Monday, April 13, 2009

Are you the rule or are you the exception?

Another chick flick you may say. Well it does have the "chick flick" factor written all over it. Well for once, the title itself seemed to target at women. Second, this movie is a based on a book with the same title. The author of the book if I am not mistaken either the writer/producer/or whatever the man behind the scenes of Sex in The City, a genuine chick flick drama. You can see who the writer of the book turned into movie at one scene of the movie where he plays the pastor. This is book is like one of the best seller, and they have been on Oprah to preach women all over the world that "he's just not that into you". 5 words that is bound to cause a women to cry because she thought he truly deeply like her just because of certain things that he said or certain things that women thinks that he did, say, do or implied. It's quite hilarious actually when they break it down how each word that we "man" said to get rid of a women.
Don't fret if you think this is totally about bashing men being a jerk. We were born a jerk, and women love it. They did Incorporated a man's view of the whole relationship thing with women, so I think they did try to make the movie less chick and more general to the whole public. Heck there is even a gay men's view of the straight relationship that they have going on, which is interesting to see another view of how the courtship process goes.
Sometimes we can relate what the characters are going through, because god knows, we all have been in one of the situation before. The star studded cast does a pretty good job portraying each enjoyable, painful and sad events that can go on during a relationship.
The sentence that absolutely love about this movie is, "Are you the rule or Are you the exception?" We all have our rules when dating and being in a relationship, there are certain people we avoid, certain things we say we do not do and so on because its our rule, the rule that we follow so that we don't get hurt, the rules that we make because we learned from the past. Never trust a man who calls his mother during dates because he is a momma boy, never date a irl who insist wearing high heels even during long outing because she is the high maintainence kind, never call back a guy who gave you his number, accept as being friends as way for her to tell you gently that its over. Those are the rules, but somehow rules are mad to be broken and then you become the exception, all the things that rules says that it will be a fail relationship suddenly becomes a good one.. Hmm.. now don't we all wish that now. I give this movie a 4 out of 5.
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