Monday, April 27, 2009

Till Death Do Us Apart

I am taking care of lots of animal. If you read my past post, you know my project revolves around maintaining my parasites inside the mice. How I have a vicious cycle of breeding the mice and then infecting it with the parasites. Then I killed the mice so that I could harvest the parasites. Vicious indeed but its something that not many Universities or other lab research does regularly, which is keeping a live not cryo Toxoplasma gondii. As I was having a nice slumber on Saturday night, I dreamt all my guinea pigs had died along with all of my infected mice. I panicked, I don't want to go through all the hassle of writting an official letter begging for new parasites nor do I want to wait and then drive all the way to KL to pick them up. Then I saw my rats in the cages drowned in water. Rats? Caged? Water? I don't take care of any rats.. this has to be a dream. Although it took me a while in the dream land to convinced my self that it was just a dream.

Little did I know, when I arrived at the Animal house this morning, I saw that my guinea pigs were missing. My infected mice did indeed died and are already decomposing. Panic sets in, but I calmly look for En Ramli, the man who is in charge of the animal house, to find out where did my guinea pigs go. I was relieved that my guinea pigs were placed in the other room with the rabbits in it. First problem solved, but what about my mice, do I have to beg them to lend me more parasites, since I gave them some of the parasites back since theirs died on them too?. I calmly look at the cages and felt relieved. My infected mice was in the other cages and one of it died on time, while the other are just waiting to be put to sleep. I realized that the two mice that had died, was the ones that I infected with parasites that either have been left out in room temperature for a few days or parasites that I harvested from a decomposing mice. The mice were to badly decomposed to know whether they died of the parasites or of something else. My nightmare almost came through.

I lost my matric card and lab access card. It sucked really bad and really put me in a bad mood on Friday, but life goes on. So I had to report the lost of both cards so that they could terminate the service of the current cards. I wanted to meet the molecular biology lecturer that I have been pending for almost 2 months now. Serves me right not to be able to see him easily since it was my procrastination that dug me this deep hole. I can't cry over spilt milk anymore, and I need to move on and just see him. At least I am not that clueless on what an restriction endonuclease, plasmid and genetic engineering is.
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