Another great example of having a credit card is during business travels, where you have to use your own money before claiming it from your employer. I can't stress how important this is, unless you have large amount of cash in your savings that you can use before you get your claim. Sadly most of us don't have this luxury. Other than going cashless with credit cards, debit cards are the way to go. You can use it like a credit card at any place that accepts credit cards. It will deduct automatically from your account, which cuts the hassle of thinking how much you have to pay back at the end of the month. Banks such as Bank Simpanan National (BSN) and Maybank gives these card when you opened up an account. Other banks such as CIMB (newer red ATM cards) and Maybank (older black and yellow ATM cards) makes their ATM card as a debit card. When you do need to pay you just need to see the Bankcard emblem or the MEPS emblem at the retailer. When its time to pay, you just insert your pin number and choose the account you like to use to pay for the purchase. Details of the transaction will printed out in your bank statements that you can check online. This makes perfect sense, although I do worry if the retailer carries the MEPS or Bankcard emblem, since these are something that I don't pay attention until now. I am going to try as much as I can to use these card in order to lessen the usage of real cash. You should too. Consumers and retailer in Europe and America are using debit cards now instead of cash. Some shops don't even accept cash anymore, in the movie "He's just not that into you" we can see Scarlet Johanson swiping her debit card and key in her pin number at the debit card reader that is conveniently located in front of her. Its easier than having to carry loads of cash and its safer since you won't loose cash if you are mugged.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Serviced

Am I a bastard? I think so. Am I a tough customer? It depends on how you treat me. Do I make a good exercise to for sales representative, human resources, customer service and other areas where the workers have to deal with humans? Definitely. Will I bring you hell? Hell yeah, but only if your service rates among the worst. Servicing your car is probably one of the best ways to test human patience for both customer and the worker. Especially if you work in a company where you have the best selling car in Malaysia. Yeah it’s that ugly time again, where the car needs servicing. Not only you have to handle the pain of paying for the maintenance, which is very important to prevent the torture of paying high cost of repairs in the future, you also have to wait. Sure you can leave your car there, and then do whatever work you have. Sometimes you just don’t have that luxury of having someone to pick you up on command. So I guess you have to wait for the car.

I used to send the car to the Perodua Service Centre in Bandar Teknologi Kajang, in fact it’s where we send the Myvi as well. So far I have no complaints with the service centre. I like it very much indeed especially after they upgraded it into a Super Service Centre. The waiting room is comfortable, cool, there is free flow coffee and milo. Some cheap crackers are also available. Most important of all, there is free WiFi. I can’t stress how incredibly important this function is in any establishment that requires a person to wait for more than 30 minutes. It makes 2 hours of waiting seem so short.

Well I decided to try the Balakong Perodua Service Centre. This is a dealer service centre if I am not mistaken similar to the one in Bandar Teknologi Kajang. Meaning they do offer a 1 hour super service (only for regular servicing excluding any other problems that might occur) which is great if you are short on time, or you just do not want to hang around the service centre wasting your life. Also these service centers have their files on their customers centralized in one mainframe, so that if you go to any dealer service centre, they will have the record of whatever service and repairs that you have made on that car. This is great so that you can check the history of repairs on your car. This also greatly increases the resale value of your car if you decided to sell it. I mean, won’t you feel more secure knowing you have actually real proof that the second hand car you are about to buy has a proof of the services and repairs that has been done on it. Can you really trust a person saying he has changed the oil and done all the repairs of the car by themselves? If you do, you must have a lot of faith on the person you are purchasing the cars from. Sure it’s a little more expensive to service at Service Centers instead of some mechanic workshop located under a 100 year old tree, but for the long run it’s just so much better.

I am not sure about Proton or other car company’s on keeping their customers file in check, but the old workshop that I used to send my Mercedes does keep track of all the service and repairs that have been done to the car. I stopped going there because the new mechanic just cannot wipe his dirty grimy hands before he touches the interior of my car. This happens to many workshops where the jackass workers seem to love to leave their marks in my car.

Anyhow, where was I…. oh yah the service center. Yeah, I think the one in Balakong is not as respectable as the one in Bandar Teknologi Kajang. In other words, this service centre SUCKS!. They don’t allow you to walk in and get your car serviced. Instead one must make an appointment. When you do try to make an appointment the customer service officer seem to be taking a nap or goofing off somewhere because they let the phone ring until it you get disconnected. Once you are in the service centre, they do take a sweet amount of time before they get to attend to you. When asked about the 1 hour service, they said since I complained about my cigarette lighter not working, it would take 2 hours to do it. As I was writing this 1 hour has passed and my car has still not being touched. The waiting room, opps wait, waiting area, since its not a room technically but just some couches and a LCD tv which is combined with the showroom. The “room” is quite warm, since they are probably still celebrating earth hour by turning off the aircond (or too damn lazy to fix it). There are no crackers, and they use these cheap ass coffee instead of Nescafe like the one in Bandar Teknologi Kajang. Another appalling features that is very important if you have plenty of waiting and perhaps agitated customer is the lack of WiFi. Quite embarrassing for a so called branch Service Centre. There is also not enough plug point for me to plug in my charger for my laptop or handphone, an important feature to have also when you have waiting customers who have nothing better to do other than waiting.

