Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious is the 4th installment of The Fast and Furious series. They brought back most of the original characters from the first movie. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster. This movie also focuses more on General Motor Vehicles (typical American muscle car) over the Japanese cars of the previous movie Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. Although you may think this is just mostly about cars (well actually it is) but there is a story in the movie. You may think this is the 4th part of the story, but it is actually the 3rd part of the story. Confuse? Well if you watched all 4 films you would understand. If you watched Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift till the end you would see Vin Diesel and his supercharged Chevelle, you would thought when he ran away in The Fast and Furious, he ran to Japan. Actually what happened he ran to South America, where the scene of them stealing the land train petrol tanks. In this movie, Han, the character in Tokyo Drift, was alive, and in this movie he ran off to Japan which then he died in part of the story. So this means Fast and Furious is actually the third part of the story in the film instead of the first part. Confused, don't be, watched all 4 movie and you would understand. I love this movie because its different from the other movie. Actually its more violent. The first 2 movies is about guys having fun racing without really hurting anyone. The third movie tapped into the Yakuza's a Japanese gangster type group. The 4th installment focuses on driving havoc in public while carrying drugs through the border. Something a bit more serious which causes this movie to have a 18PL rating. Lots of death, lots of violence. Seriously though, this is a movie for petrol heads (those who like cars a lot) I had a great time oooing and aaahing all the cars and I try my best to identify most. The American muscle car is a bit hard to identify since they are only available in America only. So these are the car that I identified and plays a crucial role to the movie.
This the car that Bryan drove at the climax of the movie. Its the 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX Hatcback with a 2.5 litre turbocharged boxer engine. This radical change from the former sedan WRX upsets some fans but gain new ones. This is the model they used for rallying. However Subaru still makes a sedan version of this car. Heck you can even have on in Malaysia for about RM 270k.

This is the car in the first race in the beginning of the movie. Its driven my the middle eastern looking guy with curly hair and full beard. It was crashed on the side by a truck. This is a Mistubshi Eclipse with a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine with AWD. A car many car enthusiast love to mod

This is the car that Mia drove in the end of the movie. You can see her driving it in the commercial of the movie. Acura/Honda NSX, a radical Honda, because its a mid engine rear wheel drive sports car. The only other rear wheel drive car Honda makes is the S2000.

The Chevorlet Chevelle is the car Dom drives in the movie. He modified it into a supercharged beast to be used in the end of the movie. When you watch the movie and you see him drive this car, you can hear a whining sound that comes from the car. This is actually the supercharger pushing more air into the engine. Unlike a turbocharger which uses the exhaust to drive the fan, a supercharger is driven by the engine. That is why you can hear the whine of the supercharger feeding more air to the engine. More air means more petrol can be forced into the cylinder which means more power.

I thought it was brand new Ford Mustang GT that was used, but it was actually a heavily modified 1997 Mustang with a different body kit. You can see this the scene where they drive in without their lights on.

This is the car that the other hot female villain drive. A Porsche Cayman S. Its a mid engine Porsche like the Porsche Boxer (other Porsche are either rear engine or front engine)

Brian drove back his Nissan Skyline GTR. Its a good car with its turbocharge inline 6 cylinder 2.5 liter engine with 4wd and a whole lot of gizmo to make sure you stick to the road.

This is also a Nissan Skyline but one of the newest version. Its also called the Infiniti V35. Its driven in the race where they drive in the dark also.

This is a BMW M5 where that you can see in the first race with the black hood in the front. This incredible 5.0 liter V8 engine is naturally aspirated (no turbo) but with DOUBLE VANOS (a variable type system) it produces almost 500hp. Its car that can carry 5 people and their luggage comfortably while going as fast as a Ferrari.

This two trucks a 89 and 67 Chevy trucks, do actually exist and still working condition. Yes, they did mated a rear end of 18 wheeler truck into these pickups. Their engine produces about 600hp via their big block v8. So technically, they could steal an oil tanker if they want to and get away with it. The 89 black Chevy does drive all 4 tires. Yes, they both can drift and do donuts.

I love this movie, what is there not to like. A good story, nice cars, muscle men, hot ladies, great action scene, guns, boots, army, FBI, and more mouth watering, drool inducing modified cars. Some are actually real.

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