Is there anything good at all about this service centre? Any thing? Must be something right…. Wait. Let me think …..hmmm… good.. this SC?....The lot would be a good place for other businesses to set up if this SC burns down to the ground…….. Oh wait yeah I got it, it has Astro and they don’t sell me any fuel additives. I guess Astro subscription is cheaper for them than to subscribe streamyx… Will I go here again? If only this was the last SC opened on earth, and only because I want to ensure the resale value of my car to decrease.

p.s writing a letter to Perodua. So far being angry but polite when writing letters has shown good results for me. CIMB Kajang and TLS gym seemed to react when I write these letters. These shit..err people seem to respond when upper management tells the m the complaint that they are getting from customers. After all I am not the only bastard that complains, there are plenty of other bastard and bitches out there, having a fit with these establishment.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Till Death Do Us Apart

I am taking care of lots of animal. If you read my past post, you know my project revolves around maintaining my parasites inside the mice. How I have a vicious cycle of breeding the mice and then infecting it with the parasites. Then I killed the mice so that I could harvest the parasites. Vicious indeed but its something that not many Universities or other lab research does regularly, which is keeping a live not cryo Toxoplasma gondii. As I was having a nice slumber on Saturday night, I dreamt all my guinea pigs had died along with all of my infected mice. I panicked, I don't want to go through all the hassle of writting an official letter begging for new parasites nor do I want to wait and then drive all the way to KL to pick them up. Then I saw my rats in the cages drowned in water. Rats? Caged? Water? I don't take care of any rats.. this has to be a dream. Although it took me a while in the dream land to convinced my self that it was just a dream.

Little did I know, when I arrived at the Animal house this morning, I saw that my guinea pigs were missing. My infected mice did indeed died and are already decomposing. Panic sets in, but I calmly look for En Ramli, the man who is in charge of the animal house, to find out where did my guinea pigs go. I was relieved that my guinea pigs were placed in the other room with the rabbits in it. First problem solved, but what about my mice, do I have to beg them to lend me more parasites, since I gave them some of the parasites back since theirs died on them too?. I calmly look at the cages and felt relieved. My infected mice was in the other cages and one of it died on time, while the other are just waiting to be put to sleep. I realized that the two mice that had died, was the ones that I infected with parasites that either have been left out in room temperature for a few days or parasites that I harvested from a decomposing mice. The mice were to badly decomposed to know whether they died of the parasites or of something else. My nightmare almost came through.

I lost my matric card and lab access card. It sucked really bad and really put me in a bad mood on Friday, but life goes on. So I had to report the lost of both cards so that they could terminate the service of the current cards. I wanted to meet the molecular biology lecturer that I have been pending for almost 2 months now. Serves me right not to be able to see him easily since it was my procrastination that dug me this deep hole. I can't cry over spilt milk anymore, and I need to move on and just see him. At least I am not that clueless on what an restriction endonuclease, plasmid and genetic engineering is.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oatmeal Raisin

Hmm I was in the baking mood.
1/4 shortening or vegetable fat. (You can omit this if you don't want to use shortening in your cookies)

1/2 butter (Use 3/4 butter if you decided to omit the shortening)

3/4 cup packed brown sugar

3/4 cups of sugar (reduce it if you want cookies that are less sweet)

1 1/4 cups of flour

1 cup of raisin (soaked it in water to make it plumpier)

2 1/4 cup of rolled oats (I don't have rolled oats in hand so I used instant oats instead)

1 teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

1 teaspoon of vanila extract/essence

2 eggs

1 teaspoon of nutmeg

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon of salt
Blend sugar, brown sugar and butter till they are smooth. Add in the eggs and vanilla and beat it till they are fluffy.

Stif together flour, salt, baking soda, cinnamon and nutmeg. Gradually add the mixture into the butter mix. Then add in the drained raisins and oatmeal. Blend together. Drop a teaspoon into a greased pan. Bake in a preheated oven at 175C for 15 minutes of until the cookies turn brown and can easily be lifted of the pan


Friday, April 24, 2009


Bulkier and days when I hated to buy clothes

Okay, back from post breakdown. I feel a bit better now, although I am wearing a newer pair of shoes (it's those that I keep in the box and refuse to take out because they are quite expensive and I am lazy bum to keep it in a good condition), a rarely worn fit jeans (it's a pair I rarely worn because I used to be too fat to fit in) but I choose an old worn out shirt. Some shirts tend to stink a lot faster that most, usually cheap, "god knows, what brand" shirts are the culprit. I am stopping to buy these cheap shirts that is already cheap even without sale and really open my eyes and wallet to other clothes in life. So far F.O.S has been my regular prime source of clothing. I look for clothes with the brand tag slashed out. It seems that the branded quality have their labels slashed out. I gotten a Nautica shirt which is very nice, and well priced. You can say I am a late bloomer in shopping for clothes. I still depend on my sister and mother to buy it for me :p. Which probably explain why everything is oversized for me.

I need a new phone, not because I am sick of the current one, but I need it to access CIMB mobile banking. Apparently the phones I used (yes both phones) are not compatible. Yesterda'ys mad rush to ATMs to deposit money to my sister's account and countless of time I had to go and find an ATM or a computer with an internet access to deposit money is someone's account, is just irratating and time consuming. So mobile banking is the way to go.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sense of Smell

I was feeling extra disgusting today. Okay I have been feeling extra disgusting all week long. Things just don't smell nice anymore. After that horrible series of incidents where I had to be exposed to decaying carcases and had to endure the smell of it for weeks. I felt like I was so used to smell decaying animals, I just numb my sense of smell. Sure I spray perfume each morning, but that is for other people so they won't think I stink. Today however was a bit stressful. I had no problem helping a friend out from a hospital and waiting for him since I have my notes handy (recombinant protein here I come). Somehow during that waiting period, something smells bad. The worse thing about it, that it came from me. Suddenly my shirt smells bad, I could smell my how bad my shoes,feet and socks smells. Then the smell of my car suddenly came into my nose, the smell of carcasses was still there. Then I suddenly remember the smell of my room and how the towel really stinks up the room. Arghh! Help. When I got home is to find my air freshener that I chucked into a corner somewhere. I sprayed not once, but twice all over my room. I need my room back.
I stripped off my clothes and make sure they are washed (putting it near the washing machine for my mother) and went straight to the shower. I make sure I brushed my teeth well to remove all that nasty plaque. I took a long hot shower using generous amount of germ killing Dettol shower gel, shampoo using the new range of Herbal Essence Shampoo, which smells heavenly (they now brought back the anti dandruff range) and use this vanilla smelling conditioner. After that, I went back to my room, literally smother myself with a perfumed lotion and then proceeded to dust my feet with some medicated talc to absorb every other smell. I finally felt clean, I felt like I washed off every problem off. I need to go back to the pool. It works almost the same way, to be in the water and swim, even though my form sucked.

This is my obsession

I seem to have this current obsession of baking. It's not even Hari Raya yet but my kitchen is filled with the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies.

I wanted to the ones that we had when we stayed in the US. American style, soft, chewy centre, crunchy edges, chocolate chip cookies.

The recipe is quite simple. Cream butter and sugar. add eggs, baking soda, vanilla extract, salt, flour, chocolate chip and nuts. The just put a teaspoon on the ungreased baking tray and bake in the oven till it spreads out nicely.

Better than Famous Amous and a whole lot cheaper.

More reason to stay fat...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious is the 4th installment of The Fast and Furious series. They brought back most of the original characters from the first movie. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster. This movie also focuses more on General Motor Vehicles (typical American muscle car) over the Japanese cars of the previous movie Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. Although you may think this is just mostly about cars (well actually it is) but there is a story in the movie. You may think this is the 4th part of the story, but it is actually the 3rd part of the story. Confuse? Well if you watched all 4 films you would understand. If you watched Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift till the end you would see Vin Diesel and his supercharged Chevelle, you would thought when he ran away in The Fast and Furious, he ran to Japan. Actually what happened he ran to South America, where the scene of them stealing the land train petrol tanks. In this movie, Han, the character in Tokyo Drift, was alive, and in this movie he ran off to Japan which then he died in part of the story. So this means Fast and Furious is actually the third part of the story in the film instead of the first part. Confused, don't be, watched all 4 movie and you would understand. I love this movie because its different from the other movie. Actually its more violent. The first 2 movies is about guys having fun racing without really hurting anyone. The third movie tapped into the Yakuza's a Japanese gangster type group. The 4th installment focuses on driving havoc in public while carrying drugs through the border. Something a bit more serious which causes this movie to have a 18PL rating. Lots of death, lots of violence. Seriously though, this is a movie for petrol heads (those who like cars a lot) I had a great time oooing and aaahing all the cars and I try my best to identify most. The American muscle car is a bit hard to identify since they are only available in America only. So these are the car that I identified and plays a crucial role to the movie.
This the car that Bryan drove at the climax of the movie. Its the 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX Hatcback with a 2.5 litre turbocharged boxer engine. This radical change from the former sedan WRX upsets some fans but gain new ones. This is the model they used for rallying. However Subaru still makes a sedan version of this car. Heck you can even have on in Malaysia for about RM 270k.

This is the car in the first race in the beginning of the movie. Its driven my the middle eastern looking guy with curly hair and full beard. It was crashed on the side by a truck. This is a Mistubshi Eclipse with a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine with AWD. A car many car enthusiast love to mod

This is the car that Mia drove in the end of the movie. You can see her driving it in the commercial of the movie. Acura/Honda NSX, a radical Honda, because its a mid engine rear wheel drive sports car. The only other rear wheel drive car Honda makes is the S2000.

The Chevorlet Chevelle is the car Dom drives in the movie. He modified it into a supercharged beast to be used in the end of the movie. When you watch the movie and you see him drive this car, you can hear a whining sound that comes from the car. This is actually the supercharger pushing more air into the engine. Unlike a turbocharger which uses the exhaust to drive the fan, a supercharger is driven by the engine. That is why you can hear the whine of the supercharger feeding more air to the engine. More air means more petrol can be forced into the cylinder which means more power.

I thought it was brand new Ford Mustang GT that was used, but it was actually a heavily modified 1997 Mustang with a different body kit. You can see this the scene where they drive in without their lights on.

This is the car that the other hot female villain drive. A Porsche Cayman S. Its a mid engine Porsche like the Porsche Boxer (other Porsche are either rear engine or front engine)

Brian drove back his Nissan Skyline GTR. Its a good car with its turbocharge inline 6 cylinder 2.5 liter engine with 4wd and a whole lot of gizmo to make sure you stick to the road.

This is also a Nissan Skyline but one of the newest version. Its also called the Infiniti V35. Its driven in the race where they drive in the dark also.

This is a BMW M5 where that you can see in the first race with the black hood in the front. This incredible 5.0 liter V8 engine is naturally aspirated (no turbo) but with DOUBLE VANOS (a variable type system) it produces almost 500hp. Its car that can carry 5 people and their luggage comfortably while going as fast as a Ferrari.

This two trucks a 89 and 67 Chevy trucks, do actually exist and still working condition. Yes, they did mated a rear end of 18 wheeler truck into these pickups. Their engine produces about 600hp via their big block v8. So technically, they could steal an oil tanker if they want to and get away with it. The 89 black Chevy does drive all 4 tires. Yes, they both can drift and do donuts.

I love this movie, what is there not to like. A good story, nice cars, muscle men, hot ladies, great action scene, guns, boots, army, FBI, and more mouth watering, drool inducing modified cars. Some are actually real.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Are you the rule or are you the exception?

Another chick flick you may say. Well it does have the "chick flick" factor written all over it. Well for once, the title itself seemed to target at women. Second, this movie is a based on a book with the same title. The author of the book if I am not mistaken either the writer/producer/or whatever the man behind the scenes of Sex in The City, a genuine chick flick drama. You can see who the writer of the book turned into movie at one scene of the movie where he plays the pastor. This is book is like one of the best seller, and they have been on Oprah to preach women all over the world that "he's just not that into you". 5 words that is bound to cause a women to cry because she thought he truly deeply like her just because of certain things that he said or certain things that women thinks that he did, say, do or implied. It's quite hilarious actually when they break it down how each word that we "man" said to get rid of a women.
Don't fret if you think this is totally about bashing men being a jerk. We were born a jerk, and women love it. They did Incorporated a man's view of the whole relationship thing with women, so I think they did try to make the movie less chick and more general to the whole public. Heck there is even a gay men's view of the straight relationship that they have going on, which is interesting to see another view of how the courtship process goes.
Sometimes we can relate what the characters are going through, because god knows, we all have been in one of the situation before. The star studded cast does a pretty good job portraying each enjoyable, painful and sad events that can go on during a relationship.
The sentence that absolutely love about this movie is, "Are you the rule or Are you the exception?" We all have our rules when dating and being in a relationship, there are certain people we avoid, certain things we say we do not do and so on because its our rule, the rule that we follow so that we don't get hurt, the rules that we make because we learned from the past. Never trust a man who calls his mother during dates because he is a momma boy, never date a irl who insist wearing high heels even during long outing because she is the high maintainence kind, never call back a guy who gave you his number, accept as being friends as way for her to tell you gently that its over. Those are the rules, but somehow rules are mad to be broken and then you become the exception, all the things that rules says that it will be a fail relationship suddenly becomes a good one.. Hmm.. now don't we all wish that now. I give this movie a 4 out of 5